Allah is the Sustainer of the worlds

1. What did the owner of the garden tell his poor friend one day?

The owner of the two gardens told his poor friend that he has more wealth than him and that he is stronger than him in every way.

2. What reply did he give?

The poor man replied that it was wrong that he (the owner) was trying to compete with Allah and it might be that Allah will destroy his property which he is so proud of. He also told his friend that Allah will give him (the poor man) something better than these gardens.

3. Why did Allah send punishment down upon the man?

He was proud of his wealth and had hurt his friend by calling him weak and poor. So Allah sent punishment upon him.

4. The Quran is not a book of stories. It is a Book of Guidance. What lesson does the Holy Book want to teach through the incident of the two men?

We should always be thankful to Allah for our wealth and all His blessings. We should help the poor and needy. We should not be proud of what we own and should never boast about it to others.