Surah al Ma’aarij, Verses 1-18


Surah al Ma’aarij, Chapter 5, Lesson 1 pg 151 & 153 of the workbook

1. Why did Allah reveal Surah al Ma’arij?

The first verse refers to An-Nadr ibn al Harith. He was one of the kuffar of Makkah, who often used to make fun of the Prophet (peace be upon him). He asked the Prophet  to tell Allah to send down the punishment.

2. How long will the Day of Judgement seem to believers and non-believers?

The Day will past fast for the believers. It will feel like the amount of time one spends praying Thuhr or Asr prayers. For the disbelievers and sinful Muslims, it will be long and a painful day.

3. What happens to the person who did not pay Zakah?

The gold and silver that he saved will be heated on the Day of Judgement and he will be burnt with it. The poisonous snake will chase him and attack him saying: “I am your treasure”.

4. What do we learn from Surah al Ma’arij?

* The Day of Judgement will be painful for the disbelievers and disobedient Muslims.

* The sinful will be desperate to save themselves from the punishment.

* Everyone will be concerned about themselves.

* Paying Zakah is important.

* One shouldn’t accumulate wealth.

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