Becoming a Muslim in UAE


Dear Readers,

At times I receive some comments from readers expressing their willingness for either embracing Islam or to take up a course to study Islam in the UAE.

For the benefit of those seeking the Truth, I am creating this Page today, the 16th Dec. 2015 corresponding to 5 Rabi al Awwal 1437.

Hope this space will be of some help, InshaaAllah.

May Allah forgive our sins and show us the Right Path. Aameen.

If you are a New Muslim, this will help InshaaAllah.

If you are a non-Muslim, then try to Know This Man

1. Becoming a Muslim in Abu Dhabi:

Visit the Abu Dhabi Portal for all details regarding embracing Islam, registration and completing all paper formalities.

2. New Muslim Centre in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Ajman:

The Zayed House for Islamic Culture ZHIC is the most reputed centre in the UAE for imparting knowledge and practical training for prayer etc. to the new Muslims or the reverts to Islam.

The main office of this Centre is located at the Shab Al Ashkhar Area in Al Ain. It has branches in Abu Dhabi and Ajman. Call 800 555 or +971 3 781 0633: Email:

Office Working Hours, Public service and Phone inquiry hours: Sunday – Thursday: 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM

ZHIC Branches:

Zayed House for Islamic Culture – Abu Dhabi Branch
Airport Street, Abu Dhabi
Call 800 555
+971 2 447 3077
Zayed House for Islamic Culture – Ajman Branch
Al Jarf Area, Behind Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ajman
Call 800 555
+971 6 748 1135

3. Embracing Islam in Dubai:

IACAD is a very prominent Centre of the United Arab Emirates known for Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai.  It has fabulous provisions for those willing to embrace Islam as well as for the new Muslims.
Those willing to embrace Islam – on their own and not by force – need to fill this Embracing Islam Form and Send Request. You will be called for an interview for the follow up, InshaaAllah.

4. Announcement of Embracing Islam in Sharjah:

 Documents Needed: 
  • Personal Photo (if woman, hair needs to be covered)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Residency, labour card or entry visa
  • ID witness ( original and copy)

Process Description: Please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Embracing Islam Section and conduct an interview with the competent staff and submit the required documents.
  2. Confirm the conversion to Islam via a certificate signed by the applicant and sealed by the employee in charge.

Receive the certificate of conversion to Islam signed by the competent judge from the Embracing Islam Section.

Special Conditions:In case a true copy of certificate of conversion to Islam or a replacement for lost one is required, the concerned person must show up personally. If not possible, the acting person must present a duly certified power of attorney.

Working Hours: 

  • Public service hours:
    Sunday – Thursday: 07:30 AM – 02:30 PM
  • Phone inquiry hours:
    Sunday – Thursday: 07:30 AM – 02:30 PM

Contact: Email:   Phone: 06 5727722     Web link: Sharjah

Islamic Course for New Muslims in Sharjah. 

This Page, like other Pages of this Blog, will be updated from time to time, InshaaAllah.
May Allah accept my effort. Aameen.

18 thoughts on “Becoming a Muslim in UAE

  1. Salam Alaikum!

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam,
    My name is Mohammad Javir a filipino muslim from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. i just like to ask and to know if there’s any benefits like receiving money & ect, if your a converted Muslim here in UAE? because i know someone who is claiming him self a Muslim saying that he was converted last year November 2015 here in UAE. but when i asked him if he knows the first pillar of Islam, he just smiled at me and said “I don’t know”. I was really confused with his answer. after a few weeks, i asked his other Muslim colleagues who works with him in our site, regarding his actions for being a converted Muslim. i was really shocked and ashamed when his colleagues told me that he was not praying salah when their gather up to perform Salah. they also told me that he is just ignoring them doing the salah and never even bother to ask what they’re doing.

    kindly please give me an advice what to do with that guy. coz im really disappointed with him for claiming him self a Muslim without following the ways of ISLAM.

    May ALLAH forgives me for feeling this way.

    May ALLAH bless us all and gives us place in Jannah.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

      Thank you, Br. Javir for this info. I really appreciate your concern.

      1. It is true in some cases that those who revert to Islam do not take care of their religious obligations.
      Either they don’t try or are not guided properly.
      2. Some people ‘believe’ that just by saying Kalimah Shahadah they can remain as a Muslim. This is far from truth. Even some ignorant Muslims believe that if they are successful in making a non-Muslim say the Kalimah it is something great on their part. Such Muslims do not consider the responsibility that brings along with this role.
      3. Converting people by showing or tempting about monetary benefits is a cheap act which Islam condemns.
      In UAE this is NOT done at all.
      4. People revert to Islam for many reasons. Marriage especially. Some people may have the intention that if they embrace Islam in a Muslim country they will get some advantages or privileges.
      5. We do not know for what reason or in which circumstances the man you are talking about accepted Islam.
      6. As for what to do with this man, you speak to him in a kind and friendly way and try to motivate him telling him that Allah is Ever-watchful and that Islam is a responsibility upon a man and that he will be questioned in the Day of Judgement about his beliefs and acts.
      Remember, we can only encourage people to do good things. Islam never promotes something to be done by force or compulsion.
      Also, ask him where he embraced Islam. If he had done so through proper channel (that is through Awqaf Ministry) he won’t be like this. They teach basics and provide new Muslims training in practical aspects of hygiene, cleanliness, prayer, fasting etc. If this man has embraced Islam at the hands of some individual Muslim, then we do not know what went between them.
      7. Islam encourages voluntary and conscious actions. It should come from within. Only then there will be constancy and regularity. And meaning.
      8. Also, let us make du’aa for this person. May Allah guide him to the Right Path.
      9. Like this person, there are thousands of ‘born’ Muslims who do not know anything about Islam. Many do not pray on daily basis. This is something disgusting as well as a matter of concern. May Allah bestow upon the Community knowledge and wisdom and the grace to understand the difference.

      May Allah reward you for taking the time out to express a matter of real concern. Jazakallaahu Khayra.

      • I would be glad to know the truth. The real one Allah . the search to know him is not an easy one.and I believe with help I can get to know him better. I am in al ain.

      • Asaalam Alaikum, what u have talked about is am new convert who needs to be helped by training me in my new religion e.g how to conduct my prayers and dos and donts of Islam

    • Dear Mohamed, can you give me the address of the new Muslim teaching center in Sharjah, let me know dear if they have books in Tagalog.

  2. I just enjoy the page thanks to the writer
    I have always look for a means of becoming a Muslim, from here it is going to help me a lot. stay bless

  3. I would like to know if there’s a possible change to find out if there’s a place in Dubai where I can convert or study slam? I am a Christian and I have plan to convert but I want to understand firts the law and rules or belief being a Muslim. Kindly give me where to go and speak to someone.
    Thanks elise

    • If you or any of your friends needs English translation of the Holy Quran and Ahadith feel free to ask , we surely look forward to help you

      • Dear Najiah . i am muslim but i need englist translation Quran for my friend who want to convert the religion to Islam . my emai is….. if you also have other data related to islam kindly send it to me , even i roman english . its easy to learn for them

  4. My gf is non Muslim and she is Indian
    She works in Saudi Arabia

    She wanted to get converted in Islam coz we wanted to get married… I am working in UAE
    My question is
    Can she come to UAE to get transfer ??
    She holding Saudi work visa and she will be coming UAE on visit visa to get converted
    Can this be done ??

    Can u send me the answer in mail as well

  5. Hello everyone.

    I am a Filipino Christian who wants to embrace Islam.. I am from Ajman. May i know where i can visit to learn Islam in Ajman. Thank you.

    • May Allah fulfill your intention by blessing you with His Guidance.

      Please call 06-748 1135 @
      Zayed House for Islamic Culture – Ajman Branch
      Al Jarf Area, Behind Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ajman

      Any assistance, please send here your mobile number, InshaaAllah.
      Thank you.

  6. I am a Filipino and i am a Christian.

    I want to convert to Islam and start a brand new life.

    I am currently residing in Ras Al Khaimah.

    Can you tell me where and how i can proceed?


    • All praise to Allah, the One True Creator, Who gave you this thought.

      Please make a personal visit to the RAK Government’s Islamic Affairs Authority Office which is located at:
      Al Qawasim Corniche Street, near ADNOC station
      Opposite the Court – next to Sheikh Zayed Mosque
      Phone: 07 2332329

      May Allah guide you on the Straight Path.
      May He bless you abundantly.

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