Prescribed Books


Update: 13th December 2017 / 24th Rabi al Awwal 1439

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New Books have been published by the MoE, and distributed through the Ministry’s official outlet.

ISLAMIC EDUCATION is the name of the New Books that have been published by the Ministry of Education, UAE.

We have received the books for all grades, alhamdulillaah. And hopefully will introduce the Books in the second term (January 2018) inshaaAllah.

While all emirates are free to introduce the new books anytime, the introduction of these new books in Sharjah depends upon the official communication whether the Ministry Exam (End of year exams) will be based on the new books or the existing books.

Important Note:

The New Books are made available here so that they can only be used as soft copies. You are not allowed to take photocopies of these books nor are they meant for any commercial purpose.

Books are under copyright by the Ministry of Education, UAE. So please do not misuse the books. Thank you for understanding.

Islamic Education, Year 1

Islamic Education, Year 2

Islamic Education, Year 3

Islamic Education, Year 4

Islamic Education, Year 5

Islamic Education, Year 6

Islamic Education, Year 7

Islamic Education, Year 8

Islamic Education, Year 9

Islamic Education, Year 10

Islamic Education, Year 11

Islamic Education, Year 12

I will update this Page as and when we get official communication about the Curriculum etc. InshaaAllah.

Schools must place their requirement of the books through MoE’s electronic bookstore:

MoE’s Electronic Store

Call Center: 04-5593466

Email address:

  • PLEASE NOTE, when new books published by the Ministry itself are introduced, then ‘I Love Islam and Learning Islam’ series of books will not be taught in the UAE anymore.
  • Islamic Studies Text Books (for ISLAMIC EDUCATION ‘B’) approved by the Ministry of Education, U.A.E:                                                                                                          * For Grade 1 to 6 – I LOVE ISLAM    * For Grade 7 to 12 – LEARNING ISLAM
  • Added on 3rd Dec. 217: Download I Love Islam Series: Note: The books are copyrighted. They are given here only for the purpose of education and dawah. No one is allowed to take photocopies or use them for commercial purposes. Thanks.

Year 1         Year 2            Year 3                Year 4                Year 5                 Year 6

  • The books are published by North America-based Islamic Services Foundation.
  • A cursory glance about the books can be had from the links to the Publisher’s website: 1. I Love Islam Series (Primary) 2. Learning Islam Series (Secondary)
  • Syllabus details are given here
  • Even though New Editions of Learning Islam Series (for Grade 7 to 12) have come out in the market, they are yet to be approved by the Ministry as the old syllabus (which is based on old editions) still holds good.
  • A cursory glance of the books comparison shows a vast difference between the content in the old and new books!

49 thoughts on “Prescribed Books

  1. Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathuhu.Sir ,Please help to get these books in Oman.May ALLAH make us among the pious.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      Thank you for your request and du’aa. May Allah accept your du’aa, aameen.
      Dear sir, Please contact local Book Distributors to contact the publisher directly.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Assalamu Alaikum varahmathullah, are there any Power point presentation of any lessons regarding the book of I Love Islam and learning Islam? I use your PPT of Islamic studies text books. It was a great work and Allah may give you reward for this.
    With thanks and regards

    • Do you have official communication from the Ministry?
      As of now, it is I Love Islam series for Year 1 to 6, and Learning Islam series for Year 7 to 12.

  3. i cannot find I love Islam book 6, and learning Islam book 4,5,6 — where can i get the textbook and the workbook/worksheet?

  4. Asslamu Alikum dears…

    Is there any changes in the syllabus for the acadamic year 2015-2016. As I have noted the new book learning islam has been splitted in to six serial… If so please share the new syllabus

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      As of now, the existing syllabus holds good.
      If there is any change, it will be updated in this blog, inshaaallah.

  5. respected sir.
    sir i need your help to made Self-Evaluation form Islamic studies .school inspection is there school gave me this work .i am very upset don’t know how can made .please help me .Allah bless u

  6. Dear all,
    Could you please advise regarding the Islamic 2 curriculum?
    I’m covering Islamic 2 classes from year 7 to 12 (British system). Unfortunately, the department does not have solid resources that could develop the students’ learning and understanding of Islam. At the moment the children are using the “Learning Islam” textbooks as following:
    Year 7 Level 1
    Year 8 Level 2
    Year 9 Level 3
    Year 10 Level 4
    Year 11 Level 5
    Year 12 Level 6
    According to my research, the MOE curriculum for years 2012/13 states that students use books upto level 3.
    I appreciate your advice

    • Ignore the 2012/13 syllabus which is non-implementable due to the introduction of new editions.
      Kindly follow the new books Level 1 to 6 as stated by you, and wait for the new syllabus, InshaaAllah.
      We all are having the same problems. Hopefully the ministry will solve the issue by sending the updated syllabus at the earliest, InshaaAllah.

      • Thank you. However, my point is the exam topics as ADEC’s letter states units D, E and A46. I agree the new one, level 6, makes more sense to me. However, nothing is official to prove that we’re on the right track. Could you please send me any official letters from ADEC that could clear this path.

        • Dear sister/brother,
          I think you are based in Al Ain/Abu Dhabi.
          We in Sharjah/Dubai do not get direct communication from ADEC.
          Ours is a different zone.
          Syllabus is made by the MOE and made available through respective zones in all the emirates.

          • Im a brother 😃True. I just thought someone on the blog who is based in Abu Dhabi could help. It’s my great pleasure to communicate with you. The blog is great resource. I appreciate everybody’s hard work in making this happen the way it is. Thank you

            • Thank you so much and Jazakallahu Khayra, dear brother.
              Yes, it is a pleasure for me too to communicate with you and all others who teach this beautiful subject.
              Incidentally, after your comment, just after Isha Salah, I got soft copies of the new portion from a teacher who works in a Abu Dhabi school.
              She says she got it from ADEC. Unfortunately i found lots of discrepancies in the new syllabus as there is conflict between Unit and respective chapters.
              I have replied that teacher to get it confirmed as to the source of the soft copies.
              InshaaAllah will let you know once this is done.
              Baarakallaahu Feekum.

  7. Asslamu Alikum brother….

    Is there any changes in the syllabus for the acadamic year 2016-2017. As I have noted the new book learning islam has been splitted in to six serial… If so please share the new syllabus

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      The problem of books is existing since almost three years!
      We do not have any news about the syllabus for the year 2016-17.
      Will definitely share once I get to know about it inshaaAllah.

  8. Salam w brother . Can you please tell me where I can get O level/ IGCSE Islamic text books in Dubai ? Jazakallahu khair

  9. Assalam o Alaikum
    Can u pls tell me from where i can get the teachers book for new islamic education book?
    Jazak Alllah o Khair….

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa Rahmatullah
      Till now we have no news of Teacher’s Guide.
      As Arabic Speakers do have a Guide Book, we hope that there is one for Non-Arabic speakers too, inshaaAllah.
      Hope they will be made available soon by the MoE, InshaaAllah.

  10. I roughly just wen through the new Islamic Ministry’s book which you have uploaded here,but found many typing and grammatical errors in English in first lesson itself. If possible then I request you to drive the attention of authorities before publishing it.
    Jazakumullah khaira

    • I was roughly going through the Grade 1 new Islamic Ministry’s book which you have uploaded here,there are many typing and grammatical errors in English in first lesson itself. If possible please drive the authorities attention so they may do the correction before publishing it.
      Jazakumullah khaira

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