Nouman Ali Khan in Dubai


This weekend an opportunity is provided to the people of UAE to listen to Br. Nouman Ali Khan, a speaker of international repute known for his erudition. 

Al Manar Centre, Dubai and the Dept. of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, Govt. of Dubai have scheduled two separate programmes this Thursday and Friday, Inshaaallah. (12th and 13 February 2015)

1. First programme is at Al Manar Centre, Al Qouz Area. Click the image below to register online:









2. The second programme is at Zayed Bin Mohammad Family Gathering Village in Al Khawaneej Area in Dubai. Call 050-2424006 for details, Inshaaallah:

To know more about the speaker, go to this Tafseer page, Inshaaallah.

Baarakallaahu Feekum.

Jazakallaahu Khayra.

3 thoughts on “Nouman Ali Khan in Dubai

  1. I have found a watch at al manara centre parking today at the lecture given by nauman Ali khan lecture: in need of wisdom. If the owner ofn the watch is reading this he /she can collect it back from the almanacs reception

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