Ramadhaan Ideas for Schools


A few suggestions to organise Ramadhaan Activities in Schools, InShaaAllah: 

  1. Preparing the minds of the students to welcome the blessed month with a renewal of Imaan through strong determination to observe fast (sawm) in this blessed month. As this Ramadhaan falls during exam time and summer time in the UAE and other gulf states, we teachers must make our students understand the value of patience and steadfastness, sabr & istiqaamah. Download a presentation on Preparing for Ramadhaan
  2. For primary school, we can do the Ramadhaan Welcome Activity from this PDF which is really a good one, alhamdulillaah.
  3. Teachers and students can draw inspiration from Ten Ways to Receive Ramadhaan
  4. Let the students realise the importance of fasting in Ramadhaan. They must know that Ramadhaan is for fasting, not feasting! Teachers can take print of the The CURSE of Angel of Jibreel and the AAMEEN of Prophet Muhammad (sal-lal-laahu-alaihi wa sallam) and display at prominent places in the campus to spread the info on how important it is to fast in Ramadhaan. Some seniors can even give a speech on this hadeeth at the School Assembly, InShaaAllah.
  5. School Assembly is a great blessing for all of us. Assembly must be utilised to the maximum to instill values of observing fast, staying away from evil and vain talk, charity, reading Qur’an, observing voluntary night prayers, importance of du’aa, brief history of the revelation of the Qur’an that began in the month of Ramadhaan, Islamic songs (nasheed) related to Ramadhaan & Fasting etc. One can enact skit and do a brief Quiz as well.
  6. Download RAMADHAAN QUIZ
  7. Kids of lower grades need to know some basic Ramadhaan words. This presentation on Vocabulary for Muslim Children is really useful in this regard.
  8. Schools can upload this Daily Self-evaluation Sheet on their websites telling the students to do as a month-long project work. Kindly motive them to take a Printout of this Self-evaluation Sheet and try to do the activity all the days in Ramadhaan, inShaaAllah
  9. Planning is very much necessary to achieve one’s objectives and do things in the best possible way. This Ramadhaan PLANNER is an Excellent Resource for students, teachers and all organised people.
  10. Middle and High School students must know in detail about Ramadhaan and Fasting. These two presentations must be of much benefit in this regard, inShaaAllah: Ramadhaan for Body and Soul and Month of Blessings Unlimited
  11. Students must be motivated to read the Qur’an with understanding. Focus should be on quality, rather than quantity. These two resources must be helpful, InShaaAllah: 10 Qur’an Reading Ideas and 8 Easy Steps to Recite the Entire Qur’an in Ramadhaan
  12. Qur’an Journal is an amazing concept to be taught to the student community. This Qur’an Journaling file is very creative and must be circulated among all sections of students and teachers so that the value of learning Qur’an in a systematic way is instilled, inShaaAllah.
  13. Students ask a hundred questions about Ramadhaan and Fasting. These two PDF will be sufficient to clear their doubts, InshaaAllah: A Chart on Does it Break the Fast or Not? and Some Common Mistakes in Ramadhaan
  14. Memorization of Qur’an, Hadeeth and Du’aas must be on the priority list.  Download: Ramadhaan Hadeeth Memorization Planner and Download: Surah al Mulk Memorization Planner or Qur’an Memorization Plan in Ramadhaan (for mature students)
  15. Charity and Generosity are two beautiful things that are abundantly found among Muslims in Ramadhaan all over the world. Kids and students must be encouraged to give charity as much as it is possible by them. For this teachers can make some colourful Charity Jars and keep them in classrooms and in common places so that the school as a community contribute their collective might for this noble cause.
  16. It is important for the higher grades students to have knowledge about Zakah. This Zakah Handbook is useful for detailed info. For online classroom presentation, Zakat E-Magazine is a good resource indeed. I prefer showing this to students of Grade 9 to 12.
  17. Ramadhaan is a most of Struggle. Students must know that the two great events in Islamic history took place in the month of Ramadhaan: The Battle of Badr and the Conquest of Makkah. Show this Ramadhaan Diary as a brief historical reminder, InShaaAllah
  18. Ways for Gaining Rewards is a good resource as a Motivator to do good deeds in the blessed month of Ramadhaan.
  19. Kids need halal entertainment and this Ramadhaan Challenge Game is very good for them.
  20. DU’AAS are essential and key to all ibadah in Islam. In fact du’aa is ibadah.  These two resources are very resourceful for any Muslim/Muslimah, InShaaAllah: BASIC RAMADHAAN DUAAS and The KEY to a Successful Day
  21. We need to fully utilise the Two Best Times in Ramadhaan. Showing and Sharing this video to/with the students will be of immense help: TWO BEST TIMES IN RAMADHAAN
  22. Taking care of one’s health is important all the time, and more so in the blessed month of Ramadhaan. This Ramadhaan Health Guide is a good resource, alhamdulillaah.
  23. With permission from the Ministry of Education, Schools can plan to organise an Iftaar Get-together inviting non-Muslim students and parents. This will be a good occasion to promote Inter-faith dialogue across the communities.
  24. Here are some really useful suggestions provided by some experienced teachers. Please download this file
  25. Students can be motivated to do colourful lapbooks and journals
  26. This link is good for kids to have some Ramadhaan Lanthern Making
  27. Reader Ms. Bushara Rafeeque suggests the following activities:
    1.Make a Ramadan Bookmark for the Quran
    2.Create a Ramadan Advent Calendar
    3.Make Paper Lanterns
    4.Make a Charity Jar
    5.Memorize and Recite Duas
  28. Another reader Ms. Sayyeda Kaneeza Fatima has the following suggestions: 1. Encourage children to offer fast during Ramadhan and instill the values. 2. Ramadhan is not only the name to face hunger it is to understand the main significance that without salah your fasting is remain uncountable. 3.Explain on matters of zakah. 4.Those who are not practicing fast assure them that only insane are not applicable to fast even haidha women or girl who had menstrual problem on these days she cant be on fast but she has to do qadha. 5. Lailatul Qadr the Quran revealed on this night and we have to search it in the last week of Ramadhan. 6. Sadqatul fitr donate it before eid ul fitr. 7. Salatul eid and takbeerat.
  29. Teachers can generate Ramadhaan Ideas from students and parents. Let them have the privilege of sharing their thoughts. For this, we can stick a well-decorated chart with blank space in the centre and colourful borders on the notice boards or walls with eye-catchy one-liner like What I Plan to Do this Ramadhaan InShaaAllah. The one who gives the BEST IDEA can be appreciated at the School Assembly and a certificate of appreciation can be given to all if by way of encouragement, inShaaAllah.
  30. For huge Ramadhaan Resources InshaaAllah, Visit: 1. Ramadhaan Resources 2. Useful Blog 3. Special Page on LAYLATUL QADR  4. A Presentation on Eid-ul-Fitr

May Allah bless us to spend the Ramadhaan month in the best manner possible. May Allah keep us hale and healthy so that we take maximum benefit out of this Blessed Month….Aameen. Baarakallaahu Feekum.

Feel Free to Comment and Share Your Ideas :)

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