Two Useful Presentations for Teachers of Islamic Studies


In April 2018, a Symposium was organised in Dubai for the teachers of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

I got some useful presentations from those attended the session but could not upload them then. However, I am sharing two presentations which would be beneficial for the teachers of Islamic Studies, InshaaAllah.  Continue reading


Answer Key to the Ministry Exam Papers


Last post was about the Ministry Exam papers. Now, I am posting the answer keys for those papers for the benefit of teachers and students, inshaaAllah  Continue reading

Ministry Exam Papers, Grade 6 to 12


PS: Thanks to Br. Zakariya Khandwalla, today (4th July) Grade 12 paper is uploaded.

These are the question papers of the recently concluded Ministry Exam (i.e. End of Year Exam) by the Sharjah Education Zone. These papers will be useful for the students and teachers in the coming years inshaaAllah.

Academic Year 2017-18: (Based on the New Books published by the MoE, UAE)

Grade 6    Grade 7    Grade 8    Grade 9    Grade 10    Grade 11   Grade 12