Musa, the Prophet


1. Answer the following questions:

1. Why did Allah want Musa to move his people from Egypt to Palestine?
To save the Israelis from the slavery of Phir’oun

2. What is the difference between the miracle Prophet Musa saw and what some magicians do in magic shows?
Miracle is something that truly happens with the permission of Allah. Magic involves cheating and falsehood. 

3. How did Musa become a prophet of Allah?
While Musa was on his way to Egypt, he passed by the Mount Sinai where he went to pick up some fire and firewood. There, Allah spoke to him and informed him that he is chosen as a Prophet of Allah.

4. What did Allah order Musa to do in Egypt?
Allah ordered Musa to go to Egypt and call Phir’oun to believe in Allah and worship Him alone.

5. Why was Musa fearful of returning to Egypt?
Musa was fearful of returning to Egypt because he knew that Phir’oun would take revenge on him for his unintentional killing of an Egyptian.

6. How did Phir’oun receive Musa’s message?
Phir’oun received Musa’s message with arrogance and sarcastic comments. He even insulted Musa and ridiculed him.

7. What was revealed to Musa (AS) by Allah and what other duties was he given?
Allah revealed Tawrah to Prophet Musa and commanded him to go and warn Phiroun and if he refuses to accept Islam then take Bani Israeel from Egypt to Palestine.

8. What did Musa ask Allah before going to face Phiroun?
He asked us to teach him a du’aa so that his speech impediment is solved. He also asked Him to make his brother, Haroon, as his helper.

9. Where was the fire that Musa noticed?
Musa (AS) noticed the fire in the direction of Mount Toor.

10. What miracles were given to Prophet Musa by Allah?
1) Musa’s staff turning into a serpent.
2) Glow in his hand.

11. What did Musa (AS) make Phiroun understand about the unintentional killing?
Musa (AS) said that he killed the Egyptian by mistake and that he was not a Messenger that time.

  • 2. Answer True or False accordingly:
    1. Musa lost his way in the Sahara desert. False.
    2. The first revelation from Allah was given to Musa at Jabal-ut-Toor. True.
    3. Allah commanded Musa’s staff to become a spider. False.
    4. Upon seeing Phiroun, Musa tried to convince him of Allah’s words. True
    5. Jabal-ut-Toor is known as Mount Everest in English. False.
    6. Musa left Madyan and went to Palestine. False.
    7. Musa lost his way in the Sinai desert. True.
    8. Musa asked Allah to allow his brother, Haroon, in the difficult mission. True.
    9. Haroon is Aaron and Musa is Moses in the Bible. True.

3. Answer the questions with the translation of a related ayah or hadeeth:

1. Which ayah states that wealth can make people evil?
“Nay, Indeed man transgresses as he sees himself rich and self-sufficient”.

2. Which ayah in Surah Taha talks about the Day of Judgement?
“Verily the Hour is coming: My design is to keep it hidden, for every soul to receive its reward buy the measure of its endeavour”.

3. What is the ayah or hadeeth that relates to the fire and Allah revealing his miracles to Musa?
“Now when Musa had fulfilled the term, and was travelling with his family, he noticed a fire in the direction of Mount Toor. He said to his family, “Stay right here; I saw a fire, I hope to bring you from there some information, or a burning firebrand that you may warm yourselves”.


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  1. assalamu alaikum! I’m a student and my workbook is international edition… And it doesn’t have this chapter on musa ( a. s ) Can u plz post the new international edition answers? It would be really very helpful if you do that 🙂

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