Wavering Faith


1. Questions/Answers:

  1. How did the Children of Israeel respond to Prophet Musa?

Despite all of Allah’s favours through Prophet Musa, they could not stay away from evil and continued to reject Allah’s laws.

  1. Where did Allah command Musa to go and stay for forty days? Why?

Allah commanded Musa to go to  Mount Sinai to purify himself and seek forgiveness for his community by fasting for forty days.

  1. Who made the children of Israeel worship the calf idol? Explain how it happened?

When Musa (AS) was away, As-Samiriy misguided Bani Israeel saying that Musa broke the promise and that they needed a new guide. He collected gold jewellery, melted it and made a golden calf so that people can worship it.

  1. How did Musa react to his people worshipping the golden calf?

He was shocked and angered by what he saw. He scolded his brother Haroon not taking proper care of his people.

  1. What happened to the seventy elders that Musa chose to listen to the Lord near Mount Sinai?

The seventy elders told Musa that they will not believe in him until they saw Allah with their very eyes. So Allah punished them with lightning bolts and violent quake which resulted in their death.

  1. What lesson can you learn from the story of seventy elders and the raised mountains?

A Muslim must believe in Allah and the Prophets unquestionably. We must understand the power of Allah and submit to His greatness.

  1. Where is Mount Sinai?

It is in Sinai Peninsula near Palestine.

  1. 8. How were the Bani Israel acting on the journey to Palestine?

They kept on showing unacceptable behaviour with Allah. They proved to be highly ungrateful for all the favours shown to them by Allah. They were not sincere in their obedience to Prophet Musa.

  1. What was the “wandering in the Sinai Desert”?

It was the punishment of Allah upon the Bani Israeel. Allah issued His judgement against that generation of Bani Israeel who were corrupted. They must wander in the wilderness of Sinai and get lost in the desert until that generation had produced another generation.

  1. What is the importance of Mount Sinai?

It was the place where Prophet Musa (AS) spoke to Allah and gave Tawrah to him.

  1. What did Allah order Prophet Musa to do after he told the angel of death he did not want to die?

Allah ordered Musa to put his hand at the back of an ox. For every hair that comes in his hand, he will get one extra year of life.

2. Write True or False as the case may be:

1. Prophet Musa died before his brother Haroon. False

2. Allah ordered Musa to put his hand on a camel to extend his life. False

3. Musa returned to his people after 40 days carrying the Tawrah from Allah. True.

4. Hypocrites should avoided since they can cause mischief. True.

5. Bani Israeel easily worshipped the golden camel. False.

6. Musa chose seventy elders to go up to Mount Sinai to ask Allah for forgiveness. True.

7. The 70 elders believed in Allah after hearing Musa speak to Allah. False.

8. Allah made a violent earthquake and lightning bolts which caused the deaths of the seventy elders. True.

9. The Bani Israeel regardless of all the miracles shown to them were disobedient to Allah. True.

10. Al Mann was one of the seventy elders. False.


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