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4 thoughts on “Site Map

  1. AOA
    Do you when is the khda test of islamic teachers ? and what are their requirements? i attempted once before but failed. can u guide me ?

    • what is AOA?
      Islam tells us to greet in full.
      Anyway, KHDA test can be taken up in Nov, March and May. Once you clear the written test, then there will be an oral test plus recitation of the Qur’an according to Tajweed rules.
      You can take up the written test in any of the three months, InshaaAllah.
      Tell your school office to take up an appointment for you with the KHDA.
      Vassalamu Alaikum.

      • Assalamu Alaikum Jazaka-Allah

        Respected Sir ,my school told me its in December ,my documents are sent but till now no news and further more i had appeared once before in 5 May 2015. I attempted written paper fully i was sure that i would pass but could not.
        Now i am quite confuse that what is the criteria of KHDA . only one person passed out of about 200 teachers.

        If u have any idea kindly its humble request to guide me.My school does not know any thing regarding the test.

        May Allah bless you sound faith and health ameen.

        • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah.
          the test is a tough one and it is difficult to get through unless and until one has the full knowledge of Islamic principles, Tafseer etc.

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