Grade 2

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Dear Teachers, Assalamu Alaikum.

I am rearranging the resources as per the order of the chapters; request you to kindly share notes/worksheets/class presentations especially of those lessons that are not found here. You can email as attachments to me: muqeet (dot) islamiceducation @ gmail (dot) com

Jazakumullaahu Khayra for the generous sharing!

1. Practice Books & Differentiated Booklets:

2. Class PPTs, Worksheets & Textbook Exercises:


UNIT 2: 


UNIT 4: 

UNIT 5: 

UNIT 6: 

  • Surat At – Takathur
  • Surah at-Takathur PPT by Tr. Qaryah Nazeer
  • The Grace of Plants
  • All my Ummah (people) will enter Paradise
  • PPT (I don’t know who made this as i got from Group)
  • I love my Neighbors
  • I Love my Neighbours by Tr. Asma Umair
  • I Love My Neighbours WORKSHEET by Tr. Asma E K
  • Surah Al – Adiyat

3. Miscellaneous:

4. Lesson Plans:

May Allah Reward Those Who Care to Share Their Resources with Others

16 thoughts on “Grade 2

    • Assalam u allaikum I am an Islamic teacher from Kuwait. I teach Islamic and Quran for foreigners from grade1__6. Do you mind if i benefit from your website and from the available materials?
      Baarakallaahu Feekum


      • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaah.
        You can use the resources with pleasure, inShaaAllah.
        If you can, please refer to the Blog source.
        Baarakallaahu Feekum.

  1. Assalam u allaikum I am looking for E learning lesson grade 2 for third term. if any one help me please.
    PPTs and Lesson plan.

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaah.
      If you notice, teachers are sharing their precious work for the benefit of all.
      kindly visit the page frequently for finding updates (additions)
      Jazakallaahu khayra

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