No To Bullying


It is a matter of concern that bullying has become a norm in schools nowadays, and UAE is not an exception to this growing menace.

Islam is against bullying of any sort.  It is abusive, harmful, has long-term repercussions and undoubtedly a human right violation.

Neither be a bully nor tolerate being bullied. Say NO TO BULLYING.

Owing to the gravity of this problem, I am contemplating to have a separate Page, InshaaAllah, on this evil so as to create awareness and bring Islam’s perception to the masses.

View some posters done by some Girl students of Arab Unity School

While I give full credit to this poster, courtesy, and appreciate the hard work being done by the brothers/sisters at this website, I also want to caution teachers and students that not all posters given in this website are from authentic Islamic sources.

Secondly, I request teachers and parents reading this post to please take a colour printout of this poster and paste/stick/display it at a prominent place in your school/home, InshaaAllah.

Go to this link for a Talk on Bullying


4 thoughts on “No To Bullying

  1. Assalamu alykum Brother,

    I’d like to ask for your help in preparing placement Test for year 7,8,9,10,11,12

    Jazak Allah khyran

    Kind Regards


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