Supporting a Cause: ‘Zayed Happiness Van’


Dear readers, and blog followers from the UAE. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

I am posting the media invitation received from Sr. Juhi Yasmeen Khan, CSR & Charity Initiatives Expert, Dar Al Ber Society, Dubai,. Kindly lend your whole-hearted support to this noble cause, inShaaAllah….

To mark ‘Year of Zayed’, Dar Al Ber Society is pleased to announce the launch of our new initiative called –  ‘Zayed Happiness Van’ on Sunday 6 May 2018.   Continue reading

Surah al Mulk Memorization Planner


Surah al Mulk has its own distinct status and it is one of the Suwar that was recited by the glorious Prophet Muhammad sal lal laahu alaihi wa sallam on a daily basis.

Ramadhaan is a blessed month owing to revelation of the Qur’an that commenced in this month. And Ramadhaan is the blessed occasion for a Muslim to memorize some of its holy verses, inshaaAllah.  Continue reading

Ramadhaan Hadeeth Memorization Planner


Presently a selection of 17 Ramadhaan-related ahadeeth for the purpose of learning by heart.

This is done to encourage and instill the importance of the memorization (hifdh) of the ahadeeth. Continue reading