Important Links for UAE Teachers


Last Update: 19th October 2018        Page Added on: 22 /12/ 2015

Note: Also, Visit TEACHER RESOURCE Page InshaaAllah….Baarakallaah

  1. * President, Prime Minister, UAE Rulers, Ministry & Government Websites
  2. Accredited and Licensed Educational Institutions in the UAE – Important link to guide one’s students to opt for the right colleges/universities in UAE.
  4. Certificate Attestation Service
  5. Critical Thinking: Does God Permit Critical Thinking?
  6. Critical Thinking: Importance and Benefits
  7. Do You KISS Your Students?
  8. Educational  Zones and Councils
  9. Electronic Recommended Institutes (online)
  10. Five Things To Know about Termination Law in UAE
  11. First Rate Education System / Vision 2021
  12. How to Calculate End of Service GRATUITY Pay?
  13. Informative Educational Website for Parents & Teachers
  14. Informative Magazine for Teachers – TEACH Middle East
  15. KHDA: Knowledge and Human Development Authority
  16. Know about the SICK LEAVE
  17. List of Qur’an Classes and Islamic Learning Centres in the UAE
  18. Ministry of Education
  19. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
  20. Popular Book Fairs in the UAE: Sharjah International Book Fair and  Abu Dhabi Book Fair
  21. Qualifications to be a Teacher
  22. Quotes by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice-President of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai
  23. Requirements for EQUIVALENCY CERTIFICATE
  24. Schools in Abu Dhabi
  25. Schools in Ajman
  26. Schools in Al Ain
  27. Schools in Dubai
  28. Schools in Dubai – Data base by KHDA
  29. Schools in Fujairah
  30. Schools in Ras al Khaimah
  31. Schools in Sharjah
  32. School Inspection Framework
  33. School Self-evaluation Form for Improvement Planning
  34. Student Recruitment Offices in the UAE
  35. Teacher Licensing Scheme Explained
  36. Teacher Licence: All You Need To Know
  37. Teacher Licensing – Useful Resources
  38. Termination or Resignation: Your Labour Rights When Leaving a Job in the UAE
  39. The Teachers’ Charter – Professional Code Of Conduct
  40. UAE-Recognised List of Indian Educational Institutions
  41. Volunteering in UAE

For details on UAE History, Flag, National Anthem, culture etc. etc. Visit this Page InshaaAllah.

Sal-lal-laahu ala Muhammad, Sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-Sallam



10 thoughts on “Important Links for UAE Teachers

  1. Assalmualaikum Wrahmatullah

    Very glade to look at the things provided on the portal. I kindly request you to add Arabic lesson plans also.


  2. Asalam o Alekum:

    i need to know that if some has BA from pakistan and Alima degree from Karachi Jamat-ul-Uloom Binori town for four years and she has B ed also but she is not eligible to teach Islamic Studies in UAE just because BA degree is for 2 years. she got Diploma from higher education on her BA
    sir i am teaching Islamic studies from 2012 in one good school of sharjah now i am loosing my job just because, in my country BA is for two years can anyone please halp me for the sake of Allah
    I want to continue my further studies in UAE in evening university, so where i look for it

  3. Assalamu alaikum,

    Did you get the degree equalised from Ministry of Higher Education in Abu Dhabi? If they equalise your degree there shouldn’t be a problem.

    It won’t get equalised if the degree is online or private. Otherwise I don’t see any problem.

    The process will take time but it is worth it. If the school still creates problem then understand they don’t want to keep you. You can’t even complain to Ministry of Labour because you don’t have the Labour card and are actually working illegally with the school?

    First step….go to Ministry of Higher Education and ask them about the process for equalisation of your degree. When you go there take your degrees, school certificates (Secondary and High School), Emirates ID and passport (they need to see if you were actually residing in Pakistan when you did BA and B.Ed and that it’s not online). They will then guide you through the process.

    Hope this helps and may Allah make it easy for you.

    Just one bit of advice though it is very common practice here: Never work in a school without your labour card. Remember Labour card protects your rights. If you had a labour card and the school decided you leave they would have to pay you salary of at least 2 months or more. They would think twice before asking you to leave.

  4. Assalamu alaikum,

    In order to work in UAE you need to have degree from an accredited university.

    Here is the list of accredited universities in the UAE:

    1.Federal/Government institutes:

    Among the Government institutes UAE University and Zayed University take non-Emarati students aswell.

    2. Private institutes:

    * You need to have 12th grade or High school in order to apply for Bachelors in any of these universities. Most probably you will need to get the high school certificate equalised if studied from Pakistan.

    * You need to get your B.A. degree equalised in order to apply for Masters in any of these universities.

    Unfortunately there is no university in UAE that provides Bachelors in Islamic studies in English. Here Bachelors in Islamic studies is provided in Arabic only.

    If you are looking for Masters in Islamic studies then check out Zayed University.

    If you are looking for Bachelors in Education then check out:

    1. American University in the Emirates
    2. UAE University –

    If you want to do Masters in Education then check out:

    1.British University in Dubai
    2. UAE university
    3, Jumeria University
    4. American University of Ras al Khaimah
    5. American University of Dubai

    You can search for more universities providing Bachelors and Masters in Education under the links:


    Hope this helps

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