Surah al Haaqqah, Verses 25-37


Year 11 Notes: SURAH AL –HAAQQAH (VERSES 25-37)

Q1.What will the disbelievers and sinners be handed on the Day of Judgement? What will that signal? 

The disbelievers and sinners will receive their book in their left hands. This signals that they are bound to stay in Jahannum forever.

Q2.What is the reward of the disbelievers in the Hereafter?

The disbelievers will suffer with the torments of Jahannum in the Hereafter.

Q3. Describe Jahannum. 

Disbelievers and evil-doers will be punished with hot blazing Hell fire or Jahannum. The Quran contains many warnings and descriptions of the severity of this eternal punishment. According to a hadeeth, Jahannum is so deep that a stone thrown from its top will take 70 long years to reach its bottom. Its fire will be 70 times more intense than the fire of this world. May Allah save us all.

Q4. List ten of the punishments of Jahannum.

1- The inmates of Hell will be lashed with heavy clubs of iron.

2- The dwellers of Hell will be burnt 70 thousand times daily.

3- Some of the sinners will be made to climb “SAUD” which is a mountain in Hell.

4- The dwellers of Hell will be bound in chains greater in length than the distance between the sky and the earth.

5- Clothes- highly inflammable.

6-Zaqqoom- a bitter prickly tree will be their food.

7- Ghisleen- hot boiling pus mixed with blood, pus , urine , tears etc will be their drink.

8-The lightest of punishment in Hell would be the wearing of “Fiery shoes” which would cause ones brain to boil.

9-The dwellers of hell would weep so much and shed so many tears and blood that furrows will form on their cheeks.

10- Apart from physical torture , the denizens of hell will also be subjected to mental harassment by the guardians of hell continuously taunting.

 May Allah save us from the torment of the Hell-fire. Aameen, Yaa Rabbal ‘Aalameen. 



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