Laylatul Qadr and LAST TEN NIGHTS of Ramadhaan



Alhamdulillaah, the Last Ten Days of Ramadhaan, especially the Laylatul Qadr nights are here to embrace us and shower immense blessings upon us, Inshaa’Allah.Laylatul Qadr pic

‘Aa’ishah (radiyallaahu anha) said:

“When the last ten days (of Ramadan) would come, the Prophet sal-lal-laahu `alaihi wa sallam would spend his nights in worship, wake his family (at night), exert himself and tighten his Izaar (waist-cloth).”

This hadeeth is a proof that the Last Ten Days of Ramadhaan are very Special in comparison to any other set of days in Islamic calendar.

May Allah give us the hidayah and tawfeeque to do our best to live the Laylatul Qadr nights. May we not leave any stone unturned in exerting ourselves to the utmost of our capacity in living the golden moments of Ramadhaan, Inshaa’Allah.

If someone is deprived of the blessings of the Nights of Laylatul Qadr, he/she is indeed deprived of the blessings of a t h o u s a n d months! May Allah save us from this deprivation. Aameen.

You must be aware that in Islamic calendar night comes first and then the day.

And according to authentic hadeeths, Laylatul Qadr falls in one of the odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadhaan. 

So please be reminded that:

In UAE and places where Ramadhaan commenced on 13th April 2021, the odd nights will fall InShaaAllah, on the following nights:

  • Sunday night, 2nd May – 21st Night
  • Tuesday night, 4th May – 23rd Night
  • Thursday night, 6th May – 25th Night 
  • Saturday night 8th May – 27th Night and
  • Monday night, 10th May – 29th Night

And in Places where Ramadhaan commenced on 14th April 2021, the odd nights will fall, InShaaAllah, on the following nights:

  • Monday night, 3rd May – 21st Night
  • Wednesday night, 5th May – 23rd Night
  • Friday night, 7th May – 25th Night 
  • Sunday night 9th May – 27th Night and
  • Tuesday night, 11th May June – 29th Night

It is wiser, however, to spend all the ten nights, irrespective of odd or even, in the worship and glorification of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala.

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And now, a few useful links before you scroll down to read about the golden moments, Inshaa’Allah.

Now, dear brothers and sisters, I would like to present a few facts on this Blessed Night, alhamdulillah.

Download as Presentation, inShaaAllah.

 Jazakallaahu Khayra for reading.

May Allah give us the Tawfeeque and Hidayah to do the ‘amal. Aameen.

dua at gathering

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10 thoughts on “Laylatul Qadr and LAST TEN NIGHTS of Ramadhaan

  1. Asalamalekum wa Rehmatullahe wa Barakata hu.
    Jazakallahkhairan. For such a informative and valuable gift you share May Allah (swt) reward you the highest Ameen Jannatul firdous .
    Do remember us in your dua and all muslima regards .

  2. Asalamualaikum
    JazakAllahkhair For sharing such valuable information. May Allah’s blessings be on you and your family.

  3. Respected Sir ,

    Very useful and informative. May Allah enable us to pray that nights. Thank you for your hard work

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