Salatul Janazah


1. Define the following terms:

a) Qeerat: Huge rewards like a huge mountain

b) Kafan: Clean piece of white cloth wrapped over the dead body

c) Ghusul: Giving a wash to a dead body

d) Salatul Janazah: It means the funeral prayer. It is performed while standing.

2. What should Muslims do if one among them dies? 

If a Muslim dies, he must first be given a ghusul. Then his body must be wrapped with kafan and taken to the masjid for offering Salatul Janazah. After this, the body must be buried respectfully in a Muslim cemetery.

3. On whom did the Prophet refuse to pray Salatul Janazah? Why?
The Prophet, peace be upon him, refused to pray Salatul Janazah for two categories of people:
a) Those who committed suicide, and
b) Those who died while in debt until it was paid on their behalf.

He wanted to teach Muslims that 1) suicide is haram and unacceptable of a Muslim 2) It is important to repay the loan before one dies.

4. List five unacceptable practices that unfortunately sometimes occur during funerals.
1) Screaming and yelling
2) Hitting oneself
3) Building a structure or tomb on the grave
4) Spending too much on the funeral arrangements
5) Paying someone to read the Qur’an.

5. How is Salatul Janazah performed?
Salatul Janazah is performed with four takbeers. As the entire prayer is offered while standing in congregation, there is no Ruku, sujud and juloos in this prayer.
After the first takbeer, Surah al Fatihah is recited.
After the second takbeer, Darood Ibraheem is recited.
After the third takbeer, the following special du’aa of forgiveness is recited:

dua of salatul janazah
The prayer is ended after the fourth takbeer with only one Tasleem: saying Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah by turning to the right.

6. Write a hadeeth that describes the reward a Muslim gains when praying Salatul Janazah and attending the funeral:
“Whoever follows a funeral procession and offers the prayer for the deceased will gain a Qeerat of great reward. And if he follows the funeral until the deal person is buried he will be rewarded two Qeerats.”
Abu Hurayrah was asked, “What are the two Qeerats” He answered” Great rewards like two huge mountains.”

7. Write a hadeeth that describes what helps the dead after death:
“When the son of Adam dies, he will not be able to do good deeds anymore. However, he will continue to receive rewards due to the following: running charity, beneficial knowledge he taught to others, and a good son or daughter who makes duaa for him”.

8. Is praying Salatul janazah obligatory? Please explain your answer as to why or why not.
Salatul Janazah is Fard-ul-Kifayah. If a group of Muslims perform it, then the rest of the community is not obliged to do it again. And if no one performs it, then all Muslims will share the burden.

9. What is the importance of Salatul Janazah?
It is important because it reminds us that:
1. This world (dunya) is not permanent.
2. We have come from Allah and we go back to Allah.
3. It is important to seek forgiveness for the dead.
4. It is necessary to bury a dead Muslim according to Islamic faith and practice.
5. When a person dies, he takes along with him nothing except his Imaan and good deeds.
6. We must remember about our death as it can strike us anytime.



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