Surah As-Saff: The Successful Business


Dear students/teachers

Surah As-Saff, verses 10-13, talks about the successful business with Allah and His Messenger.

I wrote about this in my Qur’an blog, and I hope the post will be of use to you as well, InshaaAllah. 

Go to this link, InshaaAllah: The Ever-Winning Business


7 thoughts on “Surah As-Saff: The Successful Business

  1. Alsalamu Alikum,
    Are there any resources for the new editions “Learning Islam” as you are aware there are 6 new books for years 7 to 12.

      • Alsalamu Alikum,
        Yes, it is great and very useful. It is just my confusion because of the new editions. I noticed that there are old syllabus and new syllabus posted on the blog. I checked them both and compared them to the new books but the topics are not in the same order. At my school, following ADEC, we are using the books 1 to 6 to teach yr 7 to 12. I am hoping to find sth that possibly could help me access the curriculum as I’m new to it.
        Shokran and appreciated

        • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

          the problem of the new and old books is there since over two years.
          but it is now slowly coming to be solved alhamdulillaah.
          now, u have to concentrate only on new books and forgot about all the confusion of the old ones.

          one correction: in the blog, i have given only the old syllabus as nobody got the NEW SYLLABUS from the Ministry till now.
          But we, in sharjah, got official information to follow only the new books and teach the lessons in order as per the content.

          hope this clarifies some confusion.
          thank you, and Jazakallaahu khayra.

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