Book Club


Page updated on 28th March 2018 – Page added on 12th November 2015

Without pomp and show, activities of the Book Club are going on in its own humble way since the 3rd Term of the Academic Year 2013-14, alhamdulillah.

Initially Started as ‘Islamic Readers’ Club’ the name was subsequently changed to ‘Book Club’. 

You can download this updated file for the Objectives and details about the BOOK CLUB.

Download this latest 🙂 BOOK REVIEW PHOTO FILE 🙂 to have a glimpse of speakers doing the Book Review on the newly introduced ISLAMIC EDUCATION books by the MoE.

Thank You.


Past News:

Report of the First Meeting of the academic year 2015-16 was held on 30th Sept, 2015. Second Meeting was held on 21st Oct. 2015 in which Amir Dast of 10 B spoke on ‘Art of Public Speaking’.

First meeting in the Girls’ Section was held on 26th October 2015 under the guidance of Ms. Sanaa

Note: Every Monday and Wednesday Book Review Meetings are conducted in the Girls’s and Boys’ Sections respectively. InshaaAllah reports will be updated in due course.

PS: Due to paucity of time, I am unable to update this Page.

2 thoughts on “Book Club

    • Assalamu alaikum.
      i give freedom to the members to borrow books of their choice, read them thoroughly and present a review with critical as well as appreciative comments from their perspective.
      alhamdulillaah it works well

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