Marking Scheme


You study Islam for your life, not for getting marks! 


1. Marking Scheme for Primary Section, Year 1 to 5:

We would like you to please take note of the following points:

  1. Like last year, this academic year (2015-16) also the children will memorize some Surahs/Hadeeth/Du’aas as per the month-wise Hifdh Plan. This is to facilitate the child to learn at regular intervals. Hifdh Portion is given at the end of the Islamic Studies Work Book provided by our School.
  2. There will be two tests per term. Total marks per test = 50
  3. Breakup of marks for each Test will be as follows:

a) Written Exam   –   25 Marks

b) For Recitation of the Quran (Tilawah)  –    5 Marks

b) For Surah or Hadeeth memorisation –   10 Marks

c) For Du’aa Memorisation –    5 Marks

d) For Home/classwork Activity – 5 Marks

Total   50 Marks

2. Marking Scheme for Secondary Section, year 6 upwards:

a) Class Test = 25 Marks

b) Surah/Hadeeth + Du’aa + Activity + Behaviour = 25 Marks. This will go in the report card as CCE.

c) Term Exam = 100 Marks

Strive hard to do well in your life. Exams are after all academic formalities!

“What you are” and “what you want to be” are known to Allah.

Renew your niyyah, do your part, rely on Allah. He alone is the Giver of Success.

2 thoughts on “Marking Scheme

  1. Asalam o Alicum.
    i Am also islamic teacher in one school can u please send me the syllabus and everything of this year.

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