Ministry Exam in Sharjah, May/June 2017


Today we got the Portion for the Ministry Exam to be conducted in the Emirate of Sharjah for the Year ending 2016-17.

Grade 10, 11 and 12 will write their Islamic Studies Exam on 29th May 2017.

And Grades 6 to 9 will have theirs on 8th June 2017.

Following is the prescribed Syllabus for all grades: 

Year 6:

  1. Ninety Nine Names, One Creator, Part 1
  2. Ninety Nine Names, One Creator, Part 2
  3. God is with Me
  4. Voluntary Prayers
  5. Salatut Duha
  6. Hajj and Umrah
  7. Respecting Parents
  8. Respecting Teachers
  9. Surah al Insaan, Part 1, 2 and 3

Year 7:

  1. Belief in the Unseen
  2. The Universe Speaks the Truth
  3. The Last Holy Book
  4. You Love it, then Respect it.
  5. Early Events of Seerah
  6. The Peaceful March to Makkah
  7. Praying the Prophet’s Way
  8. Prayers Step by Step

Year 8:

  1. The World of Angels
  2. The Great Hadeeth of Jibreel
  3. A Threat from the North: The Battle of Mu’tah
  4. Salatul Jama’ah
  5. Eid Prayers
  6. Prayers in Times of Difficulty
  7. Praying the Prophet’s Way (Refer lesson learnt in Grade 7)
  8. Surah al Ma’aarij, Verses 1-18

Year 9:

  1. Prophets of Islam
  2. Prophets are the Best of Mankind
  3. Surah Nooh: Verses 5-14
  4. Islam Before Kinship
  5. Zakah: The Third Pillar of Islam
  6. Some Rules and Ethics of Giving Out Sadaqah and Zakah
  7. Surah al Qalam: The Great Character of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  8. Hayaa: Modesty, Shyness and Honour

Year 10:

  1. The Messengers and Their Message
  2. Surah YaSeen: Allah’s Creations are Proofs of His Greatness
  3. The Last Holy Book
  4. Fateh Makkah
  5. Ahkamus Siyam: The Rules of Fasting
  6. Mubtilaatus Siyam: The Nullifiers of Fasting
  7. Surah al Hujuraat: Verses 1-5

Year 11:

  1. Salatul Janazah
  2. The Two Martyrs: The Story of Prophets Zakariyyah and Yahya (This lesson is split into two chapters in the new edition)
  3. Ghazwa Tabook
  4. Hajjatul Wada: The Farewell Pilgrimmage, Part 1
  5. Alcoholic Beverages: The Mother of all Evils
  6. Surah al Munafiqoon, Aayaat 1-4
  7. Pork and Other Haram Meats

Year 12:

  1. Patience and Perseverance in Daily Life
  2. Surah al Qiyamah, Verses 1-15
  3. The Miracle of Miracles: The Story of Prophet Isa
  4. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Passes To Jannah
  5. The Recording of Hadeeth
  6. Maqasid al Shariah: The Aims of Divine Rules
  7. Dangerous Lifestyle: Gambling and Lottery

NOTE: Download Portion for All Grades as PDF

You can check out for relevant notes for some of the lessons 🙂 in the Notes Section, InshaaAllah.


Baarkallaahu Feekum.


2 thoughts on “Ministry Exam in Sharjah, May/June 2017

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