Understanding Salah, Understanding Sajdah


1. Understanding Salah:

Daily Recitations: Word-to-word

DU’AA OF LIGHT: During Sajdah and While Going to Masjid

Meaningful Salah

Qur’an Course Book

What To Say after Salah

2. Understanding Sajdah:

Amazing Facts about Sajdah

Sajdah Shukr, Prostration of Gratefulness

Sajdah Shukr: Du’aas

Sajdah Tilawah: Evidences from Hadeeth

Sajdah Tilawah: Places of Prostration in the Qur’an

Sajdah Tilawah: What to say in

Secret of Prayer: Sujood

TRY THIS: Feel the Difference

You shouldn’t recite Qur’an in Sajdah but….