12. ISLAM: Questions & Answers


This Page is added on 29.10.2016/28.01.1438, and owing to its importance, is kept separate.

Authentic and Amazing Resources on different aspects of Islam, alhamdulillaah.

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2 thoughts on “12. ISLAM: Questions & Answers

  1. As salam alai kum I am Mohammed i was searching for my new Born Baby boy Suunah Its call in Urdu Katna. so please let me know were it will happen and i am staying in DUbai please let me know soon.

    Allah Karim

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      Firstly, Mabrook on the coming of the new born child. Alhamdulillaah.
      Please check out at Rashid Hospital, Dubai or any Govt. Hospital. They have facility for circumcision. (Khatna)

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