Surah al Haaqqah, Verses 19-24


Year 11 Notes: SURAH AL- HAAQQAH ( VERSES 19-24)

Q1. Identify the hadeeth about the rewards of Jannah.

Ans. Abu Hurayrah (R.A) narrated that Rasoolulah said, “ Whoever enters Paradise will be entertained and will never suffer. His clothes will never fade and his youth will never end. In Paradise there is what an eye has never seen, what an ear has never heard and what a heart has never thought of.”  

Q2. What is the Book of Deeds?

Every person is entitled to receive a book of his/her deeds on the Day of Judgement which includes a record of every single good or bad deed the person had done in this world. True believers will receive the book in their right hands and the disbelievers will receive it in their left hands.

Q3. Describe the best joy a believer will experience in Jannah?

The biggest blessing of all is Allah’s good pleasure, and the joy and happiness a believer feels when he or she wins Jannah as a reward.

Q4. Are your good deeds enough to make you win Jannah ? Explain your answer.

It is by the mercy of Allah to make us win Jannah.  We do not enter Paradise because we deserve it. The only reason we are able to do any good deed is because Allah guided us to do so. All the good deeds we do in our life are not enough to outweigh one of the many blessings Allah has given us.

Q5.What did the Prophet tell us to ask Allah for regarding Jannah?

Prophet Muhammad said : “ When you pray to Allah for Jannah ask Him to grant you Al Firdous Al- A’la because it is the best and highest place in Jannah. Above it is the Al Arsh , or the Throne of Allah, from which the rivers of Jannah spring.

Q6. List at least ten different delights of Jannah.

The dwellers of Jannah will experience different delights , some as mentioned below:

  • The ground and soil made of Musk and saffron
  • The rocks – pearls and jewels
  • The trees- Its trunks are made of gold and silver.
  • The fruits – softer as butter and sweeter than honey
  • The drink- Tasneem, ginger and kaafoor
  • The food- Fruits whatever they desire for, even the meat of the birds
  • Clothing- made of silk and gold
  • Beauty- faces as the image of the moon
  • Rivers- rivers of milk , wine , honey and fresh water
  • Buildings- made of bricks of gold and silver.

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