Based on RAINBOW OF ISLAM books



The following content is courtesy of Rainbow of Islam wherein a team of dedicated sisters have come up with amazing books for two categories of learning groups:

1) 7-9 years and 2) 9 -14 years (As age is just an approximate estimation, you can conveniently categorize the books for Grades 1 to 3 and Grades 4 to 6 respectively)

Each Group has three subjects namely,

  Quran                       Sawm                             Salah

Quran   Sawm        Salah

Each subject has the necessary topics with suitable pictorial explanation. An activity is available at the end of each chapter to re-enforce the important points.

Parents may need to help their children with the learning in order to enhance their understanding and implementation of the concepts in their daily lives. May Allah help them and guide them to put every bit of  knowledge into practice  and make them a Sadaqa-e-Jariyah for you.

Please CLICK on the image to download the ebooks in pdf format

 A) Quran

     QuranBook-Age Group 7 - 9        QuranBook-Age Group 9 - 14

B) Sawm

FastingBook-Age Group 7 - 9             FastingBook-Age Group 9-14

C) Salah

SalahBook-Age Group7-9            SalahBook-Age Group 9 - 14

3 thoughts on “Based on RAINBOW OF ISLAM books

  1. assalam u alaikum
    are we allowed to share these rainbow of islam pdf’s with other muslim parents?

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaah……yes, inShaaAllah. it is uploaded for sharing purpose only.
      one of the sisters who made the pdf is no more….make duaa for her maghfirah too. jazakillaahu khayra

      • innalillahi wainnailahi rajioon… may Allah grant her the highest level of jannah.. Ameen

        in the rainbow of islam website,, there is a document,
        Rainbow-of-Islam Curriculum, Level One, Term One. There is no download option for that.
        Do you know if that download is available?

        thanks so much
        jazakallah khair

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