Surah Luqman, Aayaat 12-15


It is always better to teach students learn the word by word meaning of the verses of the glorious Qur’an.

This exercise is one step in that direction.  Continue reading


Surah As-Saff: The Successful Business


Dear students/teachers

Surah As-Saff, verses 10-13, talks about the successful business with Allah and His Messenger.

I wrote about this in my Qur’an blog, and I hope the post will be of use to you as well, InshaaAllah.  Continue reading

Surah Al Ma’aarij, Part 2, Aayaat 19 to 35

1. What is the importance of praying regularly?
Prayers will save a person from hell-fire. Praying regularly is important as it is a sign of one’s Imaan, and also because the best deeds are those that are regular and consistent. Continue reading