Hayyakom: UAE’s Unique Program for Teachers


Hayyakom, Spreading Awareness of UAE Identity

About the Program

Hayyakom is an initiative that seeks to promote awareness of the Emirati national identity through a program designed for private school teachers. It will help to communicate the Emirati student’s identity to non-Emirati teachers and instill the Emirati values and concepts in private schools. On the other hand, this program will strengthen Emirati students’ identity, values, and their cultural uniqueness and will urge these students to join national events, and participate in similar educational programs.

The program aims at assisting non-Emirati teachers to recognize and accommodate the Emirati personality from its different aspects. It offers teachers the opportunity to better understand their students, particularly their historical and cultural identity, which will facilitate the integration of the teacher with his students to reach the best results ever.

The program presents a number of educational programs which highlight the Emirates’ historical, cultural, and geographical background. It will present the history of the UAE from ancient times and till today, including its founders, the dates and phases of its inception, and its prosperity between neighboring States. Moreover, this program will address the detailed geographical location of the UAE and its terrain, monuments, and its strategic location between the various countries of the world.

The program will also address the seven emirates of the UAE separately, and highlight the most important characteristics of each emirate. It will describe the stages of the economic boom in the UAE, its economic diversity, and how its economy is not limited to the petroleum industry but includes non-petroleum sectors like nuclear and solar energy, mining and mineral resources, fisheries and their production, and many other sectors and industries.

Program Objectives

Hayyakom intends to meet a number of valuable objectives which are beneficial to both Emirati students and non-Emirati teachers:

  1. Spread awareness of the national Emirati identity
  2. Define the Emirati culture, and its traditions and customs
  3. Activate educational programs to raise awareness of the UAE national among non-Emirati teachers
  4. Instill the values of the Emirati identity, its concepts, and its religious and cultural dimensions in private schools
  5. Assist Emirati teachers in acquiring the principles of their identity and culture
  6. Encourage Emirati teachers to join national events, and participate in educational and cultural programs
  7. The teachers will be able to deal with the students based on the culture awareness they acquired.

Courtesy: Hayyakom website

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