Useful Links


Amazing Links from Around the World:

INTERACTIVE LEARNING on the life of Prophet Muhammad sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam

Virtual Tour of Masjid al Nabawi, Madinah al Munawwarah

Click here to watch an amazing picturesque video on Masjid al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock. First go through the introduction and then proceed to the VIRTUAL WALKING TOUR enjoying the panoramic scenes and knowing the history of Islam’s third most sacred site as well.

Cick here for an excellently picturised show on Istanbul’s historical and architectural masterpiece, the world famous Sulaimaniyyah Mosque in Turkey. You will have the feeling as if you are inside the mosque!

Click here to enjoy panoramic views as you go on a VIRTUAL WALKING TOUR of Alhamra historical complex in Spain, a monumet of immense historical importance in the history of the Muslim World.

Historical Sites in Makkah

Hajj 360 – Interactive Tour

Cool site for Muslim girls!

An animated show on how to perform ablution

A website to help you have fun while you learn

Have fun with Islamic Playground!

Play some games to beat boredom!

Click here to view Interactive Graphics on KA’BAH


The journeys of Ibn Battuta – Mind Blowing Information

What great change can kindness bring in one’s life! Go to this link to learn about some Random Acts of Kindness

A good website throwing light on the life and times of  the Companions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him)

Jummah Khutbahs from Masjid al Haram, Makkah, Masjid-un-Nabi, Madina and Masjid al Aqsa, Jerusalem

Cool site for Muslim students

Another cool site for Muslim Students

A fully loaded website about the Glorious Qur’an

Qur’an Explorer: A user-friendly website to read, listen and understand the Qur’an

To search any verse in the Qur’an

Tanzil: A good resource on Reading, Listening and Understanding the Qur’an

Question and Answers on Hajj

Importance of BISMILLAH

University of Cambridge

Islamic Studies Syllabus for A and AS Level for 2012, 2013 and 2014 with links to past papers

Learning English Made Easy

Friends of Al Aqsa

LIST of International Days Observed by the UN

A good collection of Islamic, Anti-Islamic and Deviant websites

Science, NASA

Know Your English

Islamic Books in Different World Languages

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