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Page added on 23rd March 2018 🙂 and modified on 13th Sept. 2018 🙂

Info: Between 13th Sept. 2018 and Today (25th Nov. 2019) I have added some new pages like today TLS page is added. Due to paucity of time, I am unable to update this page. I request teachers to keep the cursor on a selected Main Page, read the sub menu so that you can scroll and navigate easily, inShaaAllah. Jazakumullaahu Khayra.

Today, 3rd Muharram 1440 / 13th September 2018, I am modifying this page. This is done with a view to bring even general files under one page. So the content of the previous page entitled “File Sharing by Teachers of Islamic Education in the UAE” has now gone here. This is done for the convenience of navigation. Thank you for understanding. Baarakallaah Feekum.

Pages for Teachers: alhamdulillaah

May Allah reward all those who care to share for His cause….Aameen.

SITE MAP: This is added here to motivate teachers to visit other pages as well 🙂 inShaaAllah

31 thoughts on “Info @ Teachers’ Page

  1. Assalamu Alaikum brother
    Is there any material for Grade 2 and 3?
    Shall we follow the same book for all terms?
    Syllabus didn’t come for the second term and third term
    Books also not available for the third term
    What should we do?
    pls. advice

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      We received part 2 books two weeks ago,
      And i heard from other schools also that they have received.

      As there is no syllabus coming from the Ministry, you can follow the same book for all the terms…..and since there is no Ministry Exam for lower grades, there should not be any problem.
      When you receive Part 2, some of the lessons can also be taught inshaaAllah.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum brother,
    Is there two text books for each classes? As it was so referred from the second term syllabus, i feel like there is two text books would be in one academic year. Kindly share your experience about it.بارك الله فيك

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      Yes, there are two parts for each grade.
      Each part has 3 units, total 6 units.
      Baarakallaahu Feekum

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah
      yes, it is done by helpful brothers/sisters.
      Please go to Books and Syllabus/Prescribed books to find the relevant material inshaaAllah.

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullaah.
      some ppts are already available…alhamdulillaah.
      Please check under Notes, Exercises and presentation page.

  3. Assalamoalaikum,
    Jazakallah for sharing all the above material, I just want to know that is there third term portion also for Islamic B new books.

  4. As salam o aly kum

    I tried to open the notes of year 10 lesson Makkan and Madian, Mind in Islam,but I am unable to open the file

  5. Assalamu alaikum

    Any information regarding how many chapters do we have to teach in private schools. With only 2 or 3 lessons a week, its only possible to cover around 60 percent of the content. Shukran

    • wa alaikumus salam wa rahamtullah
      We don’t have any Teachers’ Guide in English.
      However, you can visit the Page on Notes, Exercises to find some assistance, inshaaAllah

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