Vacancy for Islamic Studies Teacher


PS: Since we got an excellent teacher, the vacancy no more exists.

An Urgent Vacancy has arised in our British Curriculum School in Sharjah for a Female Islamic Studies Teacher to teach Islamic Studies to non-Arabic speaking students from Year 4 to 11.  ( Year 4 boys and girls, and Year 5 to 11 Girls only)

Candidate must have the required qualification and experience, and should have good command over English language.

Jazakallaahu Khayr.


3 thoughts on “Vacancy for Islamic Studies Teacher

  1. As salami waalikum
    I am sure u will all agree when the khda is visiting us the school puts us through a pressure saying khda is not happy with our subject . I protest why? Why being an Islamic teacher has become a curse rather than a blessing. I being the head of department feel it is an unnecessary stress a teacher is put through. All of us as teachers do realize the duty bestowed on us by Allah himself. But being a target every year is sad. Simply sad.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah

      yes, i totally agree with you.
      I also feel disgusted as you are feeling.
      The thing that irritates me the most is, to do a thing just because someone is going to come and see.
      what is the intention in that? To show off. That you do things for inspection team, not for Allah!!
      Even though I work in sharjah, i know the pressure our teachers are undergoing by being a target of something!

      I also feel that it is true that some of the schools do not consider teaching Islamic seriously. Some teachers I found in my long career who are misfits to Islamic subject. Just because they are Muslims, some schools hire them thinking they know about Islam etc. Due to such situation, overall Islamic Studies as a subject and the genuine teachers have to bear the brunt. Hope you will agree with my observation.

  2. I agree with muqeet,as i have seen in my school there are teachers who have very little knowledge of islam and are teaching.what you teach is instilled in young minds the future generations. I feel very sad and heartbroken when you can give so much knowledge as a teacher and shape the future of these bright young minds.

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