Who is bothered when boys attain puberty?


When a female child in a Muslim family gets her first menses, the whole family gets to know about it!  Boys in the family start giggling that something has happened to their sister or cousin. Some shameless Muslim families even ‘celebrate’ the occasion! ‘Our daughter has attained puberty’!

In case of boys, neither the boy knows the Islamic indication and implication of attaining puberty nor his parents bother to teach him the etiquette of puberty and the responsibilities it brings alongside.  Continue reading →


New Pages and Updates


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu.

I wish to inform teachers, subscribers and blog visitors that I have added two Pages during this weekend and updated a few pages, alhamdullillaah.

I would like to get feedback from teachers on the two new Pages, InshaaAllah Continue reading

You Love It, You Respect It


1. Answer the following questions:

1. Why should we feel scared when reading a description of Hellfire and Judgement Day? What should we say when we read that?
It reminds us to be careful about our deeds as we will be asked about each and everything we do in this world. We should seek refuge in Allah from the Hell fire. Continue reading