List of Humanitarian and Charitable Centres in UAE


List of Humanitarian and Charitable Organisations in the U.A.E:

This Page is added on 25 Shawwal 1436 / 10 August 2015, alhamdulillaah. Click here for Qur’an Centres in UAE.

1. Emirates Red Crescent:

Official RC website


Hotline:  800RED (800733)

Tel: +971-2-641-9000

2. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation:  
Tel: +971-2-499-4999
3. Bait al Khair Society:

Website    Click here for Branches in Ajman,  Dubai, Fujairah, RAK, Hatta, Al Barsha, Al Awir, Allisala

4. International Humanitarian City:
Tel: +971 4 3680202
5. Human Appeal International:
 6. Sharjah Charity International:
Contact: 600565655    00971507007555
7. Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services:
The services of SCHS include:
Al Amal School for Deaf Students
Al Wafa School for Developmental Training
Sharjah Autism Center
Early Intervention Center
Physical & Occupational Therapy Department
Vocational Rehabilitation
Sharjah City Audiology Center

SCHS Khorfakan BranchSCHS Al Dhaid BranchSCHS Kalbaa Branch

8. Manzil:

This is a Centre for Children with special needs, Sharjah.

Phone: 009716 534 7663    Email :

Read Gulf News on Manzil 

9. Dubai Autism Centre:

FAQ on Dubai Autism Centre      Tel: +971 4 3986862       Timings: 7.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

10. Fujairah Foundation For Regions Development:

Website (Arabic)

11. Fujairah Charity Association: 

Website (Arabic)

12. Zyed Higher Organisation for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs:

:: logo ::

Click this link

13. See the image below for List of Charities/Associations/Foundations in Dubai that are licensed by the IACAD, Govt. of Dubai:

If image below is not clear, then click this:

27 thoughts on “List of Humanitarian and Charitable Centres in UAE

  1. Assalamu alaikum,i am umoru Mohammed from Nigeria, I work in ajman in a steel fabrication company as a helper, I stay precisely in jurf 2, I want to find out the nearest centre where I could go for qur@nic classes at a flexible time because of the working condition of my company.

  2. this great work of charities is really admirable. Being a Muslim, its our greatest responsibility to serve any type of people, any where, in need……its my believe that this great work expands with multiplier effect with the help of Almighty ALLAH.

  3. Dear brother I am a single mother running a school in Rawalpindi Pakistan. I want to have contact of some individual doner who can donate for my school. I am short of finance n I need money in the form of donations n charity so that my school runs is requested to please contact me with any doner personally
    Jazaka Allahi khair

      • If a school is running for charity purpose, for orphan children, for disable children, for poorest and needy children and for children who are learning Quran -Ul-Kareem, then such type of school-services can not be interrupted and stopped by any reason, logic, force or power. Its our faith that ALLAH (S.W.T) likes when we support and facilitate the people in need and provides hidden resources for such type of noble cause.

          • it may an encouragement for Pakistani sister, if her school is being established and running for such noble cause, she don’t need to worry about the smooth running of her school. If this work is for Almighty ALLAH, HE WILL arrange resources for its continuity.

  4. Yeah i tried there ..but they ask me to visit there branch so hopefully i will go there .. hope for best .. but if you can connect me to the right person i will be very thank full to you.

  5. i am a revert muslimah. i accepted islam three yrs back because my deep love and affection for Allah from my childhood .my orthodox hindu community rejected me since the day and till Allah is testing me lot ….i am in dubai…i need justice…i am innocent ..pls help me

    • Firstly, I make du’aa to Allah to ease your way.
      Secondly, it is natural that there will be opposition to the Truth which has to be endured.
      Thirdly, your comment is not clear. You are innocent and you want justice is vague.
      Lastly, take up your case with the Awqaf Dubai or at the place where you proclaimed your shahadah.
      May Allah continue to bless you.
      Jazakillaahu Khayra.

  6. Hi,
    I m working mother in Dubai. I mother has passed away many years ago, my mother is old n patient if BP n diabetes , dr prescribed laser treatment for both eyes otherwise she may lose her vision. I can’t afford her expenses of laser. Any charity organisation who can help for my mother treatment.

  7. Hi respective managers,

    In the Name of Allah .I am kindly writing from Somalia which now in bad situations especially pastoral community, children and mothers who lost their life stock and resources because huge drought hit by Somalia. I am just trying to advocate them to the charity organizations since western organization is kept quiet and watching severe drought in Somalia.

    The drought has caused shortages of water and pasture, leading to the death of livestock – a lifeline for the pastoral communities. Please i am kindly requesting to focus current droughts especially in eastern part of the country which now has good stable security like Punt land and Somali land regions.

    Looking forward to hear reply on this drought situation in Somalia country.

    Kind regards,

  8. Assalam aleikum warahumatulah wabarakatuh My names are Nakungu Sarah 27 years Muslim by religion a ugandan currently staying here in Abudhabi i lost my job yet I was the one looking after my family am the only one child later on few days back I lost my parrents in an accident then on 23/02/2017 I felt the world was too small for me I booked the ticket with the little money i had in my pocket but on reaching airport they stopped me to travel that I had to pay fine 3000 for overstay I was stuck from there and then my life worsened I had no single dirham left with me yet I want to go to my home and atleast see graves of my parents but still upto now am here suffering ve no money to buy myself ticket I have nothing to eat am just surviving by the grace of Allah but full of tears everyday and still I can’t manage street life # am in a miserable life because am a masikin who comes from a poor family no one can help me back home I need help am just begging whoever can help me through this I will be more thankful all I need is to go back to my country and atleast die from there because here am really suffering

  9. Assalamu Alikkum. I am visit visa over stay 10years. I want clear my visa problem i will pay little fine. My mother health is not well. So i want go and come back. I hope Islamic charitable will help me

    • wa alaikumus salam.
      what? visit visa overstay for 10 years!!?
      u did a crime as it is against the law.
      volunteer yourself before the authorities and appeal for help.

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