Only Allah Gives Life and Death


1. Answer the following questions only with the translation of a related ayah from the Qur’an:

1. Who decides that people die?

“We have decreed death among you” (Surah al Waqi’ah)

2. Why did Allah create life and death?

“”He is the One Who created death and life to test which of you is best in deeds”. (Surah al Mulk)

3. Will all mankind die?

“Every soul will taste death, and you will return to Us”. (Surah al ‘Ankabuut)

4. Are all living things mortal?

“Whatsoever is on it (the Earth) will perish. And the face of your Lord, full of Majesty and Honour, will abide forever”. (Surah Ar-Rahmaan)

5. Can the time of death be changed for people?

“When their term is reached, neither can they delay it nor can they advance it an hour (or a moment)” (Surah al ‘Araaf)

2. Choose the correct option:

1. The names of Allah that are related to life and death are”

  1. Al Azeez, Al Jabbar, Al Mutakabbir. Al Qahhaar
  2. Al Rahman, Al Raheem, Al Haleem. Al Kareem
  3. Al Muhyee, Al Mumeet, Al Qaabidh, Al Baasit
  4. All of the above

 2. The Arabic word for time of death is:

  1. Umr
  2. Yawm
  3. Waqt
  4. Ajal

 3. The Arabic word for ‘death’ is:

  1. Ajal
  2. Mawt
  3. Qatl
  4. Janazah

4. The Arabic word for life is:

  1. Hayaa
  2. Hawl
  3. Hayah
  4. None of the above

 5. The spiritual life of the child starts when an angel blows the soul into the womb, and records the child’s:

  1. race, gender and weight
  2. Name, colour and look
  3. Wealth, life span, quality of deeds and whether will be good or bad
  4. All of the above

 6. The biological beginning of life in the womb is called:

  1. Construction
  2. Conception
  3. Convention
  4. Consumption

 7. Life in the womb, or fertilization, starts when:

  1. Male’s egg hatches
  2. Female’s egg hatches
  3. Male’s sperm unites with female’s egg
  4. a and b

8. The spiritual end of a person’s life happens when:

  1. His or her time is up
  2. Allah wants him/her to die
  3. The Angel of death takes his/her soul away
  4. All of the above

 9. The biological end of a person’s life happens when:

  1. his/her brain dies
  2. his/her liver stops
  3. he/she became stiff
  4. he/she stops breathing

 10. Fertilization usually happens in what is called:

  1. The rubber tube
  2. The Fallopian tube
  3. Moore’s tube
  4. None of the above

11. He was amazed how the Qur’an accurately described how life emerges in the womb:

  1. American embryology professor John Fallopian
  2. Saudi Scholar Abdul Aziz
  3. Canadian embryology professor Keith Moore
  4. Cairo physician Ahmed Shawqi

3. Answer the following critical thinking questions in a thorough and thoughtful manner:

1. Imagine that there are more than one god who controls life and death. How our world would look?

Our world will be messed up. All the so-called ‘gods’ will fight with each other. When one ‘god’ gives life to a man, the other ‘god’ will take it right away. The world will be in utter chaos and disorder.

2. List two laws and guidance concerning Rizq?

a) Allah likes the believers who spend moderately.

b) Do not envy others.

3. Suppose that someone came to you and said, ‘It is not only Allah who controls matters of life and death. Doctors, judges, governors and criminals can cause people to die or remain alive!” How would you respond to them?

I would totally disagree with the argument. It is only Allah who gives life and death. No man however genius can give life to another human being. Man is hopelessly incompetent to give life or death to any creation.

A judge can only pronounce the death sentence. But the actual death is the creation of Allah, and the judge, by himself, cannot cause death to happen. It is the right and privilege of Allah to give life and death to anyone.

4. Explain how Allah does not force people to do anything.

By giving man the choice to choose between good and bad, Allah has let people to decide on their option. Had there been any force involved, then freedom or choice won’t be available to man!

5. How does the believing in Al Qadar teach acceptance of pains and courage in times of calamity?

Strong Faith in Allah is like a shield against miseries of this world. A believer knows and understands very well that Allah is full of wisdom and that He does what is in best interest of man.  As everything happens with the Will and the knowledge of Allah, a believer takes the calamity in his stride and bears pain with patience. He knows very well that his Lord knows better. So he surrenders to the fate without blame or complain.

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