Allah Controls the World


1. What does Al Qadar mean?

Al Qadar means ‘Divine fate’ or ‘Destiny’.

2. List the four aspects of Al Qadar. 1. Al Ilm – Divine Knowledge: Allah first knows what will happen

2. Al Kitabah – Written Destiny: The angels write what will happen

3. Al Mashee’ah – Divine Will: Allah wills and permits what is written to happen when its time comes.

4. Al Khalq: Creation: Allah creates and makes His Will happen in the real world.

3. List the main three actions in relation to humans. List at least one example for each of these actions:

a) Action: Actions within us

Example: Blood circulation, heartbeats etc.

b) Action: Actions upon us

Example: Weather, accidents

c) Action: Actions from us

Example: Praying, helping or harming others

4. Describe briefly four benefits of the belief in Al Qadar:

  • Believers in Al Qadar receive Allah’s mercy
  • Believing in Al Qadar teaches acceptance of pains and courage in times of calamities
  • It brings contentment to the believers’ hearts
  • Believing in Al Qadar protects the Believers from social diseases such as envy, jealousy, suicidal tendencies, drug addiction etc.

2. Related Text: Identify and write the translation of the hadeeth on patience and perseverance:

“The attitude of the believer is amazing. All of his matters are righteous. This is only for the believer. If a joy is brought to him, he thanks Allah for it. This is better for him. If a calamity befalls him, he is patient. This is also good for him”.

3. Imagine someone approaches you claiming that man has no free will. “If God has already ordained what I will do, I have no free will”, he claims. “God has already chosen my path”. How would you respond? Write a convincing answer to this man’s claim that man has no free will.

This is far from truth. The belief in Al Qadar does not mean that we are passive individuals who have no part to play in our lives. Al Qadar does not prevent a person from exercising his free will to choose a course of action. Allah does not force people to do anything. He only encourages His servants to do the good and avoid the bad. It is entirely up to the individual as to whether he or she chooses to obey or disobey Him. Allah gave man free will to choose his actions, whether good or bad.

2 thoughts on “Allah Controls the World

  1. Assalam-o-Alaikum

    I need notes for Uloom-ul-Hadeeth and What is Fiqh What is Shariah?

    Please do the needful if anyone have


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