Al Qur’an: Text & Translations in English and many other languages


1. Qur’an – Mus’haf:

A Clear and an Excellent View: MADINAH MUS’HAF – Latest in Pdf format

Amazing Qur’an Interface – For Computers, Laptops etc.

AYAT: A Beautiful Android Version – For Android Phones

Qur’an Kareem – For Windows Phones

2. Best English Translation of the Qur’an: 

Saheeh International’s is the most accurate of all English translations of the Qur’an that are available till date.

Download as PDF

In .exe format – For computers

Click To Buy Online

Click To Read Online

3. Word to Word Translation by Dr. Muhammad Mohar Ali:

4. Interpretation of the Qur’an in other languages:

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