Surah al Haaqqah, Verses 13-18




Q1. Define: 

Ans. A) As- Soor:

As- soor here is translated as trumpet means a horn, like a trumpet or bugle. This life will end with Angel Israfeel blowing the horn upon an order from Allah.

B) Al –Hisaab:

Hisaab is the taking –to-account that every human being will go through on the day of Judgement. It’s referred to as “reckoning”,”taking to account”.

C) Arsh:

Arsh means the Throne of Allah Almighty, which is significantly large.In this surah verse 17 , Allah says that the throne of Allah on that day will be carried by eight angels or eight group of Angels . Allah knows best.

D) Muhasabah:

Muhasabah or introspection is to exercise yourself about your good and bad deeds every night before you go to sleep. If one sees doing good deeds, thank Allah and ask Him to enable one to do more. If you remember that you did some bad deeds, especially major ones, ask Allah for His forgiveness and repent before you sleep.

E) Al- Haseeb:

One of the names of Allah s.w.t which means the Reckoner. Allah says in the Qur’an : “ Enough is Allah to call (people) to account”.

F) Al- Baai’th:

One of the names of Allah which means the Resurrector. Allah says in the Qur’an: “ And verily the Hour will come; there can be no doubt about it , or about (the fact)that Allah will resurrect all who are in the graves.”

Q2. Who is Israfeel and what is his job?

Ans : Israfeel is the angel responsible for signaling the coming of Qiyamah by blowing the trumpet.

Q3. Who will carry the throne of Allah on the Day of Judgement?

Ans: Allah says in Surah al- Haqqah, ayah 17 that the throne of Allah on the Day of Qiyamah will be carried by eight angels or eight groups of angels. They are called as ‘Hamalatul Arsh”.

Q4: How will the Day of Judgement start ? Describe what will happen next.

Ans: According to a hadeeth reported in Saheeh Muslim, Rasoolullah said that at that time only the worst people will still be alive when the Day of Judgement starts. This strike which is called Al Qari’ah or the As-Saakhah will cause the planets to crash into each other. The first blow of trumpet will cause the planet to completely destroy and life will be wiped out. The second blow will bring everyone back to life for the Judgement to take place.

Q5: What is the best way to prepare for the hisaab on the Day of Judgement? Support your answer with a best quote.

Ans: Shaddad Ibn Aws (Radhi allahu anhu) narrated that Rasoolullah said:

“The smarter one is the one who questioned him or herself and did good deeds for the life after death. And the loser is the one who followed his or her desires and still wishes that he or she will win after death.”

Q6: How will Allah question the true believers? Support your answer with a hadeeth.

Ans: According to a hadeeth un Najwa , Abdullah Ibn Omar narrated that Allah will call His believing servant in private and ask him” Do you remember this sin? Do you recall that sin?

So the believer will be ashamed and say,, “ Yes my Lord . Yes my Lord”. Then Allah will say to him, “I kept it secret in Dunya , and I will forgive you now.” The believer will be given the book of his good deeds in the right hand.

Q7: How will Allah question the hypocrites and the disbelievers. Support your answer with a hadeeth.

Ans: Allah will call the disbeliever or the hypocrite and firmly ask them about their evil deeds. Then the angels will declare to everybody their evil deeds that they committed in Dunya.

Allah’s Messenger s.a.w said:” On the Day of Judgement one person will say: My Lord have you not guaranteed me protection against injustice on this day? Allah will say :’Yes’ Then the servant will say : I do not accept any witness against me but my own self. Allah then will say:

‘Well enough.’ Then a seal would be set upon his mouth and it would be said to his hands and feet to speak and they will speak of his deeds. Then the mouth would be made free to talk again. Then that person would angrily say to his hands and feet: May God curse you.’ I was trying to save you from Hellfire.

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