Musa Leaves Egypt


1. Questions/Answers:

  1. Why did Musa side with the Israelite?

Musa sided with the Israelite because he asked for his help. He sided with him because Egyptians used to oppress and humiliate the Israelites.  

  1. Why did Musa decide to leave Egypt after the unintentional blow?

He decided to leave Egypt after the unintentional blow because the punishment for killing an Egyptian was death and Musa feared for his life.

  1. Where did Musa travel to when he was advised to leave Egypt?

He left Egypt and went to Madyan.

  1. What was Musa feeling after he killed the Egyptian man, and how did he happen to kill him?

Musa’s heart was filled with sadness and regret. He begged Allah to forgive him, although he killed the man unintentionally while trying to stop the fight.

  1. What did he experience in Madyan and what did he help out?

When he reached the waters of Madyan, Musa noticed some men watering their sheep. He witnessed two girls standing aloof waiting for their turn to draw water. He offered his help and drew water for them.

  1. Where is Madyan?

Madyan is situated on the North West of Arabia, near Tabook in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Who were Liya and Saffoura and what were they told to do by their father?

They were the two girls whom Musa met at the waters of Madyan. They were told by their father to go and bring Musa to their home to that he could reward him for helping his daughters.

  1. What did the old pious man offer Musa and why?

* He offered Musa a marriage proposal. He said he can marry one of his two daughters and then work for him for 8-10 years.

* The pious old man thought it is wise to make him his son-in-law and then let him stay in his house rather than letting a stranger stay. 

  1. What sudden decision did Musa get while at Madyan and why?

Musa suddenly felt that he is missing his family. This was actually the plan of Allah to take Musa out of Madyan so that he can be given the job that he was destined to do in Egypt.

  1. How did Musa prepare himself to become a Prophet?

Musa used to contemplate about the world around him and think of his Creator in seclusion.

2. Related Text. Answer each of the following by writing the translation of an ayah or hadeeth:

  1. Write an ayah or hadeeth that states that modesty is part of Iman.

“Iman has seventy branches. The highest is La ilaaha il-lal-laah, and the lowest branch is to remove something harmful from the road. And hayaa is a branch of iman”.

  1. How do we know that Modesty brings only goodness to people?

“Modesty would only bring goodness to people”.

  1. Which ayah in Surah al Qasas mentions that Allah is Most Forgiving?

He prayed, “O my Lord. I have indeed wronged my soul. So forgive me”. Then Allah forgave him; for He is the Ever-forgiving, Most Merciful.

  1. Write the translation of the ayah that relates to the agreement between Musa and the father of the two girls.

“He said: I intend to marry one of my daughters to you on condition that you serve me for eight years but if you complete ten years, it will be (grace) from you. And I would not make the work hard on you. You will find me, if Allah wills, one of the righteous people”.

  1. What is the ethic of Islam?

“Every religion has a special ethic, and the ethic of Islam is Modesty”.


2 thoughts on “Musa Leaves Egypt

  1. can you please write in arabic but it was good of you to write this and these questions are the same as the questions in my workbook of school.stay safe innshallah

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