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Last Update:  21.12.2016

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Dear Fellow Teachers,  

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Introduced on 26th August 2013, this Page is meant to provide beneficial resources to teachers to help improve their teaching-learning skill, InshaaAllah.

While I will be updating this Page from time to time, Inshaa’Allah, you are also welcome to share any material which you deem useful for the teachers of Islamic Studies as a subject.

1. What methods did the Prophet Sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam adopt in checking people’s behaviour? 

Click here to download PROPHET’S METHODS OF CORRECTING PEOPLE’S MISTAKES (Excellent Resource for Muslim Teachers)

2. Teaching Small Children The Value of Privacy:

Download as doc

3. Teaching Techniques of Humanity’s Greatest Teacher: 

Click here to Download ‘Teaching Techniques of Prophet Muhammad sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam (added on 31st August 2013)

4. How To Be A Productive Teacher: Treasures of Wisdom From the Story of Prophet Moosa and Khidr:

How To Be A Productive Teacher

5. Islamic Superheroes: Setting the Standards: (Added on 10th Sept 2013)

Islamic Superheroes

6. 11 Ways to Build Modesty in Young Muslims (Added on 20th Sept. 2013) 

Eleven Way Towards Building Modesty

7. The Prophet as Teacher: 

Download this informative guide: The Prophet as Teacher (Added on 11th Jan. 2015)

8. What Teachers Make: 

What Teachers Make – I like the way it is presented.  (Added on 29th August 2015)

9. Some Inspiring Quotes: (Added on 29th August 2015)

If there is Nobility in Heart               Keeping Up with Knowledge

PUT IT BEFORE YOUR READERS – Good advice on effective writing

TAKE TIME       The Man in the Mirror – Nice one for self-assessment

Ten Sicknesses of the Heart             YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK

Tell Me          Stoop…..Stop!          Climb every mountain        Dream is not …

SANDS OF TIME          Don’t worry and fret..

If You want to get what you never had                It’s Your Life..!

He who loses his honesty

10. TEACHERS’ CORNER  Info Provided by Sharjah Museums

Get creative and attend various programmes offered by Sharjah Museums for teachers in schools, universities and special care centres.

  1. Join next teachers’ learning sessions offered for schools, universities and special care centres to learn more about our collections. Sessions are led by the museum educators and curators free of charge. To receive more information and to book your seat, call 06-5197266, or e-mail Education@smd.gov.ae
  2. Electronic resources are provided below for teachers’ use with their students during their visit to the museum:
    • Download Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization Teachers’ Guide
    • Download Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization in-gallery activity worksheets
    • Download Pre and post visit materials. These includes key questions, power point, glossary and further discovery that can be used in our museums


Dr. Howard Gardner’s Seven Distinct Intelligences

Multiple Intelligence in Islamic Perspective: Part 1   Part 2    Part 3        Part 4   Part 5    Part 6       Part 7       Part 8       Part 9      Part 10

12. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People:

Link 1 (Overview, Online)    Foundational Principles (PDF) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 🙂

13. Presentations:

1. 10 Qualities that make you an Outstanding Teacher

2. General Methods and Techniques of Teaching

3.  Motivation: How to Motivate People For a Cause (Added on 20 Dec 2015)


A Beautiful book on Change in Workplace

15. Diffusion of Sunnah:

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) took the following measures to spread his Sunnah:

1. Establishment of schools:

‘Schools’ were established by the Prophet in Madina very soon after his arrival. His general policy was to send teachers and preachers to different areas outside Madina. For example delegates were sent to Adhal and Qara in 3 A.H., to Bir Mauna in 4 A.H., to Najran and to Yemen and Hadramaut in 9 A.H.

2. The Prophet’s directions about diffusion of knowledge:

The Prophet says: “Pass on knowledge from me even if it is only one verse.” [Bukhari]

The same emphasis is noticeable in his orations at the farewell Hajj where the Prophet said: “Those who are present (here) should convey the message to those who are absent.” [Bukhari] It was therefore, a common practice among Companions to tell absentees about the Prophet’s deeds and sayings.

3. Creation of incentive for teachers and students:

The Prophet not only gave directions to educate the people but also mentioned great rewards for teachers and students. He stated that learning and the pursuit of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim [Ibn Majah]. One who conceals knowledge is liable to go to Hell [Musnad], a fact which is mentioned in the Quran [Quran 2: 159, 174].

a) Reward for students:

The Prophet said: “If any one pursues a path in search of knowledge Allah will thereby make easy for him a path to paradise, and the angels spread their wings from good pleasure with one who seeks knowledge, and all the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth, even fish in the depths of water, ask forgiveness for him.” [Musnad]

b) Reward for teachers:

In this regard the Prophet said: “When a man dies, his acts come to an end, with three exceptions: Sadaqa Jariya (recurring charity), knowledge from which benefit continues to be reaped, and the prayers of a good offspring for him.” [Muslim] It applies to both male and female.

Compiled From:
“Studies in Hadith Methodology and Literature” – M. M. Azami, pp.10, 11

16. Seven Pillars of Relationship Growth: Added on 15th Dec. 2015

Download as Pdf

17. Importance of Oral Communication

The Need To Express Properly

18. A Friend in DEEN is a Friend Indeed

A Friend in Deen is a Friend Indeed!

19. The Forgotten Sunnah:

The Sunnah of Health and Fitness

20. Personality Development Model:

Model from Action Plan for Islamic Studies_Al Amana Private School Sharjah

21. Many Muslims do not have clear perception on Masjid al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock. The following image will clear the doubt, InshaaAllah.

Masjid al Aqsa

22. How the Prophet dealt with Different People?

Interactions of the Greatest: Prophet Muhammad’s Dealings with Different People Added on 2.1.2016

23. Instructional Methods of the Prophet, Peace be upon him:

The Prophetic Standard: Instructional Methods of the Prophet Added on 2.1.2016

24. Knowledge of Psychology is Important for Teachers:

Psychology from Islamic Perspective  (Added on 2.1.2016)

25. Effective Listening Skill:

Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Listening Added on 3.1.2016

26. Classroom Talk:

Effective Questioning and Approaches to Questioning – very good one 🙂 Added on 31.3.16

27. On Psychological Well Being: DEMENTIA (Added on 21.12.2016)

InshaaAllah…..more to come!

اللهم بارك لنا فيما أعطيت O Allah! Bless Us in what You’ve given us.

26 thoughts on “Teacher Resources

  1. Asslam o Alaikum Sir ,

    I hope you will be fine and best of health. sir please prepared a presentation on the best and effective teaching of islamiat for ssc and Hssc classes teachers and share it with teachers. how to teach islamiat . i will be thankful to you .


    Muhammad Toseef Raja

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa Rahmatullah.
      I humbly accept your suggestion and Inshaa’Allah will try to take time to write/make a post/presentation. It is huge work. I will try my best to do it Inshaa’Allah especially as you say that it will help other teachers, Inshaa’Allah

  2. assalamualeykum, i am a teacher and i want to appear in the islamiyat test the khda conducts.please can you give me some information as to what type of questions should i prepare for the exam.jazakallah

  3. Assalamu Alaikkum….sir, I gratefully thank you for your this great attempt to make we teachers resourceful in our most important subject…once again thank you sir and I pray very sincerely for your achievements in the two world..ameen.

    • Wa alaikmus salam wa rahmatullah.
      It is my pleasure, sir.
      I do it for my satisfaction and for gaining reward from Allah.
      Glad to note that you find this site resourceful, alhamdulillah.
      Thank you for your du’aa. May Allah bless you immensely both in this world and in the Hereafter.
      I hope we can keep in touch, InshaaAllah.
      Jazakallahu Khayra.

      • Dear Sir, Assalam o Alaikum
        I congratulate you on serving Islam in best possible ways n presenting its true picture.
        Sir I am B.A.Honors in comparative religions (Islamic Studies) from IIUI Islamabad Pakistan.I am Hafiz n Qari too Alhamdollilah.
        Sir I need your personnel email ID to share some info with your highness.
        I am lecturer in a well known institute in Pakistan.
        Muhammad Bilal

  4. Assalamualikum Sir
    I have been teaching islamic studies since 2009.
    i have a lot of stuff which i want to share with you.can you tell me how can i send you that all.
    sobia Ehsan

  5. Assalam o alikum
    sir i want to do bed and masters in islamic studies am from pakistan but i have done my bcom from india university please guide me from where and how can i do bed in islamic studies and masters in islamic studies .

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Whether B.Ed. or Islamic Studies, please do it as regular course.
      If you are in UAE and wish to work over here, then you must do regular course.
      The Ministry doesn’t accept any degree done through online or correspondence.
      If you are from Pakistan do the course through Islamic University Islamabad.
      And if you want to have degree done in UAE then Sharjah University is the best.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Initially I had the intention to upload lesson plans but then I gave second thought and decided not to.
      I don’t think it is good to upload everything as providing ready made material somehow inculcates laziness among teachers. It also curtails their creativity.

  6. Assalamu ‘alaikum wrwb,
    Brother, IGNOU university B.Ed is not accepted in UAE is it? In India, even government schools accept it. Would just like to know.


    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      Here in UAE, degrees done through open universities, correspondence or distance education are not acceptable for any kind of approval.

  7. Assalam o Alaikum,

    Sir i have done B.A and my subjects were Islamic Studies and Homeconomics. I worked in Ajman for almost two years and went to ministry for interview, so it means I got approval from ministry?? because the school I was working didnt guide me and they didnt issue any letter also…. Please guide me.


    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah

      Normally, when the Ministry gives approval to any teacher, it issues the official letter to the School.
      So if they have approved you, then they must have given the letter.
      Please check with them and ask what happened to the approval.

      If you have problem as you left that school, then you have to again appear for the interview through the school you are presently working at.
      This approval system is only through schools, not through personal levels.

      Hope this clears your doubt.

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