A Word of CAUTION about the Text Books


Dear teachers and students of Islamic Studies in the UAE,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu.

Be be reminded that the so-called international version of Islamic Studies Text Books entitled ‘LEARNING ISLAM’ which are being sold in the open market through different book shops are NOT APPROVED by the Ministry.

PLEASE do not commit the blunder of buying new books, that is the international editions.  

Those who have purchased the new books are undergoing lots of problems as the Ministry approved syllabus and the lessons in the new international editions DO NOT MATCH!   You will only go crazy if you buy. The choice is yours!

Book shops are least bothered, as selling books is business for them. YOU have to adopt discretion and decide which book to buy.

Taking photocopies of the old Text Books and Workbooks, which are prescribed by the Ministry, is the ONLY option available as old books are not available now in the market!!

May Allah make things easy for those who teach Islamic studies as He alone knows their problem and stress level. Aameen.

Baarakallaahu feekum.

10 thoughts on “A Word of CAUTION about the Text Books

  1. Salamualykum

    Brother Muqeet,

    Thanks a lot for this useful BLOG

    If you please I need your help in preparing the level descriptor for the new edition as I started to use them

  2. JazakAllah Khair brother Muqeet for compiling the new Islamic Education books in digital, pdf and document form. Hope it will b useful and serve the purpose…..Aameen

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