Grade 6 and 7: Notes for All Lessons


Sr. Sobia Ehsan, a teacher of Islamic Studies at a school in Dubai, did some hard work to make notes for all the lessons taught in Grade 6 and 7.

Jazakillaahu Khayr, Sr. Sobia for taking the pain and pleasure in making these notes, and also for graciously sharing them with everyone.

Grade 6 – All Notes

Grade 7 – All Notes

I request all the beneficiaries to make du’aa for the one who made these notes.

Baarakallaahu Feekum.




30 thoughts on “Grade 6 and 7: Notes for All Lessons

  1. This site very useful for our children to improve their Islamic knowledge. Please send me question and answers of surah al muddaththir gor grade 8 student

  2. Your notes are real good help for kids to prepare for exams shukran
    Grade7 Mission possible – Becoming a hafith notes are not uploaded ma’am & surah Muzammil verses 10 to 19 notes are also unavailable

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