Kids Qur’anic Lessons in Cartoon & Fun Learning Format


I received this file from a friend of mine and also through a Teachers’ Group. It is nicely done. However, I do not know anything about the Madrasa or the people who published this nor this is an endorsement of their activities. I liked the way it is done so sharing here.  Continue reading


Content Page of ISLAMIC EDUCATION, Part 1 and 2


Here is the Content Page for the new Islamic Education Books published by the UAE Ministry of Education.

This is done unit-wise for Grades 5 to 11, alhamdulillaah.

Sharing here as this will be useful for many teachers, InshaaAllah. Continue reading

Two Useful Presentations for Teachers of Islamic Studies


In April 2018, a Symposium was organised in Dubai for the teachers of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

I got some useful presentations from those attended the session but could not upload them then. However, I am sharing two presentations which would be beneficial for the teachers of Islamic Studies, InshaaAllah.  Continue reading