Third Term


🙂 Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu 🙂

Wishing You a Blessed Ramadhaan. Ramadhaan Mubaarak 🙂

Download & take a printout of this Self-evaluation Sheet made for the month of Ramadhaan. This will not only indicate what one has to do in Ramadhaan but also help in keeping a track on one’s performance thus providing an opportunity to improve and focus on consistency, inshaaAllah.


  1. Exam Dates: 29th May (for Gr.10 and 11) and 8th June 2017 (for Gr. 6 to 9)
  2. To know about the Portion, go to this link inshaaAllah
  3. To have an idea about the Question Papers, Go to This Page for Past Papers
  4. Year 6 to download Notes on 1) Hajj and Umrah
  5. Year 7 to download notes on 1) YOU LOVE IT, YOU RESPECT IT
  6. Year 8 to download notes on 1) Surah al Maarij, Verses 1-18 2) A Threat from the North: The Battle of Mu’tah and 3) Praying the Prophet’s way (This lessons comes in Year 7 portion but still give a reading, jus in case…)
  7. Year 9 to download notes on SURAH AL QALAM_Part 1, The Great Character of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  8. Year 10 to download notes on 1) Fath Makkah The Great Victory 2) . Surah al Hujuraat, Verses 1-8 3 & 4) Ahkaamus Siyam: Rules of Fasting AND Mubtilaatus Siyam, the Nullifiers of Fasting
  9. Year 11 to download notes on 1) Ghazwa Tabook: 50 Days in Harsh Desert 2)  Surah al Munafiqoon, Aayaat 1-4 3) Alcoholic Beverages: The Mother of all Evils  4) Salatul Janazah 5)  Hajjatul Wadaa, the Farewell Pilgrimmage  6) Pork and Haram Meats
  11. Also, learn the Arabic Text and the English Translation of the relevant Qur’anic verses, ahadeeth and du’aas directly from the Textbook, inshaaAllah.
  12. Better to give a full reading of all the lessons included for the Ministry Exam.
  13. Do your best. May Allah make things easy for you all.

NOTE: Go to This Page for Hifdh Portion, learn from the allotted portion for May Month. Hifdh Test will be conducted in the First week of June, InshaaAllah. And remember, as usual, you are not learning anything for marks! 

 la sahla illa ma jaaltahu sahla

O Allah! Nothing is easy except that which you make it easy.

And if You will, You make even difficult things easy.

(So make things easy for me)

My success can come only from Allah

My success can come only from Allah. On Him I trust, and unto Him I turn.


May Allah bless you and your parents. Baarakallaahu Feekum. 

Sal-lal-laahu Ala Muhammad, Sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-Sallam.



14 thoughts on “Third Term

  1. How about year 12 . No worksheets. No tips. No portion. Please any guidance. I teach year 12 also. Their final exam from ministry 30 May and nothing came from ministry

    • This Page is for our school students, and we have up to Year 11 only.
      We got circular saying that the Ministry Exam date is 13th June 2016 for classes Year 6 -11.

  2. As-salam u alaikum sir
    Thank you for all the past papers . It gives us an idea of what to study an learn for our exam. Inshallah you will always succeed in your life.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      Let’s us make du’aa to Allah to bless the Muslims and humanity worldwide in this blessed month of Ramadhaan.

  3. asalamoalikom

    sir do you have yearly plane or term vise course-outline for Islamic studies Non Arabs G1-G9 of last year or this year please if anyone have send it here i realy need it


  4. Assallmalikum
    sir the portion has been uploaded for grade 8 but there is a chapter in that for grade 7 and i dont have the book
    I request you to make notes on that chapter and upload it
    on the school website

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah. Yes, dear. I will explain about this inshaaAllah in tomorrow’s class. Thanks for the concern.
      Jazakallaahu Khayra.

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