Qur’an Classes and Islamic Learning Centres in UAE


Dear brothers/sisters. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu. 

When I started this page in October 2013, I didn’t know that this will create such a huge response from the readers. Alhamdulillaah. At the same time I didn’t realise that this will bring a huge responsibility. Subhanallaah! MaShaaAllah!

Jazakallaahu khayra for your du’aa, patience and support. Baarakallaahu Feekum.

Click this for resources on Tajweed, the Art of Qur’anic Recitation

1. Qur’an Memorization Centres in the UAE:

For exact location, timings etc. you need to take time to directly call the centre, Inshaa’allah. SOME PHONE NUMBERS MAY NOT WORK. It’s because certain programmes are time-framed, and once the programme gets over there wouldn’t be any response from that number. 

1.1. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Abu Dhabi:

For Abu Dhabi Centres, please click this to find some, inShaaAllah

1.2. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Al Ain:

  1. Markaz Sheikha Hassa bint Muhammad 03-7545453
  2. Al Istiqamah Centre – 03-7622112
  3. Aysha Center for Holy Quran Learn & Science Centre, 03 7846599
  4. Dar Al khair Center for Memorization of the Holy Quran, 03 7832238
  5. Mariam Bint Sultan for Quran Learning, 03 783377
  6. Mohd Bin Meftah Alqashti Quran Learning Center, 03 7842228

1.3. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Dubai: (Also, find more in Dubai as you scroll further down inshaaAllah)

  1. Sheik Mohammad Noor Bin Saif 04-2647448
  2. Sheikha Hassa Bint Hamdan Al Maktoum 04-2968200
  3. Markaz Nida al Fitra 04-2899263, 04-2899204/2899203
  4. Markaz AsSahabah al Khairi 04-2688616
  5. Markaz Dar Asma bint Abi Bakr 04-2969688
  6. Malik bin Anas Centre 04-2892320, 04-2892310
  7. Hamd bin Salim Centre 04-2874934
  8. Al Baraha Centre 04-2726999, 04-2711109
  9. As Siddiq Centre 04-2863833, 04-2863835
  10. Al Farooq Qur’an Centre 04-289 5628 Email: alfarooq.center@gmail.com Location: Nadd Shamma, Near Mirdif City Centre.
  11. Khalfan Centre 04-3437898
  12. Ahmed Abdullah Centre 04-3955898
  13. Al Noor School for Quranic Sciences and Memorizing Quran 04-2643428/04-2646481
  14. Al Huda Centre 04-2967899, 04-2726999
  15. Dar al Ber Society 04-3523333 (1-15 from Br. Javeed)
  16. Al Huda Qur’an Learning Centre 04-2968300, 04-2968200
  17. Al Muhammadi Quran Centre 04-2825540/3394465
  18. Al Shaihh Saif Quran Centre 04-2641151/2647448
  19. Islamic Studies and Holy Quran Centre 04-2228667
  20. Al Rashid Qur’an Learning Centre (Malayalam classes) Muhaisnah 3, 04-2636284, 056-7093833

1.4. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Sharjah:

One blessing in Sharjah is that all mosques have facilities for teaching Qur’an to children and adults. THOSE LIVING in Sharjah, please contact your nearest masjid first and then check on the following contacts, Inshaaallah:

  1. Abu Dhabi Institute for Memorizing the Qur’an 06-5436471
  2. Abu Bakr Siddiq Institute 06-5242666
  3. Al Hashimiyyah School 06-5635242
  4. Dar Hudhaifah bin Al Yamam 06-5224084,06 5381415
  5. Iqra Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an 06-5245888
  6. Ibn Taymiyyah Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an, Dasman, near Dasman Park, 06-5676585 (Boys), 06-5676595 (Girls)
  7. Ridwan Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an 06-5487801, 06 5383443
  8. Al Huda Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an 06-5249990, 06-5249898, 06 524 9990
  9. Khalid bin Waleed Centre 06-5667787
  10. Aamir bin Fuhairah Centre 06-5346610, 06-5340074
  11. Abdullah bin Abbas Centre 06-5333065, 06-5333665
  12. Umar bin Abd al Aziz Centre 06-5652719
  13. Nida al Fitra Centre 06-5655200
  14. Dal al Huda Centre 06-5626116, 06-5625456
  15. Salman al Farsi Centre 06-5222248
  16. Tirmidhi Centre 06-5647566
  17. As Sahabah Centre 06-5243533
  18. Ibn Kathir Centre 06-5383327
  19. Abdullah ibn Masood Qur’an Keeping Centre, Sheikh Majed Bin Saqr Al Qasimi St – Sharjah, 050 677 3672. 055-541 4916
  20. Al Quran Center 06-5676006 / 5676333
  21. King Faisal Mosque, Sharjah has good facility Mashaa’Allah for women and children.
  22. Quran and Sunnah Society, Sharjah organises Qur’an memorization in three mosques in Sharjah: 1) Abu Al Hassan Al Ashari Masjid at Ghafiya area 2) Al Redwan Masjid at Al Qaraen area and 3) Shaikh Saud Al Qasimi Mosque at Al Shahbaa area close to Sharjah Cricket Stadium.
  23. Masjid Ibn al Qayyim, Al Qadisiyyah (For males)
  24. Masjid Abu ad-Dardaa’a, al Ghubaibah (For men and women)
  25. Abdur Rahman Bin Awf Qur’an Keeping Centre, 06-563 7373
  26. Arabic Classes for Adults in Sharjah
  27. Markaz Mohammad al Hammadi, Sharjah (For ladies, boys/girls separate classes with Transport facility) Contact Nos. 055-3570068, 056-9858004
  28. Manar Al Sabeel Quran Karim Keeping Centre, Tel: 06 5281882 (Many of my students have taken up their hifdh venture here, and alhamdulillaah, I have an excellent feedback about this centre. RECOMMENDED to all. 
  29. Al Haitham Quran Karim & Sunnah Keeping, Tel: 06 5241209
  30. Gharas Quran Karim & Sunnah Keeping,  06 5383460 
  31. Ibn Salim Quran Kareem Keeping, 06 8823307 
  32. Noor Al Bayan Quran Kareem Keeping Centre, 06 5241378
  33. Umm Al Qura Quran Kareem Keeping Centre, 06 5332331
  34. Al Lulu & Al Murjan Quran Karim Keeping, 06 5441611
  35. Iman English Quran & Sunnah Centre, 06 5283006
  36. Alfer Dous Quran                                                           Al Ferdous Qur’an & Sunnah Keeping Centre, Sharjah                                                          INCLUDES PLAY SCHOOL Website                                                                                      Telephone: 06-562 2474 Al Qasimi Street Villa No. 227B
    Al Ramla West, Sharjah.

1.5. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Ajman:

  1. Dar Al Asma for Memorizing the Qur’an, 06-7455225
  2. Al Utruja Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an for Girls, Al Bustan Area/Nuaymiah, 06-7436672
  3. Al Arqam bin Al Arqam Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an, Al Mushrif Area,
  4. Tawheed Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an, Al Nu’aymiyah Area,  06-7407737, 06-7424950
  5. Dar al Ber Society, Al Nu’aymiyah Area, 06-7470404
  6. Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi Holy Qur’an Teaching Centre, Al Sawan Area, 06-7428463
  7. Obai bin Ka’ab Holy Qur’an Teaching Centre, Al Rashidiyyah, 06-7421399
  8. Nasser bin Obaid Al Suwaidi Centre for Qur’an Learning, New Industrial Area, 06-7448805
  9. Qur’an Centre, Al Zahra Area, 0506523465
  10. Umm Al Momineen, 06-7447777, 06-7472777
  11. Ayah center for memorizing the Holy Quran, Hasan Al Basari Street,Al Jerf 2 – Ajman, 06-731 1236

1.6. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Ras al Khaimah:

Visit this Page for RAK Centres for updates

  1. Sheikh Zayed Centre, Contact: 07 2332329
  2. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, contact 07 2356166
  3. Maymouna bint Al Harith, contact 07 2365350
  4. Imam Malik ibn Anas, contact 07 2262051
  5. Quba, 07 2239559
  6. Quran Center of Sheikha Noora Bint Sultan, 07-2335200, 07-2335255
  7. Dar Ibn al Arqam for Memorizing the Qur’an, 07-2663578
  8. Ahl Alhadith Center for Teaching of Holy Quran & Sunnah, 07-2664007
  9. Omar Ibn Al Khataab Center for Quran & Sunah, 07 2222142
  10. RAK Foundation for The Holy Quran & Its Science, 07 2354890, 07 2352604, 07 2361133, 07 2442952, 07 2442957
  11. Wahat Al Eman for The Holy Quran, 07 2234002

1.7. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Fujairah:

  1. Dibba Qur’an Center, Fujairah, 09-2444548, 09-244 0599
  2. Islamic Centre for Culture and Guidance, 09-222 2236 
  3. Al Huda Qur’an Karim Keeping Center,  09 2774921
  4. Kalba Qur’an Karim Keeping Center, 09 2774160
  5. Al Furqan Center for Quran Studies, 09 2384319
  6. Khorfakkan Holy Quran Study Center,  09 2383816

1.8. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Umm al Quwain:

  1. Khalid Bin Waleed Quran Memorization Center, Near Al noor school Masjid Abu Darda – Umm Al Quawain; Contact: 056 932 9402
  2. Rashid Bin Ahmed Almualla Award for Holy Quran & Islamic Culture, 06 7646663
  3. Charity School for Tahfeez Al-Quraan Wa-Al-Sunnah, 06 7651852

2. List of Islamic Centres in Dubai:

Name of the Centre Phone
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Center for
Cultural and Social Understanding (women)
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Center
for Cultural Understanding
Islamic Information Center 04-3986950
Kalemah Center 04-2644115
Manahel Al Khair Center 04-2862979
Jumeira Islamic learning Center 04-3949461
Al Farooq Omar bin Khatab Center 04-3941444
Indian Islahi Center 04-3939361
Sunni Cultural Center 04-2669800
Sunni Center for Islamic Education 04-2685822
Abu Bakr As Siddiq Islamic Center 04-2973999
Jamia Saadiya Arabiya Indian Center 04-2719253
Dubai Kerala Muslim Center 04-2274899
Dubai Indian Islamic Center 04-2616989
Anjuman-E-Najmi 04-2717272
China Islamic Center 04-4285401
For more info: Telephone: 046087606 Fax: 042961400

3. Some Prominent Centres of Islamic Learning, including Qur’an Memorization, in Dubai:

3.1. Al Manar Qur’an Study Centre:

Al Manar Study Center

An organization aiming at imparting Islamic education to all those who seek the spring of the Holy Book. It is functioning under the patronage of HH Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum, wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, and also under the supervision of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, Dubai.

The Centre is active like a beehive since its inception in 2006.

Contact Info:P.O.Box : 7245

Dubai, UAE

Tel : 00971 4 3394464

Fax : 00971 4 3394465

Website: http://almanarcentre.com/index.html

Email : info@almanarcentre.com


Al Manar Tarbiya Weekend School – AMTS (Register online for weekend classes in Dubai)

3.2. Maktoum Centres for Memorising the Qur’an, Dubai

Complete List of Maktoum Centres for Memorising the glorious Qur’an in Dubai

To know about Maktoum Centre, read here

For queries on Programs for Males & Females, please call 04-608 7777

Email:  m.center@iacad.gov.ae

3.3. Dar al Ber Society, Dubai

This Society has good facilities for learning the Qur’an by heart, Mashaa’Allah.

They have separate provisions for men, women and children.

Dar al Ber has many branches and the list is as follows:

  1. Main Office,  Dubai  04 318 5000
  2. Bur Dubai Branch, 04 352 3333
  3. Islamic Information Center, Dubai, 04 355 5223
  4. Jumeirah Quran Memorization Center for Males, Dubai, 04 344 8920
  5. Almosa Quran Memorization Center  for Males, Dubai, 04 394 7647
  6. Nad Al Hammar Quran Memorization Center for Females,  Dubai, 04 289 5767
  7. Al Mamzar Quran Memorization Center for Females, Dubai, 04 296 6773
  8. Ras Al khaimah Quran Memorization Center for Females, Ras al-Khaimah Branch, 07 233 3015
  9. Dar al Ber, Ajman Branch, 06 747 0404
  10. Dar al Ber, Ras al-Khaimah, 07 223 9782
  11. Dar al Ber, Umm Al Quwain Branch, 06 765 0002
  12. Dar al Ber, Ras al Khaimah, 07 236 4071
  13. Islamic Information Center,  Ras al-Khaimah Branch, 07 221 0009
  14. Dar al Ber, Fujairah Branch, 09 243 0696

Please Contact 04-3185000 or 04-3306336 for details of location, timings etc.

Website:  Dar al Ber

3.4. Islamic Information Centre:

Islamic Information Center (IIC) works under the patronage of Dar al Ber Society.  This Centre, MaShaaAllah, has wide range of work and services

Visit this link to know in detail, InShaaAllah

E-MAIL: info@islamicic.com        Call: +971 4555223   +971 4555226

LOCATION: Islamic Information Center, P.O. Box 25020, Al Hubaida, Dubai (Behind Dhiyafa Fire Stations & Carrefour)


3.5 Al Salam Islamic Centre: (formerly Al Huda Sisters)

Al Salam Islamic Center (formerly known as Al Huda Sisters) aims to reach out to every mother, daughter and sister in the community, to educate and nurture them through the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

This Centre strives to disseminate the fundamental teachings of Islam at a practical level. Their goal is to provide sisters with a warm, friendly supportive environment in which to acquire and utilize the wisdom of Islam. Visit This Page for updates of the Schedule of Programmes

For details of courses and classes, please visit their Website: Markaz Al Salam

Contact: Al Salam Islamic Center, Villa 122, Al Maydar Street, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai.
Call: 04-3466551 Email:  info@markazalsalam.com

3.6. Jumeirah Islamic Learning Centre:

Jumeira Islamic Learning Centre

JILC is a cultural association designed to introduce Islam and local Arab culture to the residents and visitors of the UAE. JILC’s warm open door policy fosters an environment where all queries will be answered and you will be provided with a clearer picture of the faith shared by more than one billion people.  Read More Details Here…

3.7 Markaz Al Huda, Twar

  • This centre has no website of its own. This is basically for Muslim women, children and young boys & girls.


Markaz al Huda location

3.8. Kalemah Centre:

This is one of the best places for inspirational and rejuvenating Islamic activities. For details about Kalemah, visit this link and for Events and Activities, click this

A Series of Emaan-Boosting Lectures for the entire family by Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble
When: 2nd & 4th Friday of every month
What Time: Immediately after Isha Salah
Where: Kalemah Islamic Center, Al Qusais 3 (Near Etisalat Metro Station) [Map]



Start Date: 22 September 2017.
Time: Fridays 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM (Seasonal timings apply to sync with changes in Fajr timings, please follow future announcements).

Venue For Brothers: Masjid Salim Saeed Bu Adeel (behind Old Kalemah Center), click here for the masjid location.

Venue 1 For Sisters: Ladies section of the masjid (limited space, please arrive early)

Venue 2 For Sisters: New location of Kalemah Center, at a 2 minute drive from the old location (connected via live video link).

Registration Fee: AED 150 per module (Each module lasts for a duration of 12 weeks)

To Register Now      About The Essentials

New Location: 















For map, click this

Website: http://www.kalemah.org/   (check for scheduled speaker and lecture title)

Contact: E-mail: info@kalemah.org

Tel: 04 264 4115

Kalemah’s recent initiative is The Qur’an Academy which imparts different courses which includes a Qur’anic Nursery. Kalemah claims that it’s “A first-of-its-kind institution offering structured and certified instruction in Qur’anic Studies”. You need to register first by visiting their website but please know that you have to pay monthly fees separately for each course.

3.9. Markaz Manahil al Khair:

Markaz Manahil Al Khair Rashdia, Near Bin Soughat centre , Dubai
Arabic Grammar (beginners level)
Every Thursday 9:30 am to 12:00pm
Arabic Grammar (intermediate level)
Every wednesday 9:30 am  to 12:00 pm
Seerah of the Prophet 
Every Monday 9:30am to 11:30 am
Quranic Grammar with Ahadith 
Teacher = Shaheen Bint Yunus Khan
Markaz= Dubai women’s association , Abu hail Dubai
Every Tuesday
9:30 am to 12:00 pm
Registration and details = 052 898 36 32

3.10. AL HUDA INTERNATIONAL’s The Global Islamic Culture Project under the auspices of Islamic Affairs and Cultural Activities Department, Govt. of Dubai:

The IACAD link provided here is not a working link now, so I am removing the details until further confirmation. (broken link)

3.11. General Courses in English and Urdu being held in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah with due approval from IACAD for Muslim Women and young Muslimahs:

english_Al Huda

Urdu_Al Huda

3.12. Al Misbaah:

Misbah Courses

Al Misbaah conducts Tafseer of Juzz ‘Amm Course for Women every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, for which Registration is necessary.

al misbaah_Tafseer_Juz Amm_Course.jpg

Find course details and location here. Please be remind that this is not a free course, you have to pay 100 dirhams per month for 12 months (12 x 100 = 1200 dirhams)

This Centre also conducts different courses, some are free and some are chargeable. Check out this link for courses, InshaaAllah.

3.13. Seeds Dubai:


4. Government recognised Qur’an Centres attached to various mosques in different Emirates of the UAE:

Click here to download the COMPLETE LIST of Qur’an Centres attached to various mosques in the UAE.

Note: The list provided by the Abu Dhabi portal is in Arabic and unfortunately doesn’t mention the contact numbers.

5. ZHIC – Zayed House for Islamic Culture:

With excellent facilities, this Centre caters to the need of the new Muslims, the reverts to Islam.

If you find any name/centre which is not mentioned here in this Page, please let me know. I will include those, Inshaa’Allah.

Thank you, and Jazakallaahu Khayra. 


Important UAE Links posted as separate pages in this blog, alhamdulillah: 



Baarakallaahu Feekum. 


822 thoughts on “Qur’an Classes and Islamic Learning Centres in UAE

  1. Aslm Alkm dear brother. could you please let me know if there are any Islamic Centres in Abu Dhabi. I am looking forward for your kind reply. Thanks

      • Asalamu Alaikum,
        can you tel me the centre which is near Al Warqa 2. most of them when i called they said there registration if full.

        i have 9 year and 7 year daughters


        • I am also looking for quran recitation for my kids in al warqa 1. Kindly inform if you have found any. JazakAllah

          • AoA Farhan,

            I live in Al Warqa 2 and looking for quran recitation for my kids. Have you been able to find any Qari Sahab. Please let me know.

            • Dear brother Talha

              I m deeply concerned….checked the two masajids nearby…they ve clsses after asr but intermittent…i ve no way to take my kids at that time due to work. Send mail to Awqaf but no response….subhabAllah… now I m more inclined to online schools available from pak egypt uk and US.

              May Allaah help us and forgive our shortcomings in providing this compulsary ilm to our kids.

              • Br. Farhan I share your concern.
                The problem in the Awqaf is of language,
                and there is no response to emails in most cases I have seen.
                You can try the full-fledged Al Manar Centre InshaaAllah.
                If you feel the location is the problem, then once visit this Centre.
                Im sure they will give you some guidelines or references InshaaAllah.

            • In Al Warq 2 there is one Centre run under
              Maktoum Centers For Memorizing The Holy Qur’an
              Please call 04-608 7777 during working time to get the details InshaaAllah.

              • Aslaam. I stay in nahda2 dubai. Near central school.
                Past 2yrS im searching. For Qur’an teacher or teaching centre nearby as I have 2daughters.. very concerned I’m…. as iam new to Dubai so just going through Google… for centres but so far 👎👎. I didnt get… plz tell me bhai…. nearby to my location.

                • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
                  Prefer Al Huda Sisters or Al Manar Centre. Find their contact details from this page above. Baarakallaahu Feeki.
                  Sometimes location may not be very near to your place. Still these two are better. Try and me give the feedback InshaaAllah.

          • There’s a wonderful Quraan school called Markaz Abdalla bin Masoud located in mizhar which isn’t far from midriff or Warqa

          • Even I stay in al warqa 1. Please let me know if any center is near by. There is one Qur’an college opening near the New mosque but not sure if it’s open for kids. Please kindly let me know if any one is aware of any Qur’an coaching here.

      • Assalaamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakah tuhu
        I m livin sharjah I need to know about king faisal mosque for me n my daughter to learn the quran n memorise it insha’allah
        Please advise

        • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
          King Faisal Mosque is the good place to learn Quran recitation, alhamdulillaah. Please make a visit directly to this masjid after asar prayer during week days. The people over there will guide you, inshaaallah. They teach even during the morning time for girls/females. After you visit there, you will get an idea about the suitable timings, inshaaallah.

      • Asalamu Alaikum,
        I’m from Dubai, I’d like to ask where can I take a class to study Quaran? Do they have Fridays because I’m available during this day. And is there any payment once I am taking the class.

        Thank you
        I’m hoping for your kind response

      • Aslamu Allaikum dear brother. could you please let me know if there are any Islamic Centres in sharjah at industrial area 17. I am looking forward for your kind reply. Thanks

      • aslmu Alikkum dear brother. could you please let me know if there are any Islamic Centres in sharjah at industrial area no 17. I am looking forward for your kind reply. Thanks

        • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

          the list is given already in the post above.
          plz call to find out, inshaaAllah:
          Markaz Abu Musa al Ash’ari – 025832419
          Uthman Bin Affan Centre – 025822677
          Al Shahama Centre – 02-5635755
          Al Quran Al Kareem Centre 02-5831323
          Al Siddiq Centre 02-4433616, 02-4433016
          Markaz al Haamil lil Ghaith – 02-4473196, 02-4473199
          Abu Dhabi Institute for Qur’an Memorization 02-6652400 (This is located at Al Karamah, Opposite Sheikh Khalifa Hospital)
          Al Siddiq Qur’an Memorizing Institute, 02-443 3016. (This is located at Al Ittihad; If you go towards Corniche on Airport Road take right to Street 15, this Institute is next to the masjid over there)
          Al Buteen Holy Quran Institute, 02 6581596
          Straightness Center for Memorizing Quran, 03 7627200

      • Molana السلام علیکم
        DEAR Sir
        I m working at al ain ramakh in poultry Farm as a sellman
        I would really want to be a Hafiz Al Quran but I m sporting my family as well
        And I took some loan from my friend to get Visa for UAE so now I hope Allah will accept me for Hafiz .e. Quran
        Dear Sir if I will work here also and continue my Hafiz in Quran so it is possible or not
        I don’t know why my Allah not accept me for hafiz al Quran
        I had sins but Allah almighty and forgiveness
        Why he will not forgive me and accept me for Hafiz.e.quran

        • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaah.
          May Allah guide you and bless you with His choicest blessings. Keep turning to Allah in repentance. He is oft-repeating and most Merciful.

      • Assamu alaikum Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu…. Bhai my Son was doing Hifz in india with Ashraful uloom in india …he have done around 7 juz alhamdulillah… i seek th opportunity for him to continue here …Please let me know any free boarding Quran Memorizing full time schools from Government of UAE…I heard Shk Mohammed Makhtoom helping children for Hifz ul Quran ….Please guide me to how to take the admission …Jazakallah

    • assalamualaikum im qari and hafiz quraan i need inquran teching job in dubai im liveng in uk my contact no ……. (edited)

    • Salamu alaikum…im 26years old.i want to learn about islam..and i lovely to be muslim. Can you let me know where the place here in sharjah to take classes..?

    • Assalamualikkum WA rahmathullaaahi WA Barakaatthuhu
      I need a help.i have a daughter 5 yrs old.i want her to study both school studies in English and Islamic studies in aràbic and english.is there any schools which deals with both,mainly Islamic.

      • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
        All schools in uae are mandated to teach Arabic and Islamic studies along with the regular school subjects. You need not worry, brother, about your daughter’s studies, Inshaaallah.

        • You are right brother that ISCS is not like dr. Zakir Naik’s school but this is also different from other schools in UAE.

          Two years ago my kids were going to another British school where they had Islamic studies class but they also celebrate Christmas , Halloween , birthdays etc …. Their annual functions with dance and music .In ISCS they are learning these things r haram and we should celebrate Muslim festivals.

          Non Muslim kids can’t get addmission in this school , also all the teachers r Muslim and they have to wear Abaya …LAAZIM…….. Their main focus is Quran and sunnah , even in the science projects they ask the students to bring proof from Quran and hadeeth. They play nasheeds instead of music in their annual functions……. So basically this is different then regular schools coz other schools teach Islamic studies as a formality.

          When I met dr. Zakir Naik , he also referred ISCS as a good Islamic school …… However I agree that this is not the perfect Islamic school but better then other schools.

          And I am a sister ….. Sister from Alhuda sisters . 🙂

          • Jazakillaah Khayr, sister for your time and effort to provide guidance with regard to the ISCS. Baarakallaah Feek.
            PS: This is the first time perhaps since four years I am getting comments from a sister who is openly declaring that she is from Al Huda Sisters. Thank you for your kind comments, sister. Please continue to provide such precious guidance, Inshaaallah.

            • assalamualaikum
              I am looking for madrasa nearby to my place (near al nahda metro station), for my daughter 8 years old and they are staying here till January 1st week.. i want her to get knowledge of islam and recitation of quran… please can you help me in finding… thanks Ameen

        • brother if you want her to have a good grip on english as well as arabic, plz visit International school of Creative Science. My daughter studies there and they focus a lot on arabic and Quran.. Alhamdulilah

      • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Yes , there is an Islamic school in Sharjah , as the brother mentioned all the school has Islamic studies but I understand your question ……… INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF CREATIVE SCIENCE , SHARJAH……… This is British Islamic school …… They teach in English, Arabic and Islamic studies including Quran memorization , duas, sunnah etc . ………… From grade 4 boys and girls are separated and girls have abaya and scarf as a uniform …… This is the only Islamic school in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman ……SALAH BU KHATIR is the founder and chairman of the school.

        • Sister, I replied keeping in mind the Islamic model of a School on the lines of Dr. Zakir Naik’s Islamic school, wherein curriculum is merged with Islamic topics and taught in Islamic perspective, which is lacking in any of the schools in UAE, including SCS.

    • Assalamu alaikum,I need to learn more about Islam ,I am a new beginners ,I need to learn all the basics for praying and everything about Islam as a new Muslim woman…I’m here in Sharjah national paints which mosque u can recommended to me…thank y ou…

      • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
        The right place for you, Inshaaallah, is Al Manar Centre, Dubai.
        Please the contact number, location etc. from the main post listed above.
        May Allah bless you, Aameen.

      • Al,Hamdulillaah
        i Am Qari Hafiz Aalim Mufti and Have Master,s in Arabic, islamiat, Hadees Wa Seerat and i have Passed M.Phil From islamia University BahawalPur. i am on Visit Visa in UAE. i Can Teach Quran with translation And Tafseer With Hadith.
        Contact me Back……..

    • Aslm Alkm dear brother. could you please let me know if there are any Islamic Centres in Abu Dhabi. I am looking forward for my younger doughters am living in india

    • Asalamalaikum, this is Humaira(Varsha). I have converted to Islam after deep study if all the religion. I have learnt all the religious activities like offering namaz and keep fasting. I have also done MA in Islamic studies from jamia(India). But I want to learn more to serve Islam I want to learn Arabic and do PhD in same course. I would be thankful if you help me to get enrolled in any course which help me to serve for Islam. You can call or mail me ……… or …. will wait eagerly. Shukran..

      • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

        Greetings and Mubarak, Sr. Varsha alais Humaira for embracing the Religion of Truth.
        To enroll and learn Arabic language is very good and encouraging one.
        You can get enrolled in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi or any university which has this Course facility, InshaaAllah.
        You have to do it in India itself rather than seeking to study abroad.
        Secondly, learning more about the religion and on the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is very much essential.
        For this there are lots of books available which you can download and learn by yourself.
        This will enhance your understanding of the religion and the tenets of Islamic civilization. InshaaAllah.
        May Allah help you to grow up in knowledge and practical life.

    • Assalamualaikum Brother
      We are looking for our kids quran tajweed and memorization in the weekends Friday and Saturday

      Currently they are going to masjid for daily quran memorization.

      We are resident of sharjaha.

      Please support for good centres for the weekends.

      • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

        Brother if they are going on daily basis let them continue till their vacations get over.
        After that try going to Abdullah Bin Masood Qur’an Centre.
        See the address, contact no. of Mr. Khalid bhai in the list under Sharjah given above.
        Baarakallaahu feekum

      • Salami alaikum..I know king Faisal mosque..are they giving also classes for the beginner..I want to learn about slam. Can you give me any contact number..

        • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
          King Faisal Mosque is very good for learning/memoring the Qur’an.
          It would be of help to you when it comes to learning Islam for beginners.
          If you can take time in the weekends to go to Dubai, then these are best plaes for you:
          1. Al Manar Centre 44-3394464
          or 2. Dar al Ber society, Dar al Ber Society 04-3523333

      • Salam Alaikum brother
        I’m beginner muslim lady,
        I would love to learn Quraan and prayers
        I’m living in Sharjah , In Qasba area. Where I can go to start to learn . Is there mosques teaching prayers for free or any charge ? Bcoz I’m jobless person and payment classes will be hard for me . I also want to be part of islamic organisations ( to be as a volunteer for free ) I have time and wishes for this . Is this possible? Please brother! Allah bless you

        • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
          May Allah bless you and make things easy for you.
          In Qasba area, there is a big mosque, right? This mosque has an attached Qur’an centre. You can get in touch with them, and start learning, inShaaAllah.
          Also, this mosque has the facility of English Sermon which you can utilise by attending the Friday prayers, inShaaAllah.
          Thanks for your offer of volunteering. You can volunteer at a Charity Centre run by the Sharjah Govt. inShaaAllah.
          Thanks and Baarakallaah.

    • Wa alaikumus salam.
      The last one mentioned in the list above (Abdullah ibn Masood) is very close to Ajman. It comes in Sharjah and is located Ajman-Sharjah border.
      Please call up Janab Khalid Sahib and see if it is okay with you.
      If not, please let me know your location in Ajman. I will find out and let you know Inshaa’Allah.

    • Speak to Mr. Khalid a this number: 050-6773672.
      Also, I found out that every big mosque in Ajman has attached Quran Madrasa. So you can easily send your daughter to the Masjid itself, Inshaa’Allah.

  2. Aslm alkm brother,
    I enquiring if u know any Islamic centres in Abu Dhabi for me and my 2 1/2year old daughter. We live next to the Al Wahda mall.
    JFK Khyr

  3. Assalam o alaikum RahmatullahWBarkatuh
    as i’m staying in sharjah .my10year old son in school now for him I want to know a Quran Hifdh school or centre.pls. advice me.JKKher.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa Rahmatullah.
      Dear sister, may I know in which area you live so that it would be easy for me to find out relevant places of Hifz and guide you accordingly.

    • Wa Alaikumus Salam, sister.
      1. There is a masjid close to Karachi Darbar, Quran classes are conducted in evenings in this Masjid (after asr prayer) Since your kid is of 10 years, you can start with this one this is very close to your place.
      2. If you have car, then you can take him to the King Faisal Mosque where Quran classes are conducted in the evenings between Asr to Maghrib for children and also for ladies. (I know King Faisal Mosque is not very near to your place but it is good one.)
      3. If you want organised Hifz School then Abdullah bin Masood Quran Centre is the best. Many of my students are doing Quran Hifdh there. It is far from your place, it is beyond Kuwaiti Hospital Road, but you need not worry, they provide transport. This centre has both full time and part time Quran Hifdh classes. They charge 100 dirhams for transport and 150/200 for classes. If you are interested, you can call Janab Khalid Sahib 050-6773672 and get more details.
      4. May Allah bless you and your son with His choicest blessings..Aameen.

  4. assalamualaikum,
    i wanted to know that is there any school which is having both islamic and other education too. we are residing in ajman.i want to admitt m kids in an islamic school for the worldly studies too. im waiting for your reply. jazakallah

    • Wa Alaikumus Salam Wa Rahmatullah.
      1. If you are looking for a unique school which adopts Islamic approach to teaching all subjects, then I am afraid that such an exclusive school which caters to both the types of education cannot be found in the UAE. Dr. Zakir Naik is planning to open an International Islamic School in Dubai in the near future, Inshaa’Allah.
      2. If you are new to enrolling your kids in UAE schools, then let me tell you that all schools in UAE do teach Islamic Studies and Arabic as compulsory subjects for all grades.
      That means, you select any school in Ajman or Sharjah, your kids will be learning about Islam, and Arabic language, Inshaa’Allah. You need not worry about that.
      3. The school in which I teach gives special importance to Islamic studies. If you are interested you can contact me through e-mail. (id removed)
      4. May Allah accept your sincerity and bless you with right guidance in choosing the best school, Aameen.
      Baarakallaahu Feeki.

  5. Assalamualaikum,
    We are staying in University city, Sharjah. Do you know any masjid / islamic centers nearby where they have quran classes? I have 3 boys aged 11-7. We are from Malaysia and not an arabic speaker.

    • Wa alaikumus salam
      Sorry for the delay in reply.
      I am not sure of that area, sister.
      Will find out as I told my friend to check and tell, Inshaa’Allah.
      By the way, did you contact the masjid in the University city whether they have Quran classes or not?
      Most of the mosques in sharjah do have that facility.

  6. Assalamu Aleikum Warahmatullahi Ta’ala

    Akhil Caziiz

    Finding out the appropriate Quranic school for myself as a father and for my children has been the core challenge in my life. We all live in Europe especially in Scandinavia. I sometimes thought about taking my children to Mauritania, Indonesia or Morocco just for the islamic study and Quran memorization. I cried for this as it is an obligatory.

    Alhamdulillah I read all the comments and advice you have provided and I ask Allah for Rewarding you with Jannah and Maghfirah. Could you please help me in getting my children and myself access to the study of Al islam and Quran memorization- be at mosque or organized schools that are economical.

    Jazzakallah akhi Fillah

    Abu Mucaad

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa Rahmatullah.
      Firstly I appreciate your sincere intention and enthusiasm for acquiring Qur’anic knowledge for yourself and your children. Indeed it is a challenge for the parents to look for good Islamic institutions where Qur’an can be learnt in the best manner possible.
      As you know I am living here in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and I provide some guidance to the best of my knowledge and experience.
      If you wish to relocate from Europe to UAE, you can find lots of mosques and Qur’an centres which will fulfill your need. Moreover, all schools here in UAE teach Islamic studies and Arabic language from kindergarten to Grade 12. Up to you to decide, Inshaa’Allah.

      • Asalam,as i can see many people have problem finding quran tajweed teacher. this is why i am leaving this message .i am quran tajweed teacher,i teach online if anyone intersted most wellcome inshaAllah you can contact me via email
        Jzk .may Allah bless you
        umm hibah tullah

        • wa alaikumus salam
          I try to guide those who seek Quran teachers to uae-government approved centres so that they can learn from such established places.
          I however do not promote individuals through this blog, most of whom charge money.

  7. Assalamu Aleikum Warahma

    Akhil caziiz

    I honestly thank you for the wonderful and sincere reply and May Allah forgive your sins as you are trying to help those who are in need. I occassionally come to the UAE for one or two weeks of stay. During that time I look for schools but find some which I don’t feel more comfortable with due to their performances and their quality of study. As you are aware of, there are so many islamic schools whose teachers are not qualified or not committed to teaching. Because of this, one needs a serious help from some good and local resident who knows the best of the best. It is because of this I turned to you as a brother.

    Is there any specific schools with good teachers and instructors that you might provide me so that I can contact them and continue from there insha Allah.? Quran memorization, learning arabic langauge and Aqidah learning are my most essential needs.

    I thank you for your time you invested in responding.

    Jazzakallah akhil kiraam

    • Wa Alaikumus Salam wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakakuh.

      1. Your comment brings a heavy responsibility on my shoulders. While I thank you for your magnanimous gesture, I would like to tell you that I am not the one who knows the best of the best. I am an expatriate living in the UAE, and I provide knowledge and guidance to all alike based on my experience, the information that I gather from various sources including students, parents and teaching fraternity.

      2. Brother, if you are looking for a specific school which caters to exclusive Qur’an memorisation in addition to learning all the primary and core subjects of any given curriculum, then I am afraid there is no such school in UAE. Yes, schools take care of students’ memorisation of the glorious Qur’an but due to the pressure of imparting other subjects, this hifdhul Qur’an becomes inclusive of teaching. In other words, time allotted for Qur’an memorisation in regular schools is not sufficient to do justice with Hifdhul Qur’an. This is one thing.

      3. There are Qur’an Memorisation Centres approved by the Government of UAE. You can admit your kids on a full time basis. They can finish the Qur’an in one or two years and then join regular school.

      4. Al Manar Centre is government sponsored Islamic Learning Centre which imparts authentic Islamic knowledge to the students and youth. Please visit their website: http://www.almanarcentre.com/aboutus_almanar.html This centre also conducts Weekend classes.

      5. We in our school do give great importance to Qur’an memorisation by our students. We have sincere, hard working and dedicated team of staff. We also have separate Tajweed classes allotted in the Timetable to fine tune our students’ articulation and recitation. Comparing other schools, we allot more periods per week for Islamic Studies in the Time Table. You are always welcome to our school. As you know the academic year is on, we may not have provision for new admission to some grades while scope is there to admit in some grades and I don’t know which grades your kids are in.

      6. If my reply is not convincing, then I am sorry about it.

      7. Thank you so much for reposing confidence. May Allah fulfill your need in the finest manner possible. Aameen.

      Jazakallaahu Khayra. Vassalam.

  8. Asalaam alaykum

    im a christian and i want to learn about Islam.im hoping that anyone can help me.i visit a lot of website and read a lot about Islam.i have a lot of things that i learn by reading and watching.
    looking forward for your help.may the blessing of Allah be with you.thank you.

  9. Asalama alaykum

    thank you very much for the reply.ive started reading the link that u share.though i didn’t yet finish read all the page i just save it so that i can continue anytime when i have time.how i wish i have enough time but due to my work i dont have that much time.
    any way i love what im doing.
    once again thank you and may the blessing of Allah be with you always.

    • Wa alaikumus salam.

      I can understand the problem of time and time constraints. I actually wanted to suggest that that book needs to be read at slow pace only so that you can give thoughts to what is being said there. Hurried reading or fast reading sometimes has its own disadvantage.
      Thank you for contacting me. May Allah bless you immensely in your endeavor. Aameen.

  10. asalam alaykum
    I am a Muslim sister from Kosovo, I’m married and we want to come with my husband to teach Arab Qur’an, do you have the opportunity to show that what do i do ? JazakAllahu khajr .

    • wa alaikumus salam, sister
      Glad to know that you are a Qur’an teaching couple, Mashaa’Allah.
      I suggest you yourself can start a circle at your residence and convey your willingness to your neighbours so that they can send their kids to you to learn Qur’an Inshaa’Allah.

  11. Asc Akhi Fillah

    I am sorry that I was not able to respond or comment on your reply because I was on a trip. Secondly the information you provided me was Masha Allah a great of help and I truly admired your sincere help.

    I read all the message you wrote to me and 3, 4, and 5 were where my interest was focused on. I checked the website of Almanarcentre. Unfortunately there wasn’t sufficient information I could read due to the reconstruction they are doing in their website, I guess. Because some of the pages I opened were empty. In point 3, you stated a government approved Qur’an Memorization Centres do exist in which Qur’an can be Memorized in a year or two. These are the schools I am interested in. In point 4, you also stated the school you teach do provide these opportunities. I am also in favor of this. I have 15 yrs, 10 yrs and 2 yrs old children.

    Brother in faith, I am really ready to take any offer by these schools at any given time. It is just that I have clue as to which school is the appropriate one to take nor do I have any specific school address that I can contact right now. I hope you do understand my point.

    I thank you for your time once more. May Allah grant you His Mercy and wash all your sins- Ameen.

    Akhuuka Fillah
    Abu Mucaad

    • Salamun Alaikum.
      I can understand your busy schedule, brother. So no need to feel sorry about it.
      In fact I really appreciate your spirit that even in the midst of business/trip you are deeply concerned and also worried about your children’s education.
      May Allah bless you and your children with His choicest blessings. Aameen

      Brother, I would suggest you that it is better for the older ones (15 yrs, 10 yrs) to get admitted in full-time Qur’an learning centre, Inshaa’Allah.
      After they finish memorisation, you can admit them in our school http://amanaschool.com/ Inshaa’Allah. As for the little one, he has a lot of time to play before he gets 3 🙂 as that is the starting age for kindergarten.

      Brother, I can really feel the depth of your concern and anxiety to find appropriate school for your kids. May Allah guide you to arrive at a decision which He knows is best for you and your family.

      And Jazakallahu Khayra for your beautiful du’aa.


  12. Assalam walaikum ,
    I live in discovery garden dubai , couldnt find any quraan tutor or any classes here i have 2 sons and really its very urgent to start their quran classes.can u please help me to get any classes or tutor.
    Jazakallah khair.

  13. Is there any institut of yours in karachi where there is facility for girls to memorise quran (Hifz ul Quran)….please help me out…

      • Assalamu Alaikum w w . I just want to know wether Al Huda online Diploma course in Thalim al Quran is Allowed to follow in UAE please?
        Jazakallah khairen kaseerah!!

        • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu….yes it is allowed….However, as it is online course, it may not be recognised in the UAE. You can do for learning and gaining knowledge and experience. Baarakallaahu Feek.

    • Assalamualaekum I live in al nahda 1 dubai my child is 7 years old and he is very fond of reading islamic stories and hadith and I want to send him for quran memorization please guide me through this. A little push from my side can make him a better islamic youth.

  14. Assalamu alaikum i would like to know any islamic center in Deira Dubai for full time, my 13yrs daughter can revise quran as she already completed Hifz quran in Pakistan.

  15. Salam, I would like to find out about any quran classes for children in Abu dhabi?

    Or can any one recommend a teach for home lessons?



  16. Assalamalykum,

    Would you know any evening classes for Qur’an memorisation for women? Preferably after 6pm as I work. I’m in Dubai.

  17. Asalamualaikum wa rahmathulahi wa barakathuhu,
    My son is 7yr old,and i want to enroll him in a full time hifz centre.We live in warqa(dubai)kindly suggest.jazakillah khair

  18. Assalamualaykum. I am looking for quran classes for my children, who are aged 5 & 3. I stay in nahda, dubai. Preferrable places will be in & around nahda or till mirdiff. I tried calling huda sisters, but they take kids only from 8. I am very desperate in getting my kids a good islamic education. Any sort of help will be most welcome. Thanks in advance

  19. ASSalamun Alaikum.
    Brother can u guide me, I have three daughter 11,9,7 yrs, i m living in Abu Dhabi, Shahama area,
    please can u advise me which school is the best for islamic studies, specially for girls, in economically. with full time.


      • My brother is International Qari of Qirat and Mudarras in Pakistan in Tajveed is willing to come to uae for teaching. If any body will support. Allah will support to him. Jazakallah…

  20. Assalamu alaikum,
    I want to know the contact number of darul asma quran memorization centre in ajman.i tried many times to contact with this number 067455335.but this failed .I think this number is not functioning, may be that .pls help me with give another contact number. I wish to go there.

  21. Asalamu alykum warahmatullah

    I am very eager to learn arabic to inshallah understand Quran. I am living in al barsha behind mall of emirate. Could you please assist me who I need to contact and which is the nearest islamic centre where I can go to inshallah fetch my thirst of seeking religious knowledge

    JaZakallahu khair

  22. Assalamualikum, I would like to know about the full time hifdh quran centres for girls ( age 8-10) in Abudhabi/ Dubai/Sharjah. I’m planning to provide at least one year full time coaching to my kids for quran memorisation. They are doing their regular school in abu dhabi but planning to discontinue. Appreciate your great help in this regard.

  23. AA brother in Islam,

    Please guide me to get full time admission for 11 years old my daughter who wants to memorize the Quran. we are staying Al Nahda Sharjah.

  24. Dear brother
    I am searching for a full time quran memorization centre for my daughter age 7.I stay in national paints sharjah.
    Jazakhallah khair

  25. Assalamualaikum: I have two children boy age 6 and a girl age 11. I would like to send them to a quranic school at the same time slot. Preferably on a Saturday morning. We live in Jumeira 1 area near Iranian hospital/Satwa. Is there a good quranic school close by for both age groups? Many thanks for your help.

  26. Assalamu alekum

    I have a question that i would like to ask. I live in sweden and would like to study both arabic and the quran. Am a sister at the age of 23. Is there any schools or centers in dubai or abu dubai that can provied that type of studiies??

    waa salaam

  27. Assalam alaikum, can also non Arabic speakers participate in the Quranic memorization in your classes? If yes, recommend a centre for me. I am a Nigerian, studying in the university, and residing in International city. I will be waiting for your reply, thanks.

  28. Assalamualikum!
    My husband memorized the Quran long time back and he want to repeat it. We are staying in Dubai, Diera, Can you please provide me the nearest center wherein he can do the memorization again?
    Jazakallahu Khair!

  29. Assalam’Alikum,
    Dears i want to know if there are any Quran learning centre in Dubai Karama for Girls. I have a 5 years old girl who i think should start with Quran. Preferable if medium of instructions are in English.

  30. Assalam Alaikum, My daughter turns 2 this month we are looking for a quran training school close to zulekha hospital qusais,dubai, where she can learn & memorize the quran

    • Wa alaikumus salam.
      Dear brother, don’t you think your daughter is too young for that.
      I advise you to wait for some more months, Inshaa’Allah, and in the mean time, please teach her basic statements of kalimah, tasbeeh, takbeer etc. You yourself can teach her some small Surahs such as Surah al Ikhlaas, al Kawthar, and Surah al Fatihah even.
      Playing CD with basic audio teachings work very well with tiny tots, Inshaa’Allah.
      You are, however, welcome to express your disagreements, if any.
      Jazakallaah Khayr.

  31. Assalamualikum
    i am new to sharjah and live on corniche street near KFC , i have four children Alhumdulilah and am looking or either a Quran centre or where they teach Quran at a mosque.PLease could you advise me of where is best, i did ask at Noor Mosque but didnt have much luck,if you could let me know.
    Jazakala much appreciated.

  32. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullah

    I am muslim living in europe but originally from Asia.
    My wife was cristian, and now I have lovely boy a week old.

    My question is about shaving the hair of the baby. My wife mad when I tell her I should shave the hair of our lovely one. Is there any way I can come around it to convince my wife (I know its a sunnah and not a joke to play around). As she is new she cant accept all the things very easily as we expect.
    The other problem is to convince my parents who say I have to shave the hair and don’t want to give room for any flexibilities.

    I need help please.

    May allah guide you us in to the right pathe and give us the courage to be a proper Muslim.


    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Firstly, Mabrook on the birth of the new child.
      Secondly, brother, this is not a fatwa site nor am I eligible to issue statements pertaining to matters of fiqh.
      I would request you to refer to this link http://islamqa.info/en/7889 Inshaa’Allah.
      It is sunnah act, as you rightly say.
      Try to convince your wife by saying that Islam encourages to follow the practices of sunnah. Also, we need to understand that it is after all the hair, and the child’s hair grow very fast.
      Try to balance your approach so that no ill-feelings or any fight come up in the family. Promoting and maintaining unity in the family is obligatory on the head of families. May Allah bless you with all His choicest blessings, Aameen.

  33. Assalamualaikum

    i was just needing some help, i would like to know some places for teaching children Quran and Arabic near Buhaira Corniche, please advise. Jazakala Khair

    • Wa alaikumus salam, dear sister
      I can understand your frustration when i didn’t reply to your previous comment.
      There are so many comments like yours pending for replies. Allah Kareem.
      There are two mosques in Majaz area where Quran teaching is done after asr prayer. And little away is the King Faisal Mosque which is the best place for Quran learning for kids, inshaa’allah. please any of these places through the male member of your family.
      Jazakallah Khayr.

      • Many appologies I thought my first comment didn’t go through so commented again. I appreciate your kind help mainly because there are not many places where you can get direct one to one information like this online. May Allah reward you for helping many.
        I just also wanted to know which two mosques by Al Majaz. If you could name them please. Also I would just like to know does yor school have availability for students from September or even now. They’re years are 1,4 and 5. Jazakala Khairieh

        • The two mosques in al Majaz area are: 1) Masjid al Ansaar and 2) Masjid Abdullah ibn Abbas.
          Year 1 is full and for year 4 and 5, there are very few seats left.
          I appreciate your spirit to teach the glorious Qur’an to your lovely kids. May Allah bless you and your family. Aameen.

  34. do you have any direct number for the school and also i just wanted to know is Brilliant school in Sharjah one of your partner schools?

  35. Al salam alikm brother,
    I would like to seek ur advice, my concern might not here ! But I would appreciate any kind of assistance or guidance.

    Am leaving in uae since 4 years alone, recently I have star thinking to get married but I faced lack in social relation coz am alone.
    Hence I need ur assistance as u know a lot of Islamic centre and the ladies attending there. Pls let me know if we could discuss it further..

    Jazak allak khayran in advance. .

  36. Alsalam Wo alaikom. I am looking for islamic/arabic center (summer camp type) for my 4 years daughter this summer. Anything close to Barsha, Can you please advise.

    Also if there is an evening center during the school year that would help too.

    I can not rely on the education provided by the international schools in Dubai. She is going to KG 1 this year, and I dont want to wait until it is too late. I have seen many examples of kid growing in dubai and lacking islamic/quran knowledge. Also for those who are arab native (like my self), they find it hard teaching their kids to speak arabic at home as the kids will eventually find it much easier to speak english after attending few years in a school.

    This is a huge concern and I would really appreciate your advise.

    Kind Regards,

  37. assalamualaikum,innallaha ma assabireen,i believe this,well since from 5and half years i have been living here in dubai,so i like to learn arabic,mostly to understand easily the duas and tilawa of quran in salah and zikr,so please let me the place so i can make daily schedule to attend the class whether in mosque or madaris.or any better place.present am working in star hotel in deira dubayy,so once or twice a week,i will love to read,allah aleem so i wish inshallah through this web i can get that from your side,masalam
    your sincerely
    parveez ahmed

  38. I have a 10 year old son and want to enroll him for quran hifz classes, he also attends school and has completed hifz of 30th Chapter recently in India. Are there any quran centers run by awqaf in Sharjah where he can attend school in day and do hifz in evening?

  39. Assalamu alaikum br,
    Im moving to uae (sharja ajman border) ) insha allah in may.my daughter will be 4years in june.she will get school admission only in septembr. But I want to send her to quran madrasa immediately. I checked online some and I choosed jaufer sadiq madrasa.but I think they will also give admission in september.
    Can you please provide me some information to admit her in a madrasa for June, July and august?

    • Wa alaikums salam.
      Please contact Janab Khalid Sahib (050-6773672) of Abdullah bin Masood Qur’an Centre, this is close to Sharjah-Ajman and will be convenient for you, Inshaa’Allah.

  40. Assalamu alaikum brother

    I have a 10 year old son and want to enroll him for quran hifz classes in sharjah, he also attends school in day time. Please advise if there are any quran madrasa available for evening hifz classes in Sharjah

  41. assalaam u alaikum
    i live in sharjah,muweileh near school area.
    i am student and done hifz..
    but i want revise my Quran..
    so please tell me any madrissa or mosque…
    and i can get certificate for quran hifz…

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      glad to know that you have done hifdhul Qur’an and want to revise it.
      Please contact the Dubai Awqaf office which is not very far from your place.
      Contact Br. Javeed Ahmed, office no. 04-6087704 or email him jkhateeb @ iacad . gov . ae
      Baarakallaahu Feekum.

  42. Assalamu Alaikum Wrahamathullahi wabarakathu,

    Me and my wife living in Abu Dhabi I am a Muslim my wife also now revited Muslim she want to learn Quran sheriff, please tell me the coaching centers contact number or addresses in Abu Dhabi.
    Thank you.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah, brother
      Please download the list of Govt approved centres, and find the mosque in your area, Inshaa’Allah.
      In Al Ain, there is Sheikh Zayd Centre which is very good for reverts as they give comprehensive coaching. You can try that if you want. This centre has branch in Abu Dhabi also. Please visit this website, Inshaa’Allah.

  43. Assalamu Alykkum Brother,
    I Found So Many Centre in This List Quran Memorizing Centre In Sharjah/Dubai,
    Where Children’s (Age Range Son 9 and Daughter 12 ) Can Complete Hifzul Quran Within One/Two Years, (Means, they will have to stay away from Schools for one/two years), Can you help me by advising In which Centre it is Possible and whether we would be able to get transport,
    Jazakallahul Khair..

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah, brother.
      Both ways it is possible: children can have full time without going to school or they can go in evening after finishing school. the second option is tough for students as they have to cope up with both, in school as well as madrasa.
      You can choose from the list, and call them to clarify, inshaa’Allah.
      Baarakallaahu feekum.

  44. Assalamualaikum,
    I am searching a hifz centre for my both the kids( 4.5 and 3 yrs old) where they can learn basic as well as do their hifz. I stay near khalifa hospital Al jarf AJMAN

    • Wa alaikumus salam, sister.
      Is it Al Jauf or Jarf?
      There is Masjid Ummul Mumineen Aa’isha in al Jauf area.
      Please contact them by personally visiting after Asr prayers.

        • Wa alaikumus salam.
          Please send a male member of your family to the near by mosque to find out the location of Aaisha Masjid.
          Check whether the masjid close by offers Qur’an classes in evening. Most of the mosques do so, I hope you will find one, Inshaa’Allah.

  45. AsslmoAlaikum Brother and Sisters.

    I would like to learn how to read Holy Qur’an and ways to live to be a better Muslim Wife. I need to know if there is any center around Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai?

    Please help.

    Warm Regards,
    Aisyah Said

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaah

      Please call please call 04-3466551 or 050-5856214 or 050-6537869 and ask them about Al Huda classes in your locality. Vassalam.

  46. Assalam o Alaikum
    I live in fujairah near karachi darbar (fathima shopping centre).I m searching quran hifz centr for my son(3 yrs old).I wnt to continue both school(morning) and madarsa (evening).please tell me if u knw any centre in fujairah gov aprvd.1 more thing please guide me if I admit my son only in ful time madarsa for quran hifz thn aprox in how many years he wil cmplt his hifz.plz gve detailed information.i m waitng for ur reply.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa Rahmatullah, sister.
      Please check the last page in this file, there are names of masjids imparting Qur’an classes in Fujairah. See if your location is mentioned in this file:

      Click to access islamic-institutes-in-uae.pdf

      This is for part time Qur’an learning and memorisation.
      If you really wish that your son must become a haafidh insha allah in young age, then admit him in full Madrassa.
      Up to you decide, sister. And completing the hifdh varies from person to person, so I cannot tell in how many years or months your son will complete the full Qur’an memorisation. It depends on the approach also that is adopted in madrassas. Please consult with your family and decide, Inshaa’Allah.
      Thank you, Jazakallahu Khayra.

  47. assalamulaikum brother,
    i am mother of 4 kids alhmdulillah nd 1 of them is a complete hafiz mashaAllah.2 of them are on their way to become hafiz inshaAllah.they were going to a mathey clearly said darsa in sharjah (i dnt want to mention the name),but i took them out as the ustaad bet one of my son with a stick in urdu period.the blood came ou from his wrist astaghfirullah.i became so angry that i took all of them from that madarsa. still i didnt complain in police and mosasassa but if the officials of that madarsa will not take any action against this brutal act i will surely do that.my husband went to one of the madarsa which u r talking about,they clearly said that if u dnt wnat beating ur kids u just take home tution.do u know any madarsa where beating a child is not allowed….jzakumullah khair

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa Rahmatullah, sister.
      I am happy to know that all your children are aspiring for hifdhul Qur’an. It is really great, alhamdulillah.
      It is sad and unfortunate to note about the beating incident, sister.
      You don’t teach anyone by beating. People in Madrassas don’t understand this approach.
      Sister, if you can forgive them it would be your generosity.
      However, if you want to report the matter to the police, that is your right. You can do that as well. Up to you and your family.
      For your information, beating students is not allowed by law in the UAE, whether it is a school or a Madrassa.
      You need to have trust and get your children admitted in some good place, Inshaa’Allah.
      Baarakallahu Feeki.

      • Aoa
        may Allaha shower his kindness on u
        it’s a great service for Muslim ummaha
        sir is there any need of women teacher (fazil dars-y-nazami almya, Fafaq ul madaras, pakistan) for ladies Iislamic Institutes in UAE
        & where I can apply for this
        I m looking forward for job
        must reply me in details plz

  48. Salamu alaykum
    We just came from Canada and my son son is six years old and our intention is to bring him each summer so he can memorize the Holy Quran I heard about Dar al Luqman in Sharija, what would you know about it. as well if you can suggest a Quran learning center that is very high tech meaning like al manar but in Sharijah or Ajman. with bus transportation we live in Ajman near Nuamiya

  49. Asslam u alaikum brother. I have a 7 year old son, and we have a Quran teacher coming to the house to teach him from last 3 years. Unfortunately, he is still on basic Qaida and isnt moving forward to the Quran. We live very close to Al Mulla Plaza. I checked with Al Huda Center, they wont have Quran classes until September(since its summer break). Can you please advise on any other center which is closeby ?
    Jazak Allah Khair

  50. Salam Alaikum!! When o when is brother Naik going to open that school u were talking about?? I hope it includes high school as well ameen! We desperately have needed a school like that here in Dxb since more than a decade ago!!

  51. I am 38 years old working as a manger for a shipping company in dubai.

    Is there any facility in sharjah or dubai for learning reciting Quran for my age group.

    I will be great if you can guide me urgently.


    • Assalamu Alaikum,
      Dear Br.Shaheer, please contact Al Manar Centre (see the address given above) as that would be of use to you, Inshaa’Allah.

  52. salam,
    i would like to know is there any hifz classes for women and girls in,MUSSAFAH,abudhabi.The above mentioned masjids dont have any websites or contact details , and it would be helpful if the names of the masjids were in english .many thanks

  53. Assalamalu alaikum wrwb
    .I live near sharjah cricket stadium, could u plz help me wit the nearby institution whr I could learn tajweed n do my hifz. In sha Allah.

    • As salamu alikum. If u r still staying near shj cricket stadium. .there is a mosque opposite to yasmin buildings..masjid abu ayub Ansari. .there hifz and Tajweed classes are going on for non arab women from 8 am to 10 am .

      • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

        Thank you for sharing this info, Jazakillaahu Khayra.
        Are these classes going on daily?
        Please clarify, InshaaAllah.

  54. Assalamu allaikum brother can u plzzzz help me I want Quran teacher for my 6yr old boy .he is already learning from one Kaari but m not satisfied as he is only coming 3 days a wk which I think is not sufficient .m living in Jumeirah Dubai plz brother help me


    Do you have any idea of zakir naik school? Where they are going to set up and when? can you provide any information of the schools, Can you suggest wich among these school is better AL ANSAR INTL, THE RESEALAH AND THE MODERN ACADEMY OF AJMAN in giving importance for islamic and quran?

  56. Assalaamualaikum.
    Brother do you know of any Masjids in Abu Dhabi that have regular english talks as after we have moved here we haven’t really been able to study the deen. We only know of Maryam bint Sultan masjid that give english khutbahs on Friday.

  57. assalamualaikum,

    I feel ashame of myself and i am a sinner. i have been ignoring the path of learning Quran, i did not practice my recitation, when i was young, i was fooling around, did not gave importance thought i will keep it till ending of my time, years after years passed by now i am father of two, i am taking various courses to get better salary and not to have job security issue. now i fear of my grave and afterlife, i cannot face HIM, till date i am not able to recite any verse of Quran properly only some Surah which was memorised at early school. I appreciate your help in guiding me how i can start from a beginner to perfect my recitation with understanding of each meaning of word in Quran. Please try to advice me a place where i am not being mock at. I current staying in Al Qusais.

    i thank you for your indeed help,


  58. Assalamu Allaikum Brother,

    I live in Sharjah near Al Nahda park/Lulu hypermarket, I am looking for madrasa/Al Qur’an learning center after school near by for my 4 years old daughter and Islamic learning center for my husband (he is new Muslim).

    I would really appreciate if you could provide me with the email/telephone number.

    Jazakallah khair,

  59. The list of centre attached with mosques and associated with Quran learning does not contain list of Dubai Mosques…..
    please if u can send me the list here………

  60. Assalaamu alaikum
    I wish to just find out if there any teaching oppertunities in any madrasah in UAE to teach hifzul Quran?
    i would really appreciate if someone could help?

  61. iam 28yr old guy and i want to hifz quran in dubai please i want to join the institute..

    Jazak ALLAH kHAIR

  62. As salamu ali kum..brothers..
    My younger brother who’s is in india completed HIFZ 7 Chapters of quran. Now he want to come uae and complete the rest. Is there any quran center which accepts international student to HIDZ -e-QURAN.

    • Wa alaikumus salam.
      All Qur’an centres accept students to join and complete their Hifdh.
      But people will have to make their own arrangements to come and stay here in the UAE.

  63. Assalamu alaikum
    I am from Bangladesh.
    I am 56 years old. I can telawat the Holy Quran but I am looking for a institution or center where I can admit for a month to 3 month where I can learn properly the holy Quran.

    I am willing to stay with them.

    Please advise your opinion.


    Motiur Rahman

  64. asalam walleikum

    I’d like to know if there is any islamic center in Ajman that can help me to learn arabic and quran. I am new muslim living in ajman.

    thank you

  65. A.O.A
    Respected sir,
    I’m 18years old girl. I need to memorize Quran and learn the meaning in English as well!
    Can you tell me any school or center specific for me?!
    By the way I live in Sharjah.
    Answer me on my given email.



  67. Asalamualikum..can you plz tell me where can I send my daughters to read Quran from basic.my daughters are 4 and 6years old..plz tell any Quran teaching institute near by industrial area6..plz help me out..thank u..

  68. Asalamu alaikum.

    My mother has recently moved to Dubai and wants to enroll in Islamic Teachings or any related classes. We live in Dubai Marina area.

    Will appreciate your help brother.

    Thank you.

  69. Assalam olaikum I’m having 10 yr boy and 7 yr girl they know how to read quran maned but I want their tajweed to b perfect along with knowing about all Islamic stories and knowledge. Please tell me any Islamic center near Alhudaiba or satwa area in dubai. Shukran


  71. assalama 3laikum

    i live in alqusais near to nahda dubai opposite to zulekha hospital. i am looking forward for my kids one girl and one boy quranic studies as they are growing and i failed to find institute for them for quran.

    kindly guide me if i have any centre near me or if any kari can come to teach them home.

  72. Assalam wa aaikum

    i live in rashidiya.i am looking forward for my daughter quranic studies center.

    kindly guide me if i have any centre near me or if any kari can come to teach them home.

  73. As Salaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters!

    I am a Filipino who reverted to Islam just a few weeks ago, and been studying at home about Islam and being a good muslim… but I dont feel this is enough. I would like to learn more…

    I live in Sharjah, near Radisson Blu hotel in corniche, is there any centers near me that provides classes for new muslimah, preferably with late afternoon or evening sessions as I am currently working till 5:30PM.

    Thank you very much ^_^

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah, May Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you.

      Glad to note that you are a new member of the global Muslim world.
      Inshaa’Allah I will soon get back to you at your e-mail id.
      May Allah bless you, Aameen.
      Thank you.

  74. Assalamualaikum,
    I am searching a hifz centre for my kid and she is 5 yrs old) where they can learn basic as well as do their hifz. I stay near shj city center al wahda shteet please help ………please brother and sister i need your help call me no this number …….

  75. Assalamalykum Brothers & Sisters,
    I am an Indian Urdu speaking, My daughter is of 4 years now we are staying at Al Khezamia area Sharjah. I want to admit my daughter to Islamic School which could be near to me. please help me out.


  76. Assalam Alaikum i live in sharjah near Rolla bus station i want my child 4 years to learn part time hifdh as in the mornimg he goes to school please advice me the best hifdh madrassa i can put him.

  77. Asalamu aliekum….dear sister I am quran hafiz teacher .and also I was teaching three years in dubai..kindly I am looking for a job . JAZAK ALLAH KHIER

  78. As Salam Alaekum Brother.May Allah SWT grant you success in both the worlds for your valuable efforts.I want to admit my kids to your school kindly let me know which school you teach at? JAZAKALLAH

  79. Assalamualikum,

    I want to know if there is any Islamic boarding school for boys .my brother is 11years old and my parents want him to do hifz in Quran..so we are searching for a school where residence is also available in Dubai .bcoz we stay in Oman .i hope you can help me at the earliest

    • Wa alaikumus salam.
      I thoroughly checked the information. Unfortunately there is no boarding school for doing hifdhul Qur’an here in UAE. U have to make your own arrangements.
      Sorry for late reply.

  80. Assalamu Alaikum brother,

    I want to study thajweed quran and arabic. am living in ajman, al jurf area,. is there any classes in malayalam ?

  81. Salam Alaykoum
    French muslim living on Dubai not for a long time ago I am looking for a islamic Center to learn arabic and Qoran for my 3 kids and i. I am looking around Mirdiff.
    BarakAllahoufikoum to provide me contacts or good adress.

  82. assalamualaikum,

    i stay in sharja alnahda. is there any quran teaching madrasa near by for my kids of age 10 and 5.

  83. Assalam o alaikum,

    May Allah reward you for the good work. Can you please tell me if there any Islamic classed for kids around Al Nahda 2 dubai area ( NMC, Zulekha , Pond PArk ) which teaches Tajweed, islamic manners , etiquettes, Duas etc..

    JazakAllah khair

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      sorry for late reply.
      Please check out with these numbers, they will guide you inshaa’Allah:
      Al Farooq Omar bin Khatab Centre, Dubai 04-3941444
      Dar al Bir society, Dubai 04-3185000
      Al Manar Centre (see details given above)
      Brother, Please know that if you cannot find centre in your area, you have to take effort to go to a good place from where you can really get benefit.
      Please check the above contact numbers.
      May Allah bless you and accept your effort, and reward you abundantly.

  84. Hi, I am living in New Shahama (Abu Dhabi), My wife is looking for to learn Quran with Tajweed. Is there any place where she can learn. Please advise me.

  85. Assalamoalaikum ! my name is sher zaman my qualifcation is master in islamic study plus M Ed in teacher education so i want to join any school at abu dhabi please guide me ok with best wishes

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Please check out advertisements in Gulf News and Khaleej times. I am helpless to provide any such assistance. Baarakallahu Feekum

  86. Assalamu Alaikum.

    I am looking for Quran classes for my 12 years old daughter in Bur Dubai area. Could you please assist me the nearest one.

    Zajakallahu Khayran.

  87. السلام عليكم ايه الاخوة في الله:
    انا طالب في معهد الدراسات الاسلامية في غانا
    تخرجت في سنة 2013واريد المواصلة الدراسة الجامعة في جامعتكم و ارجوا القبول بالتوفيق ان شاء الله.

    • وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله
      يا أخي إنما هذه مدونتي فقط مدونة لدراسات التربية الإسلامية في المدارس الأجنبية في الإمارات

      • Assalam o alaikum,

        May Allah reward you for the good work. Can you please tell me if there any Islamic classed for kids around Al Nahda 2 dubai area ( NMC, Zulekha , Pond PArk ) which teaches Tajweed, islamic manners , etiquettes, Duas etc..

        JazakAllah khair

        • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
          sorry for late reply.
          Please check out with these numbers, they will guide you inshaa’Allah:
          Al Farooq Omar bin Khatab Centre, Dubai 04-3941444
          Dar al Bir society, Dubai 04-3185000
          Al Manar Centre (see details given above)
          Brother, Please know that if you cannot find centre in your area, you have to take effort to go to a good place from where you can really get benefit.
          Please check the above contact numbers.
          May Allah bless you and accept your effort, and reward you abundantly.

  88. Assalamu Aliakum brother, Alhamdu lillah, by the merciful of Allah I Memorise surah fatiha to surah Anfal and i want to join any madarsa in dubai and iam woking guy. Please Let me know any madarsa so i can continue my hifz.

    Jazak Allah Khair
    shaik Nasir.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Please check out with Al Manar centre (details given above) or Dar-al-Bir Society (o4-3185000) which are doing great work in this field, alhamdulillah. May Allah fulfill your dream to memorise His glorious Book, and make things easy for you. Aameen.
      Baarakallaahu feekum.

  89. salam.i am very touched to see your hard work and dedication towards helping in spreading the word of quran.may Allah reward u immensely.could u kindly tell me if there is any centre in and around al nahda,sharjah .i had been to huda quran class which is in al mulla plaza,dubai but their timings clash with my kids bus timings.thanks in advance

  90. Assalamu Alikum wa Rahmatullah ,

    I am not sure if this is the right place to write this but i found this page very helpful and i hope you can help me inshaa Allah.I am Muslim from Europe and I had to leave my country for Islam studying .Now I am in Cairo for Arabic and Islamic studies in Azhar University But i really find it so difficult and not safe for me to live in here. Besides the studies here are all in Arabic language with no English at all so i am struggling to understand.

    I am looking for other university to study Arabic and Islam in UAE,Kuwait or Qatar because my friends told me life is much better in terms of security in these countries.Also i would need a scholarship for my studies since i don’t work and I don’t have any source of income but i am also ready to have part time job while studying.

    Please let me know if you can help me with this or who should i contact.

    Thanks and Gazakom Allah khayran

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa Rahmatullah.
      Thank you for contacting here though, as you said, this is not the right place for such things.
      Studying in UAE is costlier than studying in Egypt. You have chosen the right place to study.
      I would suggest that you continue with your hard work there itself rather than thinking of moving to another place.
      As you are ready for part time job, Inshaa’Allah, try your hand there.
      Or you can go for full time job in Dubai as there are good opportunities for European nationals. Simultaneously you can go for part-time study of Islamic studies and do memorisation of the Qur’an as well.
      May Allah make things easy for you.
      Baarakallaahu feeki.

  91. السلام عليكم….. Could you suggest a Centre in Sharjah where my two sons – aged 7 and 12 could learn fiqh apart from the regular hifz. I wouldn’t mind even if it is in Dubai ( if its once a week ). Their language of proficiency is English. جزاك الله خيرا

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah. Al Manar centre is the best place for this. Check out the contact number given above and do the needful. Thank you, and Baarakallaahu feeki.

  92. Assalamu alaikum i would like to know any islamic center in abu dhabi where my 5yrs daughter can HIFZ quran and can become alma….

    Faisal Naeem

  93. Assalamu alaikum
    I have heard there is an Islamic Centre in Al Shahamah, Abu dhabi, that teaches free. Please give me some details about it with address. I have 2 daughters, 8yrs & 3.5yrs. I wish to enroll them for learning at the earliest. Thank you & Jazakallah.

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      please search from the above given links, brother.
      i do not have such minute information about nook and corner of uae.
      i try my best to guide but sometimes it is not possible.

  94. assalamu alaikum

    im looking for a quran and ARABIC learning centre or home visiting tutor for my 4 years old daughter in ajman.i live in nuaemiya 3. .please provide me details if possible. also i read some information about weekend classes at ibn katheer sharja.i called them.they conduct only weekdays morning madrasa.if you know any information pls let me know.

  95. please add these centers also in list:

    for all classes in MALAYALAM:

    DUBAI:Al rashid holy quran learning center, Muhaisinah 3, cont:0567093833

    AJMAN:Rashid nuaimi quran learning center ajman (old name:indian islahi center) :0555561722

    ABUDHABI: abudhabi indian islahi center: 0505759244

  96. Assalamualaikum wa rahmathullahi wa bharakaathu
    may I know any school in abudhabi which teach quran as a particular subject along with arabic and Islamic studies
    other subjects shud also be there like english maths science social etc.my kids are 12 and 7 yesrs

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      yes it is like that only in all schools in uae.
      Arabic and Islamic studies being compulsory subjects are taught along with all other subjects in all schools in uae.
      You can choose any good school of your choice.
      Try Islamia English school, Inshaa’Allah.

  97. aslamwalikum could you please tell me any institute in sharjah where my 4 years old daughter can learn quran i live in buhaira corniche

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      King Faisal Mosque will be the right place for your kid.
      May Allah bless your daughter with true knowledge and right guidance.



  99. I have a son, wanted him to start with basic Islamic knowledge and quran before putting him in english school. kindly advise. i stay in shariah

  100. salam 3alaukum. i am new to Sharjah. I am muslim(el7amdulilah) I have some questions about my religion, and I really need to find answers. I was wondering if there was any place that offers Islamic teachings in general. and that can help me answer my questions. please I am really in need for this.
    I need the place to be be in Sharjah_I live next to Sahara Mall_

  101. Asalam brother:
    Can you please tell me is any of these center are in international city Dubai? I am living in international city dubai and I have a 3 year old kid. I want quran tajweed classes for him.

  102. As salam Alikum.

    I am staying in Discover Garden looking for evening Quran Hifz classes for my kids. If you know please let me know.

      • Assalam o alikum. Brother can u plz call me on …….. .i am planning to put my daughter who is 10 year old for full time Quran memorization. .contacted some places, but confused..plz call me , i need ur advice

  103. Assalamu alaikum wrwb…
    Please brother help me…..I live just opposite sharjah cricket stadium,can u tel me any place or mosque to learn tajweed. I Done have vehicle to go far away places so wanted to know any near by place ,which I could go by walk……plz help coz I want to learn very eagerly …
    May Allah bless u ….

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      Please check out at the masjid near Yasmeen Building.
      Good facility is there for you at King Saud al Qasimi Masjid in Al Shahba area, Inshaa’Allah.

  104. Asalam, I’m a very new revert (Alhamdulilah) and residing in Ras Al Khaimah. Do you perhaps know of any contact person or courses for women in this area as Ajman is the closest it seems. Shukran wyat in advance for all your assistance!

  105. Salam walakum brother I want to ask one question that I am living in ajman .and we learn the quran with meaning and tafaseer in urdu language . And I want to take a licence for islamic insitute like al huda inter national. That only for urdu speaking womens . But I dont know how I can make the insitute in ajman and how I can get the government pemition .is it possible and can u guid us .plz

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      firstly please get yourself acquainted with the leadership of Al Huda International.
      Your involvement and interest in teaching-learning the Qur’an will open ways for a future institute, Inshaa’Allah.
      All emirates have Awqaf and offices to oversee and maintain Islamic activities and propagation in the uae.
      You have to approach them officially but to do that you must involve yourself personally through Al Huda.

  106. Asalamoaliakum Brother,
    i want to know if there is an instittute which also have translation with Quran teaching..i live in sharjah-dubai border..Qusais/Muhaisnah or near area will be good..i tired all the number u provide many of them are not working. i desparetly want to learn Quran with sahih talaful and translation. please reply asap. JAZAK’ALLAH!

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      i am sorry about some numbers not working.
      inshaa’Allah i will try to remove those not working.
      this is a huge work, and i make du’aa to allah to bless all of us. aameen
      regarding your work, the best thing for you is to get enrolled in Al Huda classes where there is comprehensive teaching and learning of Qur’an going on in an excellent manner. you will have the advantage of learning the in depth commentary of the glorious Qur’an.
      Please try Al Huda sisters as given above.
      May Allah bless you with abundant goodness. Aameen.

  107. As alyk brother/sister

    I am an adult who want to memorise the quran. I have already memorised part the quran but not consistent. I really wanted to start serious lessons. Could you please advise. I am located in sharjah ( university area)

    • Wa alaikumus salam.
      If you have car, then I suggest you to approach Al Manar Centre or Dar al Ber society in Dubai. Please see the updated list given above (for details)
      Thank you, and Jazakallaahu Khayr.

  108. Assalamoe Alaikoem Warhmatoelahi Wabarakatahoe,

    First of all, may Allah bless you!

    I’m here in Abu Dhabi with my wife and son (3 years old) for almost 6 weeks. We have moved to the U.A.E. no only for work but we have also the intention to learn the Arabic language and of course to memorize the Nobele Quran with the will of Allah. We live in Sheikh Zayed sport City ( next to the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque). In Sha Allah can you advice us if there is possibility in this area to learn Arabic and to memorize The Nobele Quran for my wife, son and me?

    Thank you for now and may Allah bless you.

    Wa Salaam

    Broher Jamal

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu.

      1. jazakallaahu khayra for your du’aa. May Allah accept it and bless you as well.

      2. i appreciate your interest to learn Arabic and memorize Quran as well.

      3. As your son is just three, no Quran centre will take him for hifdh.
      Please teach him basic du’aas, some islamic phrases, surah al Fatihah and some short Surahs.

      4. In Sheikh Zayed Mosque itself there was facility for Qur’an memorization. Please check with the mosque administration and if provision is still there, then you both can enroll there itself.

      5. In case, they have discontinued with the facility, then please check out the contact numbers given in the beginning of this Page, Inshaa’Allah.

      6. Baarakallaahu feekum.

  109. Assalamu alaikum wrb,

    May Allah reward you immensely for this work. May I know if there are any hifz centres for women and children in Muweilah area?

  110. Assalamu Alaikum.. i would like to know whether there is an qura’an teaching center in karama, dubai.. i would like to get class from the basic level.. i would appreciate if the classes are on friday or saturday and is being taught in malayalam…

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Al Rashid holy Quran learning center, Muhaisinah 3, cont:056 7093833 conducts in Malayalam.
      Please call this number and confirm for karama branch.
      Also, Al Manar Centre conducts in Malayalam language. Please check out with them too.
      Jazakallaahu Khayra.

  111. Assalamo alikum Dear beloved brothers May Allah bless All of you my name is sajid siddique and I am working as a office assistant at an company I came there so many time for Islamic events Brothers kindly help me to learning the deen Quran in the original language let me know of there is space for me..jazak Allah..

  112. Assalamuaaliakum wrb

    i just wanted my son to memorize quran along with regular studies he is 5years old i am in abudhabi khalidiyah. wanted to know where they are teaching to memorize quran sheriff

  113. Aslammalikum i moved to hafar al batin saudi arabia i am looking for online quran teacher who can teach my 8 yr old daughter please give me email or contact of some sis if u know please

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      at the moment i dont have contacts with online Quran teachers.
      Inshaa’Allah will let you know after the school terminal holidays get over.
      jazakallahu khayr.

  114. Assalamu Alaikum Brother,
    I am 26year old and i have 6 year old daughter…I want to memorise Quran ( me and my daughter) i want to know is this is possible for me to memorise the Quran in this age …..I am staying in Al Nahda Sharjah

    • Assalamu alaikum Brother,

      Can you please advise me ….where can i join my daughter to study islamic classes plus Quran classes

  115. Assalamoalaikum brother
    I have 3 sons of7 5 3 years old i want them to memorize quran i live in abudhabi in tourist club area m from pakistan can u please guide me which is the best hifz centre in abudhabi for non arabs… I m v cofused plz guide if u know…

  116. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته
    I would like thank you and want to take significant advantage of this blog.

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      I thank you for this compliment and hope you will have great time here in this blog, Inshaa’Allah.
      You can also contribute to the development of this blog, please…Inshaa’Allah.
      Jazakillaahu khayra.
      Baarakallahu feek.

  117. salam alaikum dear brother,
    I am interested in memorizing Quran, i am looking for a program where the adults (female) are also accepted. I need an intense program, i will take off from the work for few months for this purpose. I have been doing search form internet and, i couldnt find a lot of option. Could you help me if you know any program as i mentioned above. I prefer native/arabic instructors, and even i would consider to go to different country if there are availibilities. (i now live and work in US)

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Nice to hear that a Muslim woman from US is willing to migrate for the sake of Qur’anic knowledge, alhamdulillaah.
      In which part of US do you live?

  118. Asalam, may Allah bless all of you for your hard work and give success ! Ameen .I am female quran tajweed teacher teach online quran tajweed and memorization if anyone interested can contact me I shaAllah .I am from uk

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      nice to hear that.
      1. without knowing a person i normally do not recommend to others.
      2. some people misuse for personal gain by charging money to teach Quran. i do not promote commercial ventures.
      3. i am not saying u charge money but then i do not know you at all.
      jazakallaahu khayra for contacting.

    • Assalamu Alaikum,

      My name is Aysha, i live in Abu Dhabi. I would like to improve my recitation. how can i get in touch with you.

      • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaah.
        Please find a suitable, near-by Qur’an Centre so you can go there as per your convenient time and learn to improve your recitation, InshaaAllah. May Allah ease your way.

  119. asslamu alaikum Dear brother and sisters if You want to learn quran in ABUDHABI please visit INDIAN ISLAMIC CENTRE ITS FREE Every saturday after MAGRIB CONTACT NUMBER 026424488

  120. Assalamu Alaikum
    I am looking for a center which teaches Islam for the beginners in Abu dhabi , i heard a lot of centers but would you kindly recommended and suggest a center. I am very interested about Islam , reading books and visit some internet sites to increase my knowledge on Islam. I want to submit my self to Allah and be a Muslim Inshallah.
    Thank you for the help. Allah help us and bring peace to everybody.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.
      May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
      Glad to hear that.
      In the beginning I would request you to read about Prophet Muhammad before you read on other things about Islam.
      That would be the right and ideal approach. Kindly download these files and take time to read them, Inshaa’allah:

      Click to access whoismuhammad.pdf

      Click to access idealprophet.pdf

      Thank you and may Allah guide us to live by and spread the radiance of love and peace.

  121. Assalamu alaikum,

    I stay near lulu hypermarket, al nahda- sharjah. I keep going and coming from india. I will be coming next week for one and half or two months in sha allah. I just want to learn tajweed, is there any masjid near by or anyone or is there any centre with transportation? Please let me know.

    Jazakhallah khair

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      I got three comments one by one asking for my immediate answer.
      This is blog, brother, not a 24 hour call centre.
      Anyway, sorry for the delay.
      1. Did you call any centre from the above given list?
      2. You can also call Dubai Awqaf office to get details Inshaa’allah:
      Call this number: +9714 6087777

  122. I want to send my son 14 years old for full time quran memorization. Please help me as I could not get any info on such centre in Abu Dhabi.

  123. Salam brother,
    I’m a pakistani Muslim living in Abu Dhabi. I have a 5 year old daughter. I want a good start for her to read and understand quran along with Arabic language. Where should I begin with?
    Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    Kind regards.

  124. asalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu. maa sha allah barakallah u hv done a great job.. may allah rewrd u fr ur efforts.. am residng in al ain. i am searchng fr govt. recognised quran centrs attatched to d masjid in alain. i hv downloaded the abov pdf. bt i ddn undstnd dat. cn u plz hlp me ,in mch masjid i cn find that? barakallahu feek

      • assalaamu’alaykum.. I am a female muslim from philippines, i’d like to ask if there is a free qur-anic center for memorization for those who want to study in abroad (such as UAE?) I really really want to study the qur-an outside the philippines.

  125. Assalamu alaikum wrwb.
    Brother there is two school in UAE with British syllabus ,one in Abu Dhabi named islamia English school and in sharjah scientific British school or scientific school (I Don remmember ) it’s Ahmed bukhathir.

    Sorry if am wrong.
    Jazakhallu khairan.

  126. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Dear brothers/sisters,

    My child is 3.5 years now and we prefer her to send for Quran learning school instead of sending schools for KG 1.

    Appreciate if someone guide me some schools in sharjah for the same.

    Appreciate your prompt response



  127. As salam o alaicum i want to know from where i can do alimah course urdu and also tajweed quran urdu i called huda sisters but they said they haven’t in urdu please guide me jazak Allah

  128. Asalam alaykom my name is samiullah my age is 19 year iwant to admeshion in dr zakir naik can iam admeshion please

  129. assalamu alaikum. i wish my daughter to be sent for islamic education. she is Xth and we are from Kerala. Is there any institution which teaches Quran and Hadith as a regular full time course. Please help me. I am tired of searching.

  130. Assalamu alikkum,
    Pls help to select right school for my child who is at the age of 3. We want him to memory quran along with other regular studies. Pls suggest in sharjah area.

  131. Asalamu-alaikum.
    I need your help brother. My daughter is 9 yrs old and is going to Khalid bin walid madrasa for hifz ul Quran. She has completed two parahs Alhamdulillah . She is going by a private transport to madrasa but now she is having a problem with private transport . Can please suggest me the names of madarsas which are near to muwaileh area national paints Sharjah.

  132. Assalamu Alaikum

    I want to learn and memorize quran, i live in Rolla SHarjah.
    If you can suggest me which area i can go near rolla.

    My Work timing is 8:30. I want to attend quran everyday at least from 6:30 or starting from 7 AM.
    Kindly refer some near places to AL Rolla CLock tower or AL Zahra Hospital.
    Masjid or Center.

    Thank you so much.

  133. Salaam alaikum,
    Dear Brother, I would like to know if there is a centre to teach Islamic studies in Dubai ( Jumeirah 2,3) for my wife. She would like to actually do some certificate course if available.

    Jazak Allah

  134. Assalam Walaykum Brother Muqeet,

    Jazzakallahu khairan for providing the list of islamic center. It would be so helpful if you were able to create a maps on google with the different islamic center. That way we can see which one is the closest to our home.


  135. walaikum salam Dear brother and sisters if You want to learn quran in ABUDHABI please visit INDIAN ISLAMIC CENTRE ITS FREE Every saturday after MAGRIB CONTACT NUMBER 026424488

  136. Asslamu alaiku brother,

    First of all may allah bless u with all prosperity for providing such helpful information to all
    iam Female and stay in al qusais near zulaika hospital ,near pond park and DWC College. iam reallywishing to learn quran . i am currently working so have only two days friday and saturday for the oppurtunity to learn. i have read all the above messages to find a suitable quran center in al qusais (walkable distance) and i got all the below contacts. but i tried to contact thm and no one is picking the call. do they have any office timings to take the call and all. pls help in this regard. pls assist me to find a gud center as i really wish to learn quran .may allah bless all of us to learn quran and die as a good muslim.

    thank you brother for all your effort time.

    Al Manar CentreTel : 00971 4 3394464
    Al Farooq Omar bin Khatab Centre, Dubai 04-3949887
    Dar al Bir society, Dubai 04-3185000
    DUBAI:Al rashid holy quran learning center, Muhaisinah 3, cont:0567093833

  137. Assalamalaykum Brother , I have these problem since last year 2014 in which I take my Shahada, on the spot, but I really have that interest to be a muslim eventhough all my family and clans are all christian these will break the record when I take my Shahada..Brother even if the consequences will be different I take the risk because since before when I am catholic slowly I learn as I grow older I understand in the bible itself that it is not written to worship the images and likeness of GOD..but why catholic and christian knew this but still they worship this images…so and and on I learned some but no connections then when I got here in UAE, year 2012..I have colleagues that is Muslim and slowly I learned their ways and I been interested but Im shy to try until I change room and I have a roommates and landlady that is converted as muslim, they invited me in their learnings in ABBU BHAKAR Islamic center, the imam is filipino all is filipino they teach arabic and quran..then luckily this man approached me but then he know that Its my first time there and quite shock that he asked me if I am interested to be a muslim..and I said YES..after that I take Shahada–June 13, 2014–FRIDAY morning at around 11 am then they give me name JAMILA…they also give me some books ,pointers, some introduction on how to pray and everything about ISLAM…they ask me about also my visa and pasport copy ,emirates id,but it already going to expired that time coming JULY 2014, so I dont submit the requirements …time after time I learned by myself with also the help of my landlady about prayer some story about islam because her husband is egyptian and pure muslim,he thounght me some pointers and story in Quran, so I learned to pray the five times prayer a day, everything that I need to learn I thought of it..so when my new visa comes I go alone in Dubai islamic affairs, its quite shocked me because when I pass my requirements to SHEIK Ahmeid, he just put me again in taking my SHAHADA.so I dont know why but then after that I asked him why would I take again my SHAHADA, but he cant answer me and because he have some clients to attend ..he dont give me my paper that I need that entitled me as a new muslim..he told me it will take a little time or more, a month or more to give you its a lot of process…so thats my problem until now because I pray and I pursued myself as a new muslim by heart , but in paper I cant imagine that I dont have any paper that claiming myself that I am a muslim..Is it okey brother..what do you think?

  138. Also brother I want to learn also not only what I learned in the books or papers, what I want also is actual learnings from the expert teachings of Islam..Is there a free teachings now a days here in these country, my place is in rolla street , sharjah ..will you give me some free place or school to learned more Islam?
    Am I in the right way or just wasting my time to learn Islam and to be a muslim?

  139. Assalam o alaikum All,
    I have 03 Daughters AllahamduLlilah age 3 to 7, i am looking for Quran Tajweed Classess fro my two daughters…
    I am living in Yasmeen Buildings Opposit Sharjah Cricket Stadium….
    can any one please let me know the nearest Centre/Mosque for teaching Quran…..
    any early reply will be highly appreciated.

    Jazaka Allah

  140. Assalamu alaikum
    May Allah reward you for your hardwork. In Sha allah
    I wanted to know if there are any full time quran memorisation centers anywhere in U.A.E prefarably in Alain for women.
    looking forward for your reply brother
    Jazakallahu khairan

  141. Aslam Alikum Brother’-
    I Need Quran Memorization with Islamic Studies. Hope There Is Some What Similar To Madinah University. If You Have Any Information On Islamic University’s in Uae please message me’-
    #Jzmullah kihr

  142. Asalam Aliaykum Warehmatullahi Wa Barakatu
    I have 2 daughters 6 years and 5 years . I want to know is there any quran memorizing scool or institute which provides
    both QURAN studies and as well as other subjects English,Maths and Science or follows uk or us study system

    I am living in Ajman (alnuamiya) i have two daughters 5 and 6 years I want to know is there any quran memofization center thatcan also teach english maths and science wih memorization in ajman I want my daughters to memorize quran as well as study some subjects plz do let me i am very thankfull to you.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Please try International School of Creative Sciences, Sharjah.
      Extremely sorry for this late reply as your comment went into spam bin.

  144. assalamu alaikum,

    I am looking for a person or a center where i can learn read Qu’ran I have read few times but for some reason i think i am making mistakes in few places, its hard to go any place far like Sheikh zayed road or bur dubai for me cause my office is in Deira and home in International city, and office timings are fixed sometimes it finishes it 7 sometimes 9 or 10 but Friday and Saturday is off so if there is a center that i can get benefit of learning Qu’ran at weekend that will be good please any one can help me with it,

    jazakAllahu khairan in advance for your help

  145. assalam ahleykum

    i’m french i would like to learn arabic in sharjah or dubai i search a good institute for 3 months with accomodation inclusive,

    jazak’allah ou kheyr

  146. I am looking for Quran Center for my kids. 10 yrs old Boy, 7 yr old girl and 3.9 yrs old girl.
    I have tried all the numbers.
    Many Are not working
    can you suggest me pls

  147. Assalamu alaikum

    My cousin sister is coming from India to Dubai for a month and she want to improve her tajweed…can u please suggest a good tajweed centre fir one month

  148. can you plz guide me any quran teachers availiable in Ras al khaimah?

    i would be thankful to you if you can give me contact number!

    jazak Allah khair

  149. Very nice blog subhanAllah
    I am moving to Sharjah from Australia. Here my kids go to Islamic school where they teach tajweed tart eel of Quran along with all the subjects. I was worried about their studies. I am glad I found so much info through this blog alhamdulillah.
    JazakAllah o khairan

  150. Assalamu alaikum wrwb brother,
    ur doin a grt job.May Allah reward u abundantly…. am looking for tajweed class near khalidya ,Abu Dhabi.Plz can u tel me any mosque or center where I could go walking and I could learn ,am v interested to learn ,plz need to help .
    waiting for ur reply brother
    Jazakhallu khairan.

  151. Assalamu alaikum,

    I have 2kids in age 8&5.I’m in search of madarasa for them.We stayed opposite to British Embassy in Abudhabi.Is there any madarasa nearby or any arabic teacher nearby pls give me contact number if any.

  152. Assalamualaikum warahamathullahi wabarakaath,

    I live in Alain and tried all the numbers mentioned undee Alain.Only one number works, the last one but.noone seems to be answering.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      I am sorry about it.
      I took from a reliable person working in Dubai Awqaf. Will re-check Inshaallah.
      Thank you.

  153. Assalamuaalikum brother, Your blog provides such comprehensive and usefull information Allahumma Barak Lakum. I have started a website called themuslimahnetwork.com and I would like use your listings of Islamic Centers in our Listing section, with your permission. Kindly let me know if you are ok with it insha’Allah. Also could you give your email id as I would like to contact you regarding your school insha’Allah.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      Extremely sorry for not noticing this comment.
      I am humbled for your appreciation. Jazakillaahu Khayra.
      You can include this blog in your listings, Inshaaallah.
      Thank you for volunteering to share the khayr.
      Baarakallahu feek.

  154. Asalaamalykum Brother,

    I live in mirdif, dubai & i am in search for some madrasa with afternoon or evening classes for my 4 and half year old son.

    Your help would be appreciated.
    Jazakallah Khair

  155. Assalamu alaikum
    I want to send my 7 years old daughter for Quran memorizing. I am sataying in Sharjah nabbah.I called many of you mentioned centers.some are not answered.many of them can’t understand English.we can’t understand Arabic.pl help me.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah

      did u try Abdullah Bin Masood Qur’an Keeping CEntre?
      Check out contact no.in Sharjah list, Inshaaallah.
      This centre has transport facility also.

  156. Assalaamu’alaykum wa rahmatuLlah dear brother

    first of all, I’d like to thank you for supporting muslims in their journeys to Allah. Djazaka Allahu khayr.

    I’m Abd ar Rahman, french born living in Belgium, married and two girls dad. I converted to Islan several years ago wa liLlahi lhamd and Im striving to relocate to an islamic place to fulfill my needs and accomplish my duty to my best in.shaa Allah as well as providing a better environnemnt to my family. I’m visiting emirates in order to find an opportunity if it’s a good thing for us. I’m well educated in sports and management. Could you advice me in my job research?
    Do islamic cenfers provide help to news muslims in this field? May they offer job opportunities??
    I’m primarly researching job to relocate and learning deeply Islam would be secondly my priority.

    Baraka Allahu fika dear brother

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, dear brother in islam.
      Glad to know about you.
      Yes, the environment over here in uae is conducive for upbringing children in an islamic way, especially in the emirate of sharjah.
      Sports and Management is an innovative field and you can find ample opportunities here, inshaaallah.
      The Islamic Centers in UAE concentrate in providing Quranic/Islamic studies (as it is their basic purpose)
      I do not think that they offer job opportunities.
      Contacting companies and applying online could be the best option.
      May Allah ease your way and help you in achieving your sincere objectives. Aameen.
      Baarakallaahu feekum.

      • wa’alayka salaam wa rahmatullah dear brother
        thank you very much for your brother and once again, baraka Allahu feek

  157. Asalam o Alikum,

    I am based in Sharjah and I need to know if there is any centre where I can learn Quran Arabic Grammar. I am trying myself but its something out of my reach. I would love to be enrolled in a class where I can learn Arabic if possible or if there are any classes organized on weekends where I can go and learn.

    Appreciate your help.


  158. Assalamu alaikum,

    I was wondering if you knew any good Quran Memorization Center or mosque in Emirates Hill area in Dubai.

    This is for a 6 years old girl.

    Jazak’Allah Khairan,


  159. Asslam-o-Alykum!


    I belong to Karachi (Pakistan), i just want to know about the masjid where khutbah jummah is in urdu language.
    Kindly advise the area or location. I m at Dubai.


    Jamil Ahmad Khan

  160. As Salamalaykum Brother
    I would like to know what is the age when a child can start Memorising The Quran… i stay in deira Dubai.. please recommend a center for memorising; learning Arabic and tajweed And hadith courses for both male and female and kids…
    Jazak Allah khayr…

  161. Hello,

    I am Christian but I visit Dubai very often. I will be there this May again IsA and I would like to learn more about Islam. I have read Quran but I would like to take classes in mosque and to get more and more knowledge…how to pray, prayers and so on. Could you please advise me any place nearby Business Bay or downtown?

    Appreciate your time.

    Kind regards

  162. Assalamualaikum,
    Markaz for Quran learning( Hifz ) with Tajweed for ladies, and kids both boys and girls separate classes. The markaz is in Sharjah and it has its own transport too. Their contact number is: 055-3570068, 056-9858004
    Markaz Mohammad al Hammadi

    In Ajman,
    Markaz: Al Otruja
    They have transport for students in Ajman(Naimiyah).

  163. I live in Egypt. I am looking for a job that teaches quran and islamic studies to non Arabic speakers, is there any way I can help you?

    Thanks a lot

  164. assalamualaikum

    I have just moved to sharjah from india and am looking for a place to learn Arabic. I have completed two books of madina Arabic reader and would like to continue. is the list provided above limited to meorisation centres or has places to learn arabic

  165. Asalaamualaikum Brother,

    In one of the post you mentioned that the school you are teaching gives good importance to Islamic studies. I would be grateful if you can please provide me with the details of the same as my son is turning 3 years and I would like to seek admission for him.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah, brother.
      1. Admissions for EYFS, that is Kindergarten starts at the age of 4. That is if the child is born in 2011.
      2. You can try next year, Inshaaallah, for two reasons: one, admissions for this year are closed in our school. Two, as mentioned before, your child is under aged.
      Thanks for contacting. Jazakallahu khayra.

  166. Assalamu Aleykum i am looking for Quran Hifz classes for girls in Ajman, Al Zahra or any which are close to our area.Sadly most above phone numbers are not working, this is why I’m asking. JazakAllah Kheyir.

    • Asslamualikum sister
      I’m looking for a memoriation centre in the same area but couldn’t find one.

      Is looking forward to joining abdulla ibn masoud inshaAllah

  167. Assala mo alykum Brother,

    I have tried many number mentioned above. But most of them are not working. Hope you can help. My nephew aged 9 years is hafiz e quran and want to take more training in Qirat , Maqamat, tajweed. Can you please guide us to good teachers for it. He is based in America but can come on a 2 month vacation here in Dubai.

    Jazakalla khayr.

  168. As Salamu Alaikum Brother,

    Hope you are doing good by the grace of Allah!

    I am looking for Quranic classes for my daughter who has turned 6 years now. I am residing near Al-Muraqqabat police station, Deira.

    Can you please let me know any nearby centers for her.

    Jazakallahul khairan.

  169. Assalamualikum brother

    we are shifting to musaffah from Abu Dhabi, I would like to know if there is any mosque or institue for teaching quran in abu dhabi, if anyone who is reading the blog can help me out, jazakallahu qairan.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah dear sister
      There is a Masjid by name Masjid Shaykh Muhammad bin Khalifa in Musaffah Sha’biya area that caters to Quran learning for women, and there are two other mosques in this area which cater to men.
      Baarakallahu feeki.

  170. Assalam-o-Alaikum wa rehmatullah dear brother,

    First of all, many thanks to you for this awesome page of information. Dear brother, I found mentioned below provided contact numbers are not working. Please update these numbers at your earliest so that other brothers and sisters would reach these institutes easily.

    Qur’an Memorization Centres in Ajman:

    01) Qur’anic Sciences Establishment, 06-7421543

    02) Al Furqan Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an, 06-7457099

    03) Al Imam al Bukhari Holy Qur’an Teaching and Sunnat Nabawiyyah Centre, Al Rumaila Area,

    04) Centre for Memorizing Qur’an and Learning Shariah, Al Sawan Area, 06-7435125

    Jazak’Allah & wassalam,


    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, dear brother.
      thank you for your feedback and suggestion.
      I AM EXTREMELY SORRY for causing inconvenience due to non-working nature of some of the telephone numbers.
      I seek forgiveness from Allah.
      Jazakallaahu khayra.

  171. Assalam alaikum..iam a revert muslim since 2012 and i learned a lot in islam.. But i wanted to learned to memorize the Quran with exact and how to pronounce correctly and i want also to learned how to read and write in arabic.. And i am new in al ain just wanted to know if there is islamic center who are teaching for my concern thank you so much

  172. Assalam alaikum

    it was nice to c this useful website. I am working in India as Assistant Professor at the Aligarh Muslim University (A central University by and Act of the Parliament). I am on a visit to with family to the UAE from 9 June to 6 July. With my husband son and daughter we are guests at my Brother in Law’s house on ………..Jumeirah in Dubai. Is it possible that I get enrolled for a capsule course over 2 or 3 weeks with substantial credit hours? As I am here only for a short while I will not be able to take a long course. I am looking forward to any course in Islamic Studies and am particularly interested in Quranic Sciences.

  173. Assalamu Alaikum
    I am looking for a center which teaches Islam for the beginners, i live near sharjah ladies club.. I am interested to know about Islam & be a Muslim one day Inshallah..

  174. As salaam alaikum brother,
    I am resident of Abu Dhabi with 2 x sons and a daughter
    Please help me to find institutes where they teach;
    – Quran with tajweed
    – help memorize sura’s from Quran to use them in their 5 prayers
    – lessons on Hadith and familiarising with various stories in Quran
    – education, how to lead your life as a Muslim based on teachings of Mohammed (saw) and Quran

    Right now, I am worried about my sons 12 & 10 to start a vigorous Islamic education in a location in Abu Dhabi
    Your advise with contact details will me much appreciated.
    Jazaka Allah
    Syed Faiyazuddin

  175. Asak, I want to enroll my kid who is 4 years old in to quran learning centre for this summer vacation which is from july – august. I stay in Ajman. so, could you please help me find such instuition.
    your early response will be great.

  176. Assalam walikum,
    My name is mustufa. I want to learn reading quaran with urdu translation. I live in satwa,dubai. Is there any mosque near to my place where I can gain the most important study of life. Please help me. And is there any fees I need to pay for plz..

  177. Asslamoalaykom wa rahmutullah,
    I live in uk,My fifteen year old son want to hifz quran inshallah,He already has done last 4 juz alhamdolilah,but it took him five years of part time study.
    is there any center in abudhabi or sharajah, where they offer such facility?specially during summer holidays, or even full year perhaps.
    The reason i asked in uae, because he seems to like sharjah,



    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      May Allah fulfill your wish to see your son become a complete haafidh one day, inshaaallah, aameen.
      sorry for the delay in reply.
      There are many good centres here in sharjah, alhamdulillaah but I am afraid you wont find any hostel facility here.
      You will have to make your own arrangements on boarding and lodging.

  178. Asalamo alikum, wanted to know when the centers are going to open for registration, plz inform us so I can call them for enrollments. I am interested in Bin salim in Mizher


  180. Assalaamu Alaykum I would like to know if there is any Quran center attached to masjid in Al Azra for ladies and girls. Please help….

  181. Aslamaulaikum

    Please could you email me with regards to availablitlity at your school for the current september year, for children aged 4,7 10 and 11.
    so i need for years FS1, Yeat 2, 5 and 6.

    please jazakala

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      I remember that through e-mail last academic year, I advised you to contact me in March/April for admissions but unfortunately again it got late for you.
      All admissions were over by the end of April/May itself.

      • i did apply in your school for my son for FS1 but no availibility was there. so was just asking if any cancellations came again.

  182. I write to you regarding the diploma Programs offered by you . I would like to inform that i am graduate from SSC and want to do my HSC from your college , Also i would like to inform you that , my family lived there for the couple of years, I am an overseas student , I will be thankful to you if you allow me to take admission in your College , Kindly sent me some information about the enrolment policy for overseas students?

    I will be obliged if you can send the information as soon as possible.

  183. Masya Allah, thank you so much brother. You save my life. I’m in a desperate now of finding the Quran Memorizing Center. Since last year I had a true believe upon Quran, and decided to find a place where I can gather with mukmin and memorize this holy book. But at the time Allah didn’t give me a chance. But now Alhamdulillah he granted my prayer. He leaded me to this site and gave me informations about this. Thank you thank you so much. May Allah protect you my brother.

  184. Assalamalaikum. Brother can you tell me best centre in sharjah where I can learn Qur’an with tajweed and Arabic. I want to learn Qur’an with tajweed. JazakAllah Khair.

  185. Assalam alaikum.. i wanted to learned to memorize the Quran with exact and how to pronounce correctly just wanted to know if there is part time course please advise me according to

  186. Assalamalaikum. I live in sharjah and I want to learn to read Quran with tajweed and, speak, read and write arabic. And my native language is urdu. Can you please tell me good and high quality Quran learning centre in sharjah. JazakAllah Khair.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.
      For Quran with Tajweed please contact Janab Khalid Sahib of Abdullah ibn Masood Qur’an Keeping Centre, Sharjah.
      Contact Mr. Khalid 050-6773672.

  187. Assalam o alaikum ……… I live in Dubai …… I want to know is there any qira’at al Quran centre for kids in Dubai? I have 2 sons … 6 and 71/2 years old ….. Alhamdulillah they can recite Quran with tajweed but I want them to learn beautiful Qira’at ….. If you know any centre, academy , institute for Qira’at in Dubai , kindly give me the contact no. …….. May ALLAH ( SWT) reward you for the help …… Jazak Allah.

  188. I am living in Al Barsha 2 and would like to join an arabic language course for Quraan understanding in the center close to my place i have heard that such course is available in Springs mosque for ladies. if you can advise some appropriate place would be grateful. Jazak Allah Khair


  189. Asalam aww, may Allah swt make it easy for all of us , ameen as I read all the msgs ,and I can see many peoples having problems in learning the book of Allah swt ,
    This is why thought let me share with you this online classes is the good option , in sha ‘Alllah ,
    online classes are available quran tajweed , Islamic studies and hifz , anyone interested can contact via email

    • If ‘Asalam aww’ is Assalamu Alaikum, then wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      I have received many times your comment and have also clearly stated about my stand in the post itself.
      People look for direct teacher-student classes with focus on qualified and experienced Tajweed teachers, not for online classes which may or may not be up to the standard.
      I however thank you for your comment and concern.
      Jazakallaahu Khayra.

  190. assalaamu alai kum wr wb brother

    masha allah u r doing the best work may allah bless u with best in duniya n akhirath ameen .

    plz guide me nearest location of the quran classes n hifiz for my 4 & 5 yrs old sons i stay near oasis bakery ajman

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Thank you and Jazakillaah Khayra for your good words. May Allah accept your du’aa and bless you immensely….Aameen.
      Please try this centre:
      1) Al Arqam bin Al Arqam Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an, Al Mushrif Area, 06-7405114
      2) Dar al Ber Society, Al Nu’aymiyah Area, 06-7470404
      The thing is your kids are very small and some centres don’t take children of very young age.
      In case of any help, you can contact Sr. Afeefa 050-147 4145. Give her reference that Mr. Muqeet referred.
      Baarakallahu Feek.

  191. Assalamu Alaikum
    Alhamdu lillah by the Almighty & Merciful of ALLAH S.W.T that i hifz 10 paras of quran and i want to join hifz quran centre for gents in Dubai-Deira,rashidiya or nearby in DUBAI.
    Please kindly help me to join quran centre.
    Jazak Allahu Khair.
    Shaik Nasir

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      You sent comment before and I replied too.
      Did you check and follow up, brother.
      May Allah make your intentions sincere and help you continue with your hifdh and complete the full memorisation of His Glorious Book, InshaaAllah.

  192. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamatullahi Wa Barakatuhuh,

    BarakaAllaahu Feek brother for all your efforts you have put in to this blog to shared and pass correct information to the needy. May Allaah SWT reward you for your efforts… A’ameen Ya Rab..

    Brother i have 2 nephew living in Ajman near Al Maya supermarket, Al Rashidiya… We would like to send for Quran classes where their Quran pronunciation becomes very clean and they can Hifz Quran, as well withTafseer and Tajweed classes.. Kindly send me the details for the same brother.

    Look forward for your response.

    Jazak Allaahu Khairan.

    BarakaAllaahu Feek

    • Wa Alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      Please try 1) Tawheed Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an, Al Nu’aymiyah Area, 06-7407737, 06-7424950
      or 2) Dar al Ber Society, Al Nu’aymiyah Area, 06-7470404
      or 3)Obai bin Ka’ab Holy Qur’an Teaching Centre, Al Rashidiyyah, 06-7421399
      Jazakillaahu khayra.

  193. Asalamualaikum brother Muqeet

    Masha’Allah you have provided excellent database. Could you guide me if there are any completely Islamic School in Sharjah where they teach Quran, Hadeeth, Fiqh etc as I want my son to enroll.

    Kindly provide your mobile number so that i can have some discussion regarding this.

    Jazak’Allahu Khairan


  194. assalamualaikum! MAy Allah swt reward you for the work you do!Wanted to know about Abdullah Bin Masood Quran Centre in Sharjah,like u have mentioned above it is one of the best,could u let me know if it is only for boys or can women and girls join to for Hifz.
    Do u know of Hifz classes particularly for women with small children ,in Dubai,I have checked a few ,for hifz they donot have facilities for the same
    Jazakallahu khairan

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      you have asked for two things:
      1. Yes, Abdullah bin Masood centre has classes for both, boys & girls separately.
      They have transport too.
      2. By ‘Women with small children’…u mean u want to take kids to the Quran centre?
      I do not know about such facility.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Can you please call toll-free number 800AWQAF – 800 29723.
      Tell your exact location, InshaaAllah they will guide you.

  195. Assalam alaikum,
    Can you please tell me the nearest indian quran learning center for my 7 years old daughter.I stay in al warqaa1

  196. AsSalamuAlaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatuhu,

    Jazak’Allah Khair for your time and efforts in putting together all the information. Unfortunately, most madrassa listed in Sharjah have inactive contact numbers. However, I did get through a few.
    Could you kindly advise which centre is better – Markaz Mohammad al Hammadi, Sharjah or Abdullah ibn Masood Qur’an Keeping Centre, Sharjah with regards to Hifdhul Quran through a registered / MOE / Awqaf recognized Centre. or any other better?
    Our daughter 11yrs (Grade 6) has already done Quran with Tajweed Alhamdulilah and we would like her to continue with memorization Insha’Allah. Would it be appropriate to discontinue school at this stage and focus on Quran Memorization, as with school she never gets sufficient time to focus. Is it possible for such children to get admissions to resume school in future? Please advise.
    Await your earliest response. Jazak’Allahu Khayran Katheeran!!!

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.
      1. Both are good. Abdullah ibn Masood centre is preferred by urdu speakers because of convenience of language.
      2. I congratulate you for your daughter having read the Qur’an with Tajweed MashaaAllah.
      3. Discontinuing education may be a good idea if your daughter can complete the full memorization in one year. If it continues in the second year, then she will lose two years of education which might affect her future studies.
      Also, this idea of discontinuing depends upon the student’s capability. I have some students in school who discontinue study for a year and then continue. They don’t find any problem in continuing as those who memorise Qur’an can do academic studies in a better way. Allah gives them barakah for learning His book by heart.
      As I said one year of discontinuation will not affect regular studies, InshaaAllah.
      3. Such children can resume studies, yes it is possible.
      May Allah guide you to take the right decision. Aameen.

      • AssalamuAlaikum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatuhu Brother….

        Your answers surely cleared quite a few of our doubts and we really appreciate your prompt response. Our sincerest duas for you and guidance of Muslim Ummah towards pleasing Allah s.w.t. rather than fighting the so called rat-race. May we follow the right and guide each other towards the Sirat Al Mustaqeem. Aameen.

        Sir, are there any Quran Memorization Centres in Al Khan / Al Majaz area or nearby area as that would be close to our residence. I have tried checking online, but didn’t find any. Masjids may offer, but would not have tests / certification if I am not mistaken. Please advise.

        Jazak”Allahu Khayran Katheeran!!!

        • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
          As I was replying to your mails I didn’t reply here in time. Sorry for the delay.
          Firstly thank you so much for your kind words. Jazakallaahu Khayra. And aameen to your sincere du’aas.
          King Faisal Masjid will be a right place for you. It is little far from your place but you can be satisfied there InshaaAllah.
          Masjids too have tests and recognition from the Ministry. Sharjah is very keen in this aspect, alhamdulillaah.
          Baarakallaahu feek.

  197. assalamalaikum,
    dear brother i would like to know the full time hifz quran centre for my children near sharjah al nahda,my younger son is 6 years old and daughter 8 yrs old .

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Please try Al Manar Centre, brother.
      Al Farooq Centre near Mirdif City Centre is also very good as some of students are going there. But it is little away from your location. If you can arrange for transport, I think it is better for you InshaaAllah.

  198. I am looking for a Quran teacher for my kids. My daughter has been trying to memorize the quran for two years now but somehow she is still stuck on the 30th Juzz…everytime she has a new teacher, she has to start all over again. Does anyone know of a good teacher who can come and teach my kids twice or thrice a week for long hours?

    • The best thing for your child to learn the complete Qur’an by heart is to go to the Qur’an Centre.
      I understand the problem of teachers and each one adopting some method or the other ultimately confuses the child.
      Madrasas follow standard method and as there will be more students, you child will also develop competitive spirit to memorize at a faster speed which will inshaaAllah improve her performance.
      So my advise to you is that please find a Qur’an centre and get her admitted there. In the beginning she may feel tired but things will become good over a period of time InshaaAllah.
      Baarakallaahu feek.

  199. Assalamoalaikum warahmatullahi wa brakatuhu…
    dear brother iam pleased to see your efforts that you have made here,i hope you will help me to my son is 8 years old and i want to send him to aplace where he can memorize quranafter learnig to read with tajwid…plz tell me any good madarsa here in ajman for eveing because he is studing in school also…and for my daughter also she is 5 now

    • Wa alaikumus salam.
      Please call one of the centres in RAK listed above, and seek their guidance.
      I am not sure of any centre in the area you have mentioned.
      Thank you.

  200. Salam, I am planning to put my son for full time Quran memorizing course. He currently is in grade 4. For this i contacted KDHA for advise and their answer is below. What i need to know is,

    1. How long it will take if i pull him out of school and will school take him back after 2 years in corresponding class?
    2. If there isnt any guarenttee of readmision so is there any afternoon school for Hifz in dubai Al Nahda area or nearby

    Please advise,

    Jazak Allah kHair,



    Dear customer,

    Regarding your below inquiry, we encourage student to continue the school and take the afternoon Quran classes. If you stopped the school the academic level of your child will be below his age and his age will not be suitable for the next class and consequently you might not find admission again in Dubai school.

    “Hi, I am planning to put my son for full time Quran memorizing course. He currently is in grade 4. I heard that according to UAE rules schools will consider equivalency of Quran hifz against the class my son will re admit after completion. Please advise what are the exact rules. Regards, Zafar”


    Assistant Manager of Special Admissions and Inclusion
    مساعد مدير الحالات الخاصة والدمج
    Knowledge & Human Development Authority

      • Salam Muqith, based on KHDA response. Please help me with these questions ao i can plan accordingly. My son is currently 8 and in grade 4.

        1. How long it will take if i pull him out of school and will school take him back after 2 years in corresponding class?
        2. If there isnt any guarenttee of readmision so is there any afternoon school for Hifz in dubai Al Nahda area or nearby

        Please advise,

        Jazak Allah kHair,



        • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
          Dear sir
          1) As to the question ‘How long it will take to complete the full Qur’an memorisation’ depends upon the capacity of the learner. You son is very young. If he is able to read fast without mistakes in Tajweed then it will help him to memorise at faster speed.
          As he is very young, I guess he may not be efficient in Tajweed. So in that case, it will take some months for him to learn the Art of Qur’anic Recitation. All Quran memorisation centres follow this method, that is, they teach children Tajweed first and then only they will go ahead with memorisation. So this is a process which will take its own time.
          2. Schools may not take him directly to the higher class, so in that case he will get behind in terms of academic year.
          3. Very good and exceptional students can get admission to the class of their age level provided the student is showing his calibre in the entrance test. In this case, your son should keep in touch with basic subjects like maths, science and english. So you will have to arrange for some private coaching so that he doesn’t lose his touch with academic subjects.
          4. Many people are asking about Qur’an centre in Al Nahda area but unfortunately there isn’t any centre there. You can approach Al Farooq Centre 04-289 5628 Location: Nadd Shamma, Near Mirdif City Centre.
          5. You didn’t ask but I felt like telling you. I think it is advisable for your son to complete Grade 4 and 5. Let him complete education till Primary level. Then you can get him admitted as full time student in the Quran centre. Till that time (as you and he has two years) let him go to evening classes at least thrice a week to learn Tajweed. One advantage with young minds is that they grasp articulation of letters effectively and if the teacher is good, he will improve a lot InshaaAllah.
          6. You can also offer Salatul Istikhara to achieve satisfaction and seek proper guidance from Allah.
          May Allah guide you to take a proper decision InshaaAllah.
          Baarakallaahu Feekum.

          • Jazak Allah brother Muqeet. Very through and detailed answer. May Allah bless you and your family with the work you are doing. Your suggestion are brilliant and they sound both logical and full of wisdom. I will definitely follow this. I will keep everyone posted about my experience.

            Thx & Regards,


            • Baarakallaahu Feekum.
              I am grateful to you for your comment as it it allowed me to share my knowledge/experience with you, and as you said you will keep everyone posted about your experience, it will ultimately help many others, InshaaAllah.
              Vassalamu Alaikum.

  201. Assalaamu alai kum wr wb dear brother Muqeet
    Al arqam bin al arqam centre for memorizing Quran , al mushrif area # 06 7405114

    Brother Muqeet to be inform u this contact number is not working

  202. i want someone to come to our school for an islamic workshop or a speaker can come and speak can someone guide me who to contact

    • Assalamu Alaikum.
      Kindly let me about the school, the topic of speech etc. through email InshaaAllah
      Also let me know about the audience
      my email id is:
      mr (dot) muqith @ gmail (dot) com
      Jazakillaahu Khayr.

  203. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullah

    is there is any full time quran learning center available for non-arabic girls in Abu Dhabi ?

    kindly reply.

    Many Thanks,

    Jazakallahu khair

  204. Assalam Alaikum,
    Please let me know if any class i can join to understand the Qur’an Language
    Actually i want to Learn Quranic Arabic to have better understanding of Quran
    Jazaak Allah Khair

  205. Assalamu Alaykum,
    I have two young kids, a boy and a girl (5 & 6)yrs.
    I would like to know of an Islamic center in mankool area, bur Dubai where they can learn the Quran.
    Thank you

  206. Assalamu Alikum,

    I am working in DB, my family is my country. I am looking Islamic research class with quran class for one of my kids, aged 14 for full time, Is there any place for such purpose in DB.

  207. Assalamu Alaikkum

    I’m trying to get a Quran classes for my 6 years daughters in Al Ain. I found below numbers in this wab site but non of them are working.Please help me to find out a class in Al Ain.
    Thank You

    2. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Al Ain:
    Markaz al Shar’e for Memorizing the Quran – 03-7820405
    Markaz Sheikha Hassa bint Muhammad – 03-7545453
    The Sahaba Centre for Memorizing the Quran – 03-7675552
    Quran Memorizing and Studies Centre – 03-7810861
    Muhammad Ahmed al Otaiba Centre – 03-7820981

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      Those centres were working as Summer classes as they were run by the govt.
      Thanks for the update, brother.
      Jazakallaahu Khayra.