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    16 – 20 April 2017, InshaaAllah

Objectives of the ISLAMIC WEEK:

  1. To create an awareness on the importance of living Islam.
  2. To focus on the importance of Islamic values.
  3. To involve and share real life experiences with one’s peers.
  4. To understand the importance of healthy competition.
  5. To appreciate the teachings of Islam as relevant to the modern society.

We hope that the ISLAMIC WEEK will create an awareness of Islamic Values among one and all.

May Allah accept our effort and reward us abundantly.

May He make our intentions pure and sincere. Aameen.

🙂 I wish you all the Best for the Islamic Week 🙂

Stay Blessed.

Thank You.

Jazakallaahu Khayra



  1. Schedule of Activities: Year 1 to 11
  2. Schedule of Activities: EYFS
  3. Separate info for Year 1     Year 2     Year 3   &   Year 4           


Your opinion/suggestions/comments are welcome :)

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