Death: Gate to the Unseen World

1. Related Text:
1. Write one du’aa about life and death in Arabic and English:
اللهم أحيني ما كانت الحياة خيرًا لي وأمتني ما كانت الموت خيرًا لي 
“O Allah! Keep me alive as long as living is good for me. And grant me death when death is better for me”.

2. Write the translation of the Qur’anic verse that mentions about death.
“Every soul shall taste death (in the end) and to Us you all shall be brought back”.

2. Review Questions:

1. What is death?
Death is known in Arabic as Mawt. It is the end of life in this world. It happens to all humans and other living things when Allah wants them to die.

2. How does the soul exit the body?
When it is the time of death for a person, the Angel of Death comes and extracts the soul from the body.

3. Who is responsible for taking the souls out of the bodies?
Malak-ul-Mawt, the Angel of Death.

4. What should a Muslim say when going through difficult times and thinks that death is better than life?
“O Allah! Keep me alive as long as living is good for me. And grant me death when death is better for me”.

5. Why did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encourage Muslims to remember death frequently?
Remembering death improves one’s spiritual performance.
It makes man accountable to Allah thus motivating a believer to shun evil.

6. Death is a hard aspect to grasp. What are some ways to remember and accept death.
1) Visiting graveyards.
2) Attending Janazah prayer.
3) Remembering death at the time of going to sleep.
4) Accepting the reality that no man is mortal.

7. Why do you think that death is fearful to everyone?
Disbelievers fear death because they believe that death will put an end to all their joys and pleasures of the world.
Believers fear death because they know that Allah will punish them for their sins and evil acts.

8. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says that all Muslims should remember death frequently. What are some ways we can be reminded that our life is short?
* Reading News about accidents and disasters happening in the world
* Sudden death in the family
* Being aware of the fact that death can come to anyone. It is not that only old people die. Even children die.
* The feeling that we don’t know what will happen the next moment.


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