Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Scheme of Work, Curriculum Mapping, Target Sheets, Baseline Assessment etc.


Page created on 16th Sept. 2014 

For Textbook Exercises and Presentations, please go to this Page 🙂

Please note all the material uploaded on this Page are based on the Newly Introduced MOE books entitled ISLAMIC EDUCATION. May Allah put barakah in our work, make things easy for us & set right our intentions. Aameen

0. Rubrics for Qur’an Tracker:

Qur’an Passport: For Qur’an Study PROGRESS & ATTAINMENT by Tr. Nabila Osman (Note: Keeping this file as basic, one can easily change the Memorization portion, add provision for Makharij and include rubrics of Tajweed inshaaAllah)

Rubric for Qur’an Tracker, Grades 1-2

Rubric for Qur’an Tracker, Grades 3-5

Rubric for Qur’an Tracker, Grades 6-11 (All rubrics by Tr. Kashif Riaz)

1. Revision Worksheets:

Grade 2_I like good things for myself and my brother by Tr. Sadhia Rasool

Grade 2_ Worksheet_I Love Good things

Grade 2_I Love Good Things….Worksheet 3

Gr 2_I love Good Things_MA worksheet

Grade 3_Revelation of the Quran

(All the above worksheets shared by Tr. Sadhia Rasool. May Allah reward her abundantly for this kindly sharing)

Grade 6_Surah As-Sajdah, Part 1 (by Tr. Anees Fathima)

Grade 1_Pillars of Islam

Grade 1_Pillars of Islam

Grade 1_Birth of the Prophet

Grade 1_Birth of the Prophet

Grade 1_Truthfulness

Grade 1_Truthfulness

Grade 3_Notes_Belief in the Angels

Grade 3_Notes_Good Morals

Grade 3_Notes_The Revelation of the Qur’an

Grade 4_Belief in the Divine Books

Grade 2_Allah the Most Kind

All the above mentioned files are shared by Tr. Anees Fathima. May Allah reward her immensely and elevate her status in His sight.

Gr 7_Surah Qaaf by Tr. Nebal Sarhani

Grade 5_The Real Bankrupt    Bankrupt_2      by Tr. Shazia Farooq

Grade 6_Volunteering: An Act of Worship and Belonging by Tr. Shazia Farooq

Grade 4_Surah al Burooj and   Surah al Burooj_2   by Tr. Shazia Farooq

Grade 3_Etiquette of Recitation_1  and  Etiquette of Recitation_2   by Tr. Shazia Farooq

Grade 1_Pillars of Imaan (by Tr. Madiha)

Grade 5_Surah Profile by Tr. Mehtab Banu

Grade 3_Honouring the Parents by Tr. Mehtab Banu

Worksheets_Grade ? by Tr. Maysa Sadeek

Grade 5: Surah al Infitaar     Quiz_Group Activity   Quiz Questions   WS   HA_Activity   MA_Activity – by Tr. Shazia Farooq – May Allah reward her immensely and raise her status in His sight.

Grade 7_Observing Allah_MA Worksheet    LA_Worksheet    HA_Worksheet   Worksheet   Group Activity

Grade 5_Surah al Infitaar (by Tr. Madiha)

Grade 1_Pillars_Surah al Fatiha_Wudhu (by Tr. Nabila Osman)

Grade 2_Allah, Surah al Asr and Purity (by Tr. Nabila Osman)

Grade 3_Khathija, Surah al Alaq, Revelation (by Tr. Nabila Osman)

Grade 3_Fasting (by Br. Kashif Riaz)

Grade 6_Volunteering (Shared by Br. Kashif Riaz)

Grade 6_Obligatory Acts of Prayer (Shared by Br. Kashif Riaz)

Grade 3_Belief in Angels (Shared by Br. Kashif Riaz)

Grade 4 (2nd Term lessons_by Sr. Sumayyah)

Year 5 (2nd Term lessons_by Sr. Sumayyah)

Year 6 (2nd Term lessons_by Sr.Sumayyah)

Grade 1 (last 2 lessons of 3rd Term_Done by Sr. Nabila Awadh)

Grade 2 (From 3rd Term_Done by Sr. Afshan)

Grade 3 (From 3rd Term_Done by Sr. Nadia Khayri)

Grade 4 (From 3rd Term_Done by Sr. Sumayya)

Grade 5 (From 3rd Term_Done by Sr. Sumayya)

2. Target Sheets and Baseline Assessment:


Grade 1: Target Sheet_Term 1  and Baseline Assessment

Grade 2: Baseline Assessment

Grade 3: Baseline Assessment

Grade 4: Baseline Assessment_September

Grade 5: Baseline Assessment_September

Grade 6: Baseline Assessment_September

Grade 1 to 6 …resources shared by Sr. Shazia Farooq. May Allah bless her and her family.

Grade 1, Target Sheet, Term 1

Grade 2, Target Sheet, Term 1

Grade 3, Target Sheet, Term 1

Grade 4_Target Sheet_Term 1

Grade 5, Target Sheet, Term 1

Grade 6, Target Sheet, Term 1

Grade 7, Target Sheet, Term 1

Grade 8: Target Sheet, Term 1 (Sr. Shazia)

Target Sheet, Grade 9, Term 1 (Sr. Shazia)

Grade 9:   Baseline Assessment_September and Target Sheets-2018-19

Grade 10: Baseline Assessment_September and Target Sheets_2018-19

Grade 11: Baseline Assessment_September and Target Sheets-2018-19

Grade 12: Baseline Assessment_September and Target Sheets_2018-19

These files are prepared and shared by Sr. Saima Naz. May Allah bless Sr. Saima Naz and her family with lots of Ajr and Hasanaat for the hard work and also for caring to share with all of us. Jazakillaahu Khayra, Sr. Saima. She personally requests everyone to remember her in your precious du’aas. Thank you.

3. Curriculum Mapping:

Curriculam Mapping Grades 1 to 8

This file is prepared and shared by Sr. Asma Umair. It has consumed lots of time and energy in its making. May Allah bless Sr. Asma Umair and her family with lots of Ajr and Hasanaat, firstly for taking up the work, and secondly, for caring to share with all of us. Jazakillaahu Khayra, Sr. Asma. 

4. Scheme of Work:

First Term: 

Grade 9, Term 1

Grade 8, Term 1

Grade 7, Term 1

Grade 6, Term 1

Grade 5, Term 1

Grade 4_Term 1

Grade 3, Term 1

Grade 2, Term 1

Grade 1, Term 1

All Term Plans/Scheme of Work from Grade 1 to 9 shared by Tr. Shazia Farooq. May Allah bless her and reward her for this generous sharing. Jazakillaahu Khayra, Sr. Shazia.

Term Planning, Year 5 to 8:

For Third Term: Year 5     Year 6     Year 7     Year 8

For 2nd Term:  Year 5       Year 6      Year 7     Year 8 

These files are prepared and shared by Br. Issa Sawalha. May Allah bless and reward the brother for sharing the khayr. Jazakallaahu Khayra, Br. Issa. 

5. Lesson Plans:

*  Gr 2_Lesson Plan_I love Good Things For My Brother 🙂 by Tr. Sadhia Rasool


*  Daily Lesson Plans_Grades 1 to 6

6. Teachers’ Guides: Available only in Arabic: 

Year 5, Part 1       Year 6, Part 1     Year 6, Part 2      Year 7, Part 2      Year 8, Part 1     Year 10, Part 1     – Courtesy: mrsasmaa

Arabic file and Daleel Muallim_Year 11_Arabic Courtesy of Sr. Hanaa

Arabic files Courtesy of Br. Zakariyya

7. Different file sharing by teachers: 

  1. The Perfect Ten: A Guide to Outstanding Lesson Plan by Sr. Sobia Ali
  2. Getting to know the Student (Done & Shared by Tr. Saima Naz)
  3. Materials and guidelines for Grade 12 Ministry Exam, 2017-18_Unit 3_Abu Dhabi Schools_Shared by Sr. Suha Etoum
  4. About_Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak_Shared by Sr. Suha Etoum
  5. Google Drive (This is an Open Drive created by Br. Shaiq Muhammad for resource sharing related to teaching-learning Islamic Education B in the UAE)


Curriculum Standards and Learning Outcomes (Since some teachers are sending comments for resources on UAE Social and National Studies, this is uploaded here)



Jazakumullaahu Khayra.

Note: As new books are introduced, Scheme of Work based on old books are removed from this page, and InshaaAllah, the new ones will be added once the work is done, inshaaAllah. However, if any wants to refer to the worksheets based on old Islamic Studies Books, you can find them Here

la sahla illa ma jaaltahu sahla


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  1. AssalaaamoAlilikum

    Jazakallah khair sir u have done lot of effort to help others May allah (SWT) bless u here and hereafter ameen please grade 4 and 5 is not here :-)))

  2. Assalaamoalikum WR Wb
    Brother is it possible to share weekly lesson plans to get ideas actually sometimes its very difficult to complete the one chapter according our planning and i want to see others worksheets and want to share mine……:-)))))

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.

      Inshaa’Allah will upload some weekly plans and worksheets. In the meantime you can send yours, Inshaa’Allah. I will include those too here, Inshaa’Allah.

  3. AssalaaamoAlikum WR WB
    Its my owner to send my some worksheets i tried to do something :-))) but how can i send i didn’t find any attachment option here

  4. Assalaamu alaikkum brother…..
    i felt this site as so informative and appreciable. I would like to ask u help on findin me some activities on the topic alcohol and its demerits and also pork and haram meats……

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    Dear Brother

    my opinion can we share weekly lesson plans here to get ideas from each other it will be more effective for us

  6. Jazaka Allah Khair Allah will give rewards for helping us.I am waiting for more worksheets and weekly plan.
    Thanks & Regards

  7. Assalamualaikkum
    i proud to say that with Allah’s Blessings I got an oppurtunuty to teach islamic. and frankly speaking i am really new to teaching field and i don have much idea about the lesson plans . i request you to help me out to give my students a better knowledge about our religion.

  8. aoa this was just amazing seeing this website i just moved here 2 weeks back n i am taking lots of senior class actually all of them:)…….so it will be very helpful if u can uppload the lesson plan or the scheme work for class 7 to 12????barakallah u fika….keep it up

  9. Assalamu Alaikum my bothers and sisters…

    JazakaAllaaaah khairan for the worksheets and lesson plans.It was a great help for me.
    I would also like to share some of my worksheets for Grade 1 and as well as Grade 2 which I made…
    kindly reply.

  10. assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullah
    dear sir
    can you upload some one lesson plan related the topic AL HAJJ WAL UMRAH and SOORA AL MAARIJ

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      unfortunately my laptop is under repair. Inshaaallah i will try to upload as and when the problem is rectified.

  11. assalamu alaikum sir
    please upload the lessenplans which have created by blooms texenomy and Inquiry based learning…..
    we are waiting you sir…..pls help for the sake of Allah

  12. Asslamoalaikum warahmatullahi wabrakatuh ,
    Is it compulsory to teach all the chapters those are mentioned in the given MOE syllabus . Because sometimes I feel that it is hard to cover all the topics in third semester .

    Waiting for your reply,

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.
      Even I feel that it is difficult to complete all the chapters of the third semester especially for year 6 as there are too many chapters in comparison to other grades.
      The best way would be to discuss the chapters but without doing any workbook activity for some lessons. In this way we can complete all the chapters as the Education Zone expects us to teach all chapters.
      Baarakallaahu feeki.

  13. JazakAllahu khairun kaseerah,
    I am very thankful for this great advice. May Allah put barakah in your work .

  14. Asasalm o Alikum
    its a grate fantastic website for teachers you really need help jazakhallah o kair for creating this website
    please send me by mail the lessen plans which have created by blooms texenomy and Inquiry based learning…..

  15. assalamu alaikum habeebi
    Have any possibility to change the ministry syllabus after September….?some sources are saying so….!!!!
    is it compulsory to conduct micro test……..if it is so it should be written..?oral is not enough
    jazakallahu khair

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      About syllabus we cannot tell for sure. It may change. Wallaahu alam.
      About exam yes written test is important and necessary.


  17. Asalamu alaikum.
    May Allah bless you with sound health and unshakable faith. You have done marvelous effort.

  18. Asasalm o Alikum

    Please upload annual lesson plan and scheme of work of years 7 to 9 i realy need it or i want to share my daily lesson plans according to bloom taxonomy my task are inquirey based how can i upload them to help others

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
      we are making the plans and it will take some time to complete them InshaaAllah.
      You can share your lesson plans to help others inshaaAllah.
      Mail it to me………. (im removing the email id today, 13th sept)
      Thank you.

  19. Asalamu alaikum.
    Still waiting for yearly plan sir and what do u thing what we should plan in islamic for first week wait for ur suggetions please bcoz i want to start my weekly daily plan since from tomorrow thanks .

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      Hope you noticed two posts related to lessons and annual plans.
      If you are teaching lower grades, revision of basic topics on Tawheed, Prophets, Aakhirah can be done so as to reinforce the concepts, InshaaAllah.
      May Allah make things easy for you.

  20. Assalam u Alaikum

    Can you please guide as to how to upload annual plan for Yr 12 on this website and I would like to upload lesson plans for various Islamic lessons on this website.

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      jazakillaahu khayra
      plz email lesson plans etc. whatever you want to upload ….inshaaAllah i will do it
      Thank you so much
      May Allah bless you
      PS: Since you have the mail id, i am removing it from here. Thanks.

    • Wa alaikumus salam
      Thank you for the comments and the interest shown.
      As I said in the previous comment, kindly do mail the annual plans of Year 12 to my mail, inshaaAllah I will be glad to upload the same.

  21. Alsalamu Alikum,
    I woiuld be grateful if you could kindly send the Year 12 annual plan, Schemes of work or any support materials to me by email. I have some supporting materials and tests that I developed and would happily share.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      I do not have for Year 12, brother Islam Gamil.
      you can send the material you want to share to my email: mr (dot) muqith @ gmail (dot) com InshaaAllah
      Jazakallaahu Khayra.

  22. Assalamu Alaikum
    Jazak Allah for your great effort to help others, I request you to upload all notes (like Gr 6,7 ) for primary eg, Gr1 to Gr 5 .
    Thanks in Advance .

  23. Asalamu alaykum

    Could you send daily lesson plan from Gr 1 to Gr 6 “I Love Islam” please?
    Thank you for your effort to help others.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa Rahmatullah.
      Other than Lesson Plans, ask anything from me, I will share InshaaAllah.
      I believe Teachers must do this work by themselves as it is the most important part of their duty. Sharing such things is not helping, it is spoiling!
      Also, it is the duty of the School to provide the model of the Lesson Plan to their teachers so that they understand what they are supposed to do to achieve the desired target.
      Hope you understand what I mean. Thank you.

  24. As-Salam.
    My name is Rehan Sayyed
    by profession i am a teacher from India, Maharashtra, District – Ahmednagar
    I has gone through content of Book – I Love Islam
    Very beautiful & Perfect.
    We want to teach this book of set in our school.
    Please guide how can i get the set of this book?

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa Rahmatullah.

      Ok, nice to hear from you.

      How you have gone through the books. Do you have hard copies?

      These books are very costly. As they are not printed in India, I do not know how you will import them.

      The best option for you is STUDIES IN ISLAM series of books by Maulvi Abdul Aziz. They are easily available there.
      Baarakallaahu Feekum.

  25. salamoualeikum
    Dear brother when I went through the notes of year 7 seven I find a difference with the topics which should have been covered according to the scheme work and the note itself. In the scheme work it is written that you were supposed to cover the story of Dawood and jalut and in the note i can find only the story of mussa.
    Did you change the scheme work ?
    barakAllah o fik

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaah.
      Due to too much, i am unable to upload many things related to different classes.
      It is slow process as we are struggling with new books and stuff.

        • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
          It’s in Arabic language, not in English.
          You can under the Teachers’ Page/File Sharing to find many useful links inshaaAllah

  26. Assalam alaikum Sir
    i need teacher guide .you said that is available in Arabic . plz need teacher guide for Non Arab also.

  27. assalamualiku warehmatullahi wabarkatuhu

    iam a islamic studies teacher in Abudhabi. If some one can me with the notes for the new islamic text book from Grade 1- 12.
    Any idea where can we have Teachers guide for these books or any lesson plans related to this year books.
    please waiting for a help…
    May Allah bless you all abundantly in duniya and akira. aameen
    jazak allahu khairan

  28. Assalam o Alaikum,

    Sir, I need scheme of work and benchmarks for new Islamic books. Can u guide or share pls?

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      It was available before but then after the change of curriculum, all annual plans i removed to avoid confusion between the old and the new books.

    • Wa alaikumius salam wa rahmatullaah. InshaaAllah, i will update this Page and add a few worksheets as sample inshaaAllah. Please check this Page tomorrow after Fajr InshaaAllah…. i have some i will upload inshaaAllah..

  29. Salam alaikum
    Can u please send me notes of grade 5 islamic
    Lesson the merciful heart and surat un naba
    Kindly if you can share all note of grade 4 and 5 i will be thankful

  30. Assalaamu Alaikkum…
    Can you please help me in the following areas for UAE Social Studies…
    Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Scheme of Work, Curriculum Mapping, Target Sheets, Baseline Assessment etc.

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