Grade 1

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Dear Teachers of Islamic Education in UAE

Kindly share your notes/worksheets/class presentations as I am getting a lot of requests through comments to upload this, upload that, like the comments you can see below.

You can email to

Your generous help will be appreciated. Above all, you will be rewarded by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’aala for your timely help. Jazakumullaahu Khayra.

Will arrange inShaaAllah….for now, as we have E Learning:

1. Practice Book & Differentiated Booklets:

2. Worksheets:

3. PPTs and Exercises:

  • Unit 1:
  1. Allah is My Lord
  2. Surat Al Fatihah
  3. Truthfulness is the Way to Paradise Shared by Sr. Maysa Sadeek    Truthfulness is the Way To Paradise shared by Tr.Ramadan Farag Ibrahim  Truthfulness (if u wish to take worksheet printouts) by Tr. Maysa Sadeek
  4. Five Pillars of Islam
  5. Surat Al Feel
  6. The Birth of Prophet Muhammad by Tr. Nareen Sulaiman (NEW)
  • Unit 2:
  1. Allah the all Beneficent
  2. Surat Al Falaq
  3. Bedtime Supplications
  4. Abu Hurayrah R.A by Tr. Sobia Ali
  5. Wudu by Tr. Mustahsen Tariq  Wudu by Sr. Sobia Ali
  6. Kindness to Animals by Tr. Sobia Ali
  • Unit 3:
  1. Allah my Lord
  2. Pillars of Islamic Faith by Tr. Summara Gul
  3. Islamic Etiquette of Cleanliness by Tr. Summara Gul  Islamic Etiquette of Cleanliness by Tr. Asma
  4. A Muslim helps his brother
  5. I Love My Family by Tr. Fazna Mundir
  6. Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) nurtured by his grandfather and uncle
  • Unit 4:
  1. Allah the great creator
  2. Surat an Naas
  3. Be Beneficial
  4. Prayer is the Light of My Life by Tr. Anees Fathima    Prayer by Tr. Ahmed Hamid  Prayer_LESSON ACTIVITIES by Tr. Ahmed Hamid
  5. Righteousness is Good Character
  6. Surah al Ma’oon by Tr. Nadia Siddique
  • Unit 5:
  1. I love the creatures of my Lord
  2. Surat Al Ma’oun
  3. Asma bint AbuBakr As Sideeq
  4. Manners/Etiquette of Eating by Tr. Mustahsen Tariq & Tr. Nomah Naeem
  5. Mercy
  • Unit 6:
  1. Surat Al Kawthar
  2. Tolerance
  3. I love Agriculture
  4. “The best among you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it
  5. Surat An Nasr

8 thoughts on “Grade 1

  1. aslamu alikum
    i need PPT lesson plan and activty worksheets of Surat al Kawthar from grade1 book part 2 unit6 chapter1 kindly help me.

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