Surah al Mursalaat


 1. What is the Promise of Allah to the disbelievers?

Allah promises to punish the disbelievers for denying His message.

2. How disbelievers will be treated on the Day of Judgement?

Allah will address the disbelievers and send them to the punishment. They will not be allowed to speak. They will suffer terrible punishment in Hell.

3. Describe the shade of the “columns of smoke” as mentioned in Surah al Mursalaat?

The shade will have three columns of black fiery smoke. The shade would not provide any protection from heat. The flames in the smoke will throw out terrible sparks.


 1. Who will be rewarded with Jannah?

The ‘mut’taqeen’, pious people, will be rewarded with Jannah.

2. List out some of the rewards the believers will win in Jannah.

* Enjoyment in the shade of trees

* Drinking from the flowing springs

* Eating fruits of their choice


1. Why are the disbelievers given all good things in this world?

Allah tests people by providing them things to eat and enjoy. But this ‘eating and enjoying’ is only for a short time.

2. How many times is the verse ويل يومئذ للمكذّبين  repeated in Surah al Mursalaat and what is its meaning?

The verse is repeated ten times and means: A terrible punishment will fall on the disbelievers on the Day of Judgement.

3. Al Qur’an is the last and final Book of Allah to mankind. Which ayah in Surah al Mursalaat highlights this truth?

The last verse which says, “Then in what statement after the Qur’an will they believe?” clearly indicates that the Qur’an is the last and final Book of Allah to mankind.


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