Sharjah Ministry Exam Portion, June 2018


Alhamdulillaah, We got the official portion for the Ministry Exam to be held in Sharjah on 21st June 2018, InShaaAllah. This portion is for schools following curriculum other than CBSE and Pakistan Board.

Please note, you’ll find two different portions for Islamic Studies for Non-Arabic Speakers. One based on the old books (I Love Islam and Learning Islam) and the other based on the New Islamic Education Books published by the Ministry. So there will be two different questions according to the books followed in respective schools. Continue reading


Welcoming Ramadhaan


Getting ready to welcome Ramadhaan and be prepared for it, is a kind of excitement and enthusiasm for a Muslim.

I have added a new Page RAMADHAAN SPECIAL under which 2 sub-pages are included.  Continue reading

Building Thinking Classrooms


Sharing an innovative poster on Building Thinking Classrooms 🙂