Sharing Best Practices in Teaching-learning Islam

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

You may be a teacher, a parent or a student of Islamic Studies. No matter what you are, you have a lot to share with others.

I request all concerned with teaching and learning of Islamic Studies – both as a subject and as a way of life – to share your best practices – your Islamic teaching-learning experiences – so others can draw benefits, grow and glow, inShaaAllah.

To make it easy and workable, let me highlight some topics, on/about which we can share our best practices:

  1. What should be the prime objective of a teacher/student/parent in the pursuit of Islamic Education?
  2. How to make Islamic Studies an interesting subject?
  3. Why students need motivation to love and learn this subject?
  4. What pitfalls a teacher of Islamic Studies must avoid in the classroom?
  5. These methods are dull and boring and hence must be avoided while teaching Islamic!
  6. Ways to develop Islamic critical thinking skill in 21st century students?
  7. Points to remember while making a Classroom Presentation (PPT)
  8. Practical Tips on creating cross curricular links with Islam?
  9. How to simplify the Islamic terminology according to the learners’ level?
  10. Simple techniques so students can their create their own WALT.
  11. How teachers can make Learning Walks meaningful?
  12. Techniques we can use to help students master the art of Problem Solving.
  13. How best to use Technology as a necessary tool for teaching Islamic Studies?
  14. As a student, these are some of my real life experiences to share with you all.
  15. How to teach behavior in a classroom environment?
  16. Islam and 21st century skills.
  17. etc. etc. 🙂 which you feel worth sharing, inShaaAllah

Send in your inputs to mr (dot) muqith @ gmail (dot) com

Baarakallaahu Feekum.



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